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The Snake Inside Humans, Part 10 of 12, Feb 18, 2021

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I praised the Taiwanese (Formosan) government for giving the citizens so much freedom and democracy, compared to some other countries. I really appreciate the Taiwanese (Formosan) government so much. No matter who came up to be the President, they have a similar policy of democracy. So in the country, even though small, but strong, people are happy. Most people are satisfied, have enough basics to live on.

Any more questions, my love? (Master, in the beginning of this talk, You thanked us and You said how much You appreciate us.) Yes. (But we all really appreciate You so much, because without what You are doing and all the sacrifices that You make, this world right now would not be around. So, it’s You who we really, really thank, and I believe most of us are really, really grateful for everything You do, all the sacrifices that You make, everything new You’re learning, the computers, just to help us even though it affects You. You’re doing everything You possibly can, and we are very, very grateful for that.)

Thank you (Thank You, Master.) for (Thank You, Master.) your kind words. Thank you that you really understand. That’s what we live for. What else would we do? See, just like, what else would you do, knowing that this is the best way to serve and to help others? Otherwise, what for we are born, and what for we live, and what for we die, if we do nothing good. Right? (Yes.) I don’t consider it a sacrifice even though that’s the word we use in human language. I just feel sad many a times because I cannot do much more due to the physical limits of the body and the mind, and the social situation. But we do what we can. It’s not about success or failure or... it’s about that we try our best. That is what counts. We all know that whatever job we do, it demands some effort. Whatever job we do, especially this job.

I really appreciate you very much, that’s why I rushed this conference, even though it’s only five or six days ago I talked to you. (Yes.) But I feel like I should express my appreciation to you when it’s still hot, when it’s still there. Because maybe tomorrow, I am too busy with other things, or other things will distract me or plague me down so that I don’t have such a genuine and enthusiastic appreciation to express to you. It might not be the same when you’re affected by other circumstances and mood. You got that? (Yes, Master.) I thought I’d express today when I still can.

I wanted to say that already in the morning, but then I had work to do. And evening, I still had some work to do, some shows to check. But I thought these shows are not urgent, so I can postpone it for now and then I can do it later in the night or still can tomorrow, still have time. That’s why I request you guys to send me shows, not like for immediate airing because sometimes we don’t have enough time to react, if we correct or if we want to redo or change the host for some reason. (Yes, Master.) Because they’re not up to our standard or... any other thing can happen. Or maybe I have to move immediately, then I cannot take care of that show. (Yes.) Because I’m all alone. It’s not like somebody else can take my job. So, the earlier we have, the better for all of us, because the translators still have to do it, and the... I told you already before, so I don’t want to talk again about that.

Because one job affects every other job. (Yes, Master.) We are a team. We work together. One does translation, one does subtitles, one does the graphics, one does the touch up, one does the audio, one does the video, one does the selection of the shows, one does the editing of the shows, editing the voice, editing the script. And I do the final, for example. We all work together, we hang on together. So, if one person delays, many other things can be delayed as well. (Yes, Master.) And we are not doing a teleconference like this, we can do it later or earlier. A television show has to go on, on time.

I thank you, all of you. Even if you make mistakes in the show in different ways, or the writing is not good enough or not... Somebody also has to write. Even though I correct, but I appreciate the writers very much, too. I cannot write all these shows by myself, not to talk about all the tech and all the... (Yes, Master.) For the internet connection and all together, I cannot do much. So, I really appreciate you very much and I think you are very, very special. You must have been God-sent to help the world in this time of critical moments. I really thank you and may God bless you so much, so much, so much, as much as possible. (Thank You, Master.)

Materially, you don’t really need much. Whatever you want, you order, and you have it, right? (Yes, Master.) You don’t really need anything here. You don’t need money to spend even. So that is that.

Did I answer your question, your last question? (Yes, Master.) Oh no, it’s not a question, it’s appreciation. Thank you for saying that, it’s really nice of you. Very kind of you. Very kind. I appreciate that. Very good to always hear somebody who appreciates you. (Yes, Master.) No matter who you are.

That’s why I said to the Taiwanese (Formosan) disciples sometimes also. It’s not about politics, but I say, you have to support your good government. When there is a good government, a good leader, we have to support, expressively. Expressively, in words or in actions also. Not wait until some bad government comes and then complain. It’s too late. So I often… before, not often, but now and then, I praised the Taiwanese (Formosan) government for giving the citizens so much freedom and democracy, compared to some other countries. I really appreciate the Taiwanese (Formosan) government so much. No matter who came up to be the President, they have a similar policy of democracy. So in the country, even though small, but strong, people are happy. Most people are satisfied, have enough basics to live on. And the poor people, the government takes care also. If you don’t have enough money, and fit the standard, like poverty, the government gives them money. We also give some, whom we know. Some are supporting some financially or buying things for them.

Taiwan (Formosa) is really a good democratic country, and I pray God to continue blessing the country and the government, whoever comes. Of course, in politics, they compete with each other to come up, and it depends on the people to vote for whom to come up. But most of the presidents up to now, they are all good. They leave the citizens in freedom; it’s very good. So, in the country, even small, but you have everything you need. And also, you have so many religions in the country. None of the religions are oppressed, or harassed or forbidden, nothing. Of course, if you do things that harm people, or kill people, then the government takes care as a criminal case. But otherwise, religions are a free market. The government doesn’t do anything.

Sometimes, some of the initiates, your brothers and sisters come from other countries, they worry because in their country, they are too strict, they don’t dare to say whom they believe, except the standard, or maybe no belief. The government doesn’t advocate believing in any faith or God or anything, then they come to Taiwan (Formosa), they are scared to say why they come. And they just talk around, around. They don’t dare to lie, but they talk around, they don’t say much, until maybe the immigration official caught it and says, “You’re a disciple of Supreme Master Ching Hai, right?” Or maybe caught their ID card, initiation card, (Yes.) and then oh, ok, the tail leaked out. The tail came out. The head’s covered, but the tail comes out, wagging. So the disciple says, “Yeah, yeah, yes, yes. I…” Then the official said, “Why didn’t you say it? Why did you have to hide, to cover it up?” She said: “We’re scared, we don’t know because maybe here She is not a main, official religion. Maybe you think She is not a good religion, like a cult. (Cult.) Maybe, in your country, Master is like a cult or something, therefore, we don’t dare to say it, but we believe Her. We’re coming now to see Her.” Finally. They said, “No, in our country here, no cult, nothing. Everybody is free to believe what they want, as long as it’s no harm. You see? Don’t do any harm.” And they said, “Master Ching Hai teaches all good things, all the good precepts to make people good and be moral and virtuous persons, so it’s also peaceful for our country. Next time you don’t…. You just say it straight, you go to see Master Ching Hai, we’ll let you go fast, quickly. The way you did, we keep you so long because you are talking reluctantly and here and there like hiding something, that’s why we keep asking you. If you just say you are a disciple of Supreme Master Ching Hai, you’ll pass like zoom, zoop.”

Some disciples told me this story. It’s very funny. So I know more about the government of the country, and I really, really appreciate it. No matter who is the president, they’re all good. They’re all good. Because in the country, they have religious freedom, so at least they learn something from some religions, some faiths. Like I-Kuan Tao, Lao-Tzu, and Confucius doctrine and Buddhism, so it affects the whole country, the atmosphere of belief, of virtue, of fearing God and respecting practitioners and Saints of the past and present like that.

In Taiwan (Formosa), they respect very much the monks and nuns. Every year they have a big, big, big celebration to confer the title of bhikkhu and bhikkhuni, high monks and high nuns to hundreds or thousands of people. You can go become a monk free of charge, and they will have a ceremony, maybe a long time, many weeks, many temples in Taiwan (Formosa), and that affects… We don’t talk about Heavens and hell, yet, we talk about the effect it has on the energy of the country as a whole. (Yes.) The people have a good heart, because they fear karma, they fear the retribution of doing bad deeds, so they are doing good, mostly. Of course, every country has some snakes somewhere, trying to seduce Adam and Eve to do bad things. And even though they regret afterward, it’s too late. (Yes.) Most Taiwanese (Formosan) people are good. I’ve said that many times.

All right, my love. Did I really answer your question? I forgot. What did you ask? I talked so much. You know, the calendar keeps going for months. (It wasn’t a question, it was appreciation.) Appreciation? Then why did I talk about Taiwan (Formosa)? Oh, I said about the government, good government we have to appreciate, also. We have to support. Don’t wait until the bad governments, then complain. But still you never know, sometimes… like some of the questions before, it’s the karma also of the country that allows that to happen. And that, we cannot do much, except praying and helping invisibly, quietly, to minimize the effect.

Any other questions, love? Oh, I’m not reading, why do I keep pulling my glasses?

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