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The Snake Inside Humans, Part 7 of 12, Feb 18, 2021

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So, the more you practice the Quan Yin, I mean has to be proportional with the Light (meditating on the inner Heavenly Light). The more you practice the Sound current and the (inner Heavenly) Light in proportion, the more you grow in knowledge and wisdom, not just physically, but Heavenly.

Once the angels begin to do many things for god and begin to compare themselves, their privileges, with the humans, then the ego has already developed. Because they know too much. They had too much priority. They had too much privilege and too much power. So their egos begin to also grow along with all that, all the knowledge that they acquired due to serving god. They become so intelligent, so knowledgeable that their egos also grow along with it.

Some of the Masters say that the more education a person has, the less easy to meditate. Because there’s too much in here and too much thinking. Too much thinking and too much doubt, like doubting Thomas. “How can Jesus die and be resurrected again?” (Yes.) Something like that. And many people also don’t believe what I’m saying because they have too much ego, too much worldly knowledge, the good and the bad knowledge that god did not want humans to have. (Yes, Master.) That is an obstruction for spiritual development and progress. You tend to compare, you tend to reason, you tend to intellectualize any kind of concept, even the spiritual concepts. Instead of direct knowledge by meditation, observing the (inner Heavenly) Light and the (inner Heavenly) Sound from within, and developing more and more wisdom, means regaining more and more of your Self to go back to Heavens, you compare, you intellectualize, you argue with all the principles in spiritual practice, compared to science and all that stuff. And then it slows you down, or you quit, or you don’t believe at all. Got that? (Yes, Master.)

It’s not like a rule. It’s just generally speaking only. But not many, not all of the intellectual people are so skeptical like that. Evidence is that, in our group, there are so many highly educated people as disciples. There are doctors, engineers, scientists, etc., etc. You know that by now. (Yes.) Professors, inventors. OK. Good. Any other questions, loving?

(One more question, Master.) No more. (One more, Master.) Say it, please. (Yes, Master. Master said that You could speak with the Godses immediately, like, just an understanding.) Yes. (In that case, why was Pusu developed?)

Ah! It’s just for fun, if we use it. It’s like a melodious kind of vibration. It’s not a language. I just translate it into English. (Oh!) But if you are in Tim Qo Tu’s Land, you would not hear like that. You would not hear Pusu, you would not hear Tim Qo Tu. It’s like the Sound current that you are practicing as the meditation method. It’s not a language. (Yes, Master.) But in it are the contents of all kinds of knowledge and wisdom, in the Sound current. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

So, the more you practice the Quan Yin, I mean has to be proportional with the Light (meditating on the inner Heavenly Light). The more you practice the Sound current and the (inner Heavenly) Light in proportion, the more you grow in knowledge and wisdom, not just physically, but Heavenly. It’s not a language, but it is a language if I translate it into our language, and then it looks like a language. (Yes, Master.)

Pusu was developed because there are also some of the lower level who come up. In the beginning, They liked to use them also. (Yes, Master.) And later on, when They got used to more of the vibrational way of life, They don’t talk like that, even that. Even using that sound or the current or the vibration. It’s just an expression of that world.

It’s just like, OK, if you go to the First Level, I told you, you will hear what, what, what. Remember? (Yes, Master.) That’s the expression of the Astral World in language, but without language like in our world. And then on the Second Level of Heaven, you will hear what, what, what. And the Third Level, Fourth Level, Fifth Level, etc., etc. This is the expression, the vibration frequency of that world, in which they all tune in in order to understand each other without a spoken language. And if I translate it into English, it means this and that, and it sounds like this and that. Capiche (understand) now? (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) But I have to explain it to you, the similarity. Otherwise, you don’t know what is what. (Yes, Master.) You are satisfied? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) You're welcome.

You’re all done now? Is there any other question that you want to ask? Any worldly question, also OK. Or political maybe? We are not political, but sometimes we have to do something to do with politics. It’s just for the world’s peace and wellness. It’s not political. Because if you truly are political, you have to jump into those parties. Or do it every day, comment every day, or whatever. But we could also comment on political events because we are also a television. And we’re broadcasting not only for disciples, but anyone who can read and see it. If they have questions in their minds also, we answer that through talking, now and then. Actually, politics is not very interesting anyway. It’s always fighting – somebody goes down, somebody went up – something like that.

And I am always glad to see if some politicians really worry about their people and take care of them, take care of their citizens, then I’m really happy. I'm very sad when the opposite is going on. I can see through some politicians that they are really just for fame and profit. That’s very sad then. When the people are dying and suffering from all kinds of hardship, and they don’t care, just argue about petty things or accusing wrongly or fakely, or defaming some innocent opposition, or something like that, it really saddens me so much.

And if I can do something, of course, I say something or do something. If not, mostly I just help them quietly. I help both oppositions quietly, so that the things tone down. And the bad ones don’t commit too bad of sins by wrongly defaming others, and the good ones will not be too much harmed. That’s all I can do, but quietly. Everything I told you, sometimes it does not always turn out the way it should. So, I just do it quietly. It’s better. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.)

All right, my love? You are not sleepy, are you? It’s almost two o’clock AM. You don’t realize? (No, Master.) OK, never mind. Are you happy now? (Yes, Master.) Have a change, right? (Yes.) Yeah, me too, have a change to see all your handsome covered faces. Beautiful “hat down” face. It’s OK. We work together, so I consider you colleagues. So, now and then, we just see each other. It’s fine.

I’m glad that you live together in the same place so you don’t have to do the Zooming because then I’d be lost. I don’t know how to Zoom. It could be more complicated and we cannot Zoom so many people at the same time. So, we are still lucky, no? (Yes, Master.) I thank you for staying there, hanging in there, so we can see each other sometimes. All right, then. No more questions, right?

(I do, Master.) Please. (I have one worldly question.) Yeah. (You said that god created humans with free will.) Yes. (And it seems like since ancient times, there are always wars here and there. It happens to one country and moves to another. I’m thinking, if we have free will, then I would say most of the world’s population don’t like to have war, Master.) Yes. (Meaning our will is to have peace) Yes. (and love, like not harming animals or even other beings.) Correct. (And I’m just thinking, I don’t have the factual number, I would believe the majority of the humans don’t like war, they like peace.) Of course not. And most of them have love in their hearts for poorer people, for unfortunate people, and for animals. (Yes. And…) Just that… OK, tell me. (How come our free will cannot overcome the so-called negative energy or force, hence war continues moving from one region to another, Master?)

You forget the snake. (Oh.) (So, it’s still alive, the snake.) The snake is the problem. You see, Adam and Eve were happy in Heaven, until the snake came along (Yes.) and seduced them, “Oh, if you eat this apple, you will be as great as god. That’s why god doesn’t want you to eat it.” And that makes some… the ego came up. Praising them and leading them into some illusionary dream for the future and all that stuff, telling them all good things about the apple, and then they ate it. See that? (Yes, Master) Eve ate first, right? (Yes.) If I remember. And then she gave it to Adam. Adam hesitated to eat, but knowing men, he always listened to his wife. So, there we are.

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