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Between Master and Disciples

The Snake Inside Humans, Part 10 of 12, Feb 18, 2021

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(Master, in the beginning of this talk, You thanked us and You said how much You appreciate us. (Yes.) But we all really appreciate You so much, because without what You are doing and all the sacrifices that You make, this world right now would not be around. So, it’s You who we really, really thank…) Thank you for your kind words. Thank you that you really understand. That’s what we live for. What else would we do? See, just like, what else would you do, knowing that this is the best way to serve and to help others? Otherwise, what for we are born, and what for we live, and what for we die, if we do nothing good. I don’t consider it a sacrifice even though that’s the word we use in human language. I just feel sad many a times because I cannot do much more due to the physical limits of the body and the mind, and the social situation. But we do what we can. It’s not about success or failure or... it’s about that we try our best. That is what counts.

I praised the Taiwanese (Formosan) government for giving the citizens so much freedom and democracy, compared to some other countries. I really appreciate the Taiwanese (Formosan) government so much. No matter who came up to be the President, they have a similar policy of democracy. So in the country, even though small, but strong, people are happy. Most people are satisfied, have enough basics to live on. And the poor people, the government takes care also. …They’re all good. Because in the country, they have religious freedom, so at least they learn something from some religions, some faiths.

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