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The Snake Inside Humans, Part 12 of 12, Feb 18, 2021

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Thank you for expressing your sympathy. That means good for you, means your love quality has been upgraded by the situation. That’s how we can develop our love. Just like the homeless people, the war refugees are desperate like that. They are also there for a reason, to awaken our love.

Before, I trained all my monks even to cook, to clean. Everything, they can do. And the women also can do electricity, fix telephones and drive trucks, all that. And now they’re working for Loving Hut or Loving Food Company, or working in lamp factories, opening restaurants in different places in Africa. They’re developing! They manage their own business, earn some money also. I mean, at least not lose anything, not lose money. They don’t lose because they live frugally. They live the way I trained them to live. They don’t ask for more. They don’t ask for what they don’t need. (Yes, Master.) And then, we also all live frugally. I also live frugally. I hope you know that. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, we do.)

Evidence is that Heaven called my house “Your working box.” I was surprised. I was looking in all the boxes that I put under the wood, as a desk, and under the bed. I didn’t find it, I said, “Which box?” They said, “You’re standing in it.” Then I was enlightened! “Ah! You call this my box!” They don’t say just a box, They say “working box.” Very precisely. Because They’re telling me, and I thought, “No.” I thought I received it wrong. So I kept telling Them, “You spelled it wrong, eh?” That’s why I was thinking wrong, I kept looking at all the boxes. It’s also because I put some tools in the box. (Yes.) One box, two boxes, you know those small plastic boxes, organizing boxes? (Yes.) Two boxes for clothing, make-up and all that. And the other box is for tools, sometimes other things, like string, or metal wires for hanging out the clothes. (Yes.) Miscellaneous stuff. Or “great spiritual weapons” I have. Things that I use every day. Or clean slippers and stuff like that.

And… OK. It’s not interesting, my life, to tell you things, my things. It’s not much anyway. But it’s very interesting that They call this a “working box.” I keep telling you it’s my house. “House.” They call it “working box.” It’s really very, very unfriendly. No? Sometimes They have just a wry humor. Wry, or dry humor, They make fun of me, at my expense. I don’t mind. If They tell the truth, I don’t mind. But I never thought of it as a working box. We would say a working office, or working area, working room, right? They call it a box! Now I know why I am small. I picked a small body so I fit anywhere.

Is it too tight for you? You can go into that empty office to work, because you are tall and big. (It’s good, it’s good enough.) Good enough? Anybody else, there are some empty offices, you can move out from your villa to work out there if you want. (Thank You, Master.) Especially in winter, because there they have invertible aircon, it’s warm, that’s it. Got that? All the girls they are working in a warm office anyway, right? (Yes, Master.) If it’s not warm enough, you go to the next office, there’s still plenty of room, where there are heaters, (Yes.) heater and cooler aircon, (Yes.) for all seasons? If there is enough room, you don’t have to stay in one. There is one trailer that I told you girls to clean up to use it as an office, before. (Yes.) Originally it’s for a meditation place, but later you use the work office for a meditation place, so you use the new trailer, cleaned out, as an office, right? (Yes.)

I made fun of that, also. I told your sister to tell you that now you are in a new place and you have a lot of fans. (Yes.) Fan means followers, (Yes.) but actually, fan I mean you have many electric fans because it’s hot (Yes.) so we gave you many fans to cool off. (Yes.) So I said, “It’s not bad! Tell her she has a lot of fans now.” You know, fan, like followers. (Yes, Master.) And it’s true too, but you don’t have to stay there. You can go to another office if you want, together, (Yes, Master.) when it’s warmer in summer. Try to take care of yourself. Whatever you need, you tell them to buy it for you, OK? Delivered to your door as usual.

Any other questions, love? You just keep asking and then you have to go to group meditation soon because… because the time is up. Me, I’m not surprised, it’s my usual, doesn’t matter. Any more questions, love? Or you want another story? No? It’s the time to go to rest a little bit, no? No more questions then? (No, Master.) (No more.)

Whenever I have a conference, or something new, the ants visit more, a lot. I have to clean up a lot now. They love me so much. I would refuse this love if I can. I put a lot of preventive substance outside, but they still find the way to come in. This kind of karma I cannot avoid. I said to them, “You have a lot of room everywhere outside, you don’t need a lot, I need this place, this little corner to work, so please leave me alone.” But they don’t listen. Just like many humans, they don’t listen. How can I blame the ants when humans, my own species, speak the same language, don’t even listen. All right, so I just have to deal with that in whatever way I can. No more questions? (No, Master.)

I will try to have more regular talks so that I will remember my English. Not because of you, you just are victims, you just have to bear it. You force yourself to listen to your Master, yes? I am so sorry. (We enjoy the stories, Master.) Now and then OK, maybe. Also not just for you, it’s for other people, (Yes, Master) for other brothers and sisters who have no chance at all to see me or hear me. I don’t call anybody, you got that? Only you. And it’s for them also. Something new, something interesting, maybe, for them to take their minds off of their suffering.

Dark days every day, looking out of the window only, cannot go anywhere. Too many people are like that. Many countries are still like that, and the thing is they don’t even know when this will stop. You see? You don’t have a time limit, even prisoners they have time; they know, “OK in three years I’ll be out,” except the lifers, of course. But even then, lifers sometimes they are pardoned. If they behave or if they’re truly remorseful and it’s felt by the panel of judges, then they let them out, pardon also. But with this pandemic, we don't even know when.

And then on top of that, bad weather everywhere. (Yes.) Terrible, they’ve never had before! Like in Texas, I read it. Oh, devastating! Millions of people have no power, so they’re freezing because of too much snow. They’ve never had it like that, I don’t know since how long. They say “unprecedented, historic (Yes.) weather.” And many people froze to death. Some people died also because of the exhaust pipe (fumes) from the car, because they used it to heat their home. (Oh!) Or they used ovens and all that. (Yes.) They didn’t have electricity, so they used the gas oven, and they died from that or got sick, went to the hospital, or died, it depends.

There was one group, they were very kind. You see? You see kind people everywhere. They housed those people to keep them warm, and of course, the homeless also in some areas. So actually, you were right. Most people are very kind, it’s just that they don’t have a chance to express it, or there’s no chance or no circumstance to awaken their loving kindness inside, to the animals also. If they had to kill the animals themselves and see the animals suffer and squealing from pain, then I don’t think they could do it.

And the people who work in slaughterhouses, they probably have to close their heart and their conscience to do it, just for a living, because they have no other job in such a remote area, for example. Because most of the slaughterhouses are built in the faraway areas – no humans’ eyes and all closed in – because their contamination would be stinking to the sky. The blood runs out like rivers and turns into lakes. And the waste of the animals also becomes another lake and another pile, a mountain and all that. They’re all filth and blood and suffering. And the whole floor is full of blood when they are killing them. So, they just have to do it. Nobody would be willing to do that. Just for their family, to put food on the table, when they have no other choice.

So actually, we can choose to do good or not. We can close our conscience in some cases like that, when we probably have no other choice, or cannot think of other choices, or think that we have no choice, so then no looking, no searching, or no time to look. Or it’s too urgent to earn money for the family, otherwise the whole family would be homeless. In some countries, if you don’t have a job, then you are homeless. And the mortgage, if you cannot pay, you lose everything. Nobody cares. Nobody cares. Even in the rich country, the top rich country like America, so many homeless! You know that, right? (Yes, Master.)

When I was there, I saw so many homeless people turned blue. Their faces turned blue, their lips turned purple, and shivering outside of McDonald’s. And even though I gave her money, they didn't serve her. They didn't give her food, until I had to come in and interfere, in one instance. And other instances, I invited them to eat or I brought food outside for them to eat outside on the bench. I didn’t want to argue, stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not fair, this country.

And some people have billions, trillions of dollars, and getting more rich during the pandemic because of the situation that makes them more prosperous. They sell more. Because of the pandemic, they get richer and richer. And some people get poorer and poorer because of the pandemic. I am not blaming the rich. I am just feeling sorry for the poor, that the contrast is too big for me, that I cannot just feel nothing. I cannot just say I don’t... I cannot stop my feeling, that I suffer every day. Whenever I have a chance, or whenever I work on our shows and see some of these situations, I am just heartbroken, every day. Every day no fail.

All right, then, we stop for today. Next time. I will try to be more regular. Maybe as much as we can. OK? (Yes, Master.) And you’re willing to sacrifice your sleep. (Thank You, Master.) Because daytime, they make me work a lot. I have to clean the house of the insects also. And clean outside and feed the wild animals. After you wake up, you’re so… I have a lot of work to do. I am alone, I manage everything. Wash my clothes and all kinds of things.

OK, my love, thank you for your attendance. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for expressing your sympathy. That means good for you, means your love quality has been upgraded by the situation. That’s how we can develop our love. Just like the homeless people, the war refugees are desperate like that. They are also there for a reason, to awaken our love. Like a story I told you a long time ago. There was one man who was drunk and sat in the corner every day. And one person kept coming and going. That person was there to awaken that person’s love and spiritual yearning. (Yes, Master.) Making him question. So, if we help the homeless and the needy, it’s also helping us because we have developed more compassion. That should be a congratulation to us. (Yes, Master.)

All right then. Ciao, ciao. And God loves you. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You.) I love you. Kissing on the forehead. (Thank You, Master.) God bless. (Thank You, Master.) Love you. Night, night! (Night, Master.) (Good night, Master.) (Good morning, Master.) Night, night, night, night, my dear. I am going to close the window now and see you next time. (See You, Master.) See you next time. Meanwhile, be blessed, be well, be good. (Thank You, Master.)

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