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PEACE: The Bigger Picture of Public Service, part 8 of 10, Sep. 16, 2020

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But you have to look at the bigger picture, like peace. Oh, I love that. I asked all the governments and presidents of the world, as a world citizen, to do two things only: Be Vegan, Make Peace. (Yes, Master.) Well, at least he does one. At least he gives me one of my requests: Make Peace, and it’s successful. (Yes.) And for that, we have to give him some credit.

(Master, did President Trump really mediate Korean peace?) Yeah, he must have mediated it, because an event with such a magnitude cannot take place without the US intervention or arrangement. Even maybe he did that behind the scenes, he must have done that. And then also, now he mediates Middle East peace. It’s happening. (Yes, Master.) It’s successful. And then he stops humans’ trafficking or at least he cares about it. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) All this is very important for the whole world. And whatever inconvenient for some people, like immigrants or some Americans then we just have to try to improve it somehow, if we can. (Yes.) But otherwise, to be in his position is very difficult. Any position, top position, is difficult. You cannot please everybody. (Yes, Master.) If you please this group, then the other group criticizes you. They expect the president to make miracles, but he’s only a human. He has his own character; he has his own… I’m just talking fairly. (Yes, Master.)

In fact, when he was voted for president, I was surprised too, like many of you. (Yes.) I thought, “Huh?” Yeah! I think many people also did not expect that he won. (No, Master.) So anyway, he won, so God must have wanted it. Then we just keep him for now. (Yes, Master.) At least he has worked good for the world; he made peace. That means saved, you don’t know, countless lives. (Yes, Master.) And that may be earning his merit to become president again. (Yes, Master.) At least he doesn’t make war. He doesn’t waste Americans’ lives in a foreign land. (Yes, Master.)

To be a soldier in some foreign land, far away from your family, your friends, your girlfriend or your wife, your kid, is no party. (Yes, Master.) It’s not fun. (Yes.) So, if he withdraws the troops from other countries, that is a bravo. (Yes, Master.) A big bravo. And if he tries to mediate peace within many nations, that’s another bravo. (Yes, Master.) And he’s not a vegan. He probably doesn’t have a concept about veganism, being a very busy businessman. (Yes.) He lost business before (Yes, he has.) and then became nothing, and then he built it up again. So, what stamina. Became big, rich person again. That’s very, very difficult and he won that.

So, he probably treats the country like a business. Whatever is good for Americans, good for his country, he does it, at the expense of his favorable view from others − from the opposition, as well as from environmental people or the humanitarian people, or some benevolent journalists. (Yes, Master.) But he has to do what he thinks he should do for his president “business.” It’s not easy. He’s only a human, and it also depends on if he has good advisors or not. (Yes, Master.)

You cannot just blame the president alone. The president has many advisors. You know that or not? (Yes, Master.) And depends on what the advisors feed him, he acts according to that time or according to that advice. If his advisors happened to tell him, “Oh, you cannot announce all this dangerous stuff, even though you knew it. People will panic and the business will go down. The investments from foreigners will be withdrawn, and we’ll be shrinking in economy” and all that stuff. So, at that time, he would say, “No, no, it’s no problem. It’s just a flu.” And he still insisted that until the end, until later when some of his assistants got COVID-19, then he began to be more into the protective field. He even wore a mask, at last. (Yes.) Before that, he did not.

Maybe he could not think of what to do for the best. Because if you order lockdown, people go out on the street and protest, for lack of freedom, for dictatorship, controlling, whatever. And if you don’t order lockdown, people also go out on the street and protest, saying that you don’t care about them and do not take care of the pandemic. But I remember seeing some news somewhere that he has ordered a great sum of money and signed some executive order, to order some more money from the national financial resource, to help people in time of the pandemic, who have no job or who lost their job, etc. Maybe you can find it in the news again. And also, he ordered research to, as quick as possible, make a vaccine against the pandemic. I saw him finally wear a mask in the public to show people that they should also be protective of themselves. Being in the presidential position, it’s very difficult to really do what it takes to please all people. I don’t think you can ever please 100% the public’s opinions, because everyone thinks differently.

I have just mentioned that he signed an executive order or some sort like that, I’m not very familiar with political systems and their special terms. So he’s supposed to have signed some executive order or not executive, to help the unemployed people, especially the poorer people during the pandemic because they lost their jobs. It was a staggering US$304 billion in aid. It’s quite OK, from me. So I think he really cares about his people, just he doesn’t really know how to express it very well. He doesn’t know how to express himself very eloquently, but I feel that he’s a very genuine man, very good-hearted.

And the United States of America is a very big country, it’s very difficult to control the border to stop the importing of COVID-19, even if they had done it early. It’s a mess everywhere. Not many countries were prepared for this magnitude of disaster. It just came from nowhere and still going.

I heard that he ordered many hundreds of millions of face masks to give to people, to distribute to everybody, but somehow it got stopped. Maybe it’s one of the administration staff or some other people for whatever reason didn’t want to cause panic, didn’t want to interrupt the economy or make things worse. I don’t know, it’s very difficult to decide sometimes.

He did try to handle the best he can also, according to all the reports and the research that you can do. He called for US$18 billion to speed up the vaccine for the COVID-19. He does care. And also, he did close the border of the United States of America. And then other people also mocked him, laughed at him, say he’s a “phobic” or something like that. You see, it’s like what you say, “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” He did try what he can, he tried his best. I don’t know if any other president would have done better in that situation and circumstance.

And as you watch the news, you should know that’s not the only problem. People oppose him, and the opposition also ridiculed him about closing the borders, and also criticized him about closing on the immigration at the border, etc. And that is not to count the protests that mushroomed everywhere to also go against him because of the lockdown or because of the mask, etc., etc. I don’t know if anyone could be in this president’s shoes and still function. It’s so much negative going on. His own staff even betrayed him and writing books and negative things about him, some of his family members are against him and even want more money from him, suing him, whatever. And many others also kind of oppose him, make it so very, so very chaotic apart from all the disasters that befell the nation. Aren’t you glad that you’re not the president and especially President of the United States of America? I congratulate you and myself. At least we don’t have to be in that position. We do our work very hard and very diligently, but we do it with our heart and we don’t have to listen to other people. We know what we’re doing and we know it’s right.

All right. Now you know why I give him Shining World Peace Leader Award, because there are many things that he did and is still doing which are really good for the people, for the Americans and for the world. You have to see a big picture of a person: What he does is good for the world or not. (Yes, Master.) Not just Americans. Not just a group. And being in his position, I don’t know if anybody else would do better. I really don’t know. Even in Sweden, they did not lock down. And the whole Europe, they go against Sweden also. They didn’t let Swedish people even come in to their country for holiday or anything, at one time. You know, right? (Yes.) Because the Swedish government did not impose a lockdown. (Yes, Master.) They just said, “OK, be careful” but they’re business as usual. (Yes.) So some governments think like that is better; and some governments think like this is better. (Yes, Master.)

Some people believe that if you just let people loose, then they will develop herd immunity. (Yes, Master.) And then it would be better, and the pandemic will be lessened, better, be gone. Oh man, it’s difficult! They are not clairvoyant. They are humans. (Yes, Master.) And all this is also because of karma from the people that they have pandemic. So, you cannot just blame a government or a president alone. (Yes, Master.) If you have to blame the president, then you blame the advisors also, the whole government staff. (Yes.) A government or a presidential office or prime minister’s office is composed of many elements: many egos, many good and bad people and characters. (Yes.) And the president alone has to weather all that – also difficult for him. (Yes.) But you have to look at the bigger picture, like peace. Oh, I love that. I asked all the governments and presidents of the world, as a world citizen, to do two things only: Be Vegan, Make Peace. (Yes, Master.) Well, at least he does one. At least he gives me one of my requests: Make Peace, and it’s successful. (Yes.) And for that, we have to give him some credit. (Yes, Master.)

Everything else, of course, internal conflict and even family conflict, it happens. Because of personal interest. (Yes.) Because sometimes in the family, they make a trifle war because of inheritance stuff. (Yes.) Or priority stuff. (Yes.) And then they do what they do. Family members. But I think many of his brothers supported him. (Yes.) I think only one sister talked bad about him. (Yes.) But it’s nothing very serious, right? And the niece’s book, what’s talked about? (Just about his character. She thought it was not a good character for a president.) OK. I don’t know what character could be a president. You vote for a president, he does his job. You don’t care about character too much. I mean individually, personality. Sometimes we have bad karma with some people, and of course, that will be conflict. And then people will criticize that character. (Yes.) But it could be just personal karma. In the past life. So if he does his job good, good for your country, good for the world, then you should give him bigger credit than just personal conflict and interest conflict. (Yes, Master.)

A long time ago, I saw one of the historical films, by chance, about, I think, Genghis Khan. One of the people wanted to assassinate him. He already had a chance to come in, because he fulfilled all the requirements to see the king. He came in, but then he didn’t want to kill him. And then he explained to the king why he doesn’t. He said because the king united many races together, make into one country, and so it became more powerful, united. And it brought peace to the nation and made people have more peaceful lives.

But he wanted to kill him because of some personal revenge. (Yes, Master.) And later he thinks personal revenge is not as important as the country’s peace and prosperity, because that affects millions of people. (Yes.) And for him, only his and his family's personal vengeance only. So he thought it’s not worth it to kill the king because of personal hatred. So he did not kill the king. He came to the king, he could have killed him, so near already, but he explained to him, he came not to kill him. So I don't know why he came. In that case, you should not come, because you risk your life. (Yes.) And because of that, he has to be killed anyway. And he knew that, and he still did it. He just probably wanted to express his gratitude to the king, in such a way. (Yes.) But still, because of the law, he has to be executed, all the same, even with all that good intention.

So in many ways, we have to think a bigger, broader picture of the world, instead of just a small space. Anyway, it’s very difficult to be in his position and decide things that make all people happy. That’s not possible. Even any other president could not make all the Americans happy, or all the world happy. So he accomplished what he can, and I think there was some good accomplishments, even if people say it was politically motivated. (Yes, Master.) But it’s OK. People have the right to think like that. And it’s possible that it is politically motivated because of the election. But at least it’s successful! Who cares what motivated it? (Yes.) Peace happened. And a lot of lives, millions could be saved from eternal war in our world. And blood brother, against each other even. And people living in fear, psychologically oppressed and depressed by the looming war, like for example Korean war. And that will involve the world also, and that will be big, and that will be troublesome for the whole of Asia, not to talk about the world, if the war broke out. (Yes.) So, he did something good, and that’s why I gave him Shining World Peace Leader Award. And he deserved that. (Yes, Master.) I don’t care if people go against me, because they are against the President Trump, they might be against me too. But I get nothing from him. I don’t even know him. (Yes, Master.) I did not even get to shake his hand or do anything. So, I’m just talking fairly. (Yes, Master.) In the point of the world.

And he is the first one to walk on the North Korean soil. You know that, right? (Yes.) At least American president. (Yes, Master.) And he is the first one who made multi-Emirates country Middle East peace happen. The United Arab Emirates comprises seven Emirates, meaning countries with their own rulers and laws. You know Israel and the Arab world have been so-called eternally like enemies. And he is the first one who brought peace between Israel and multi-Arab Emirates countries. Before him, two US presidents also facilitated peace in the Middle East, but just one-on-one basis. President Trump is the first one who mediated multi-countries peace success in the Middle East. So he deserves a big, big, big, huge bravo from everyone in the world, well from me anyway, from us. (Yes, Master.) He sent his son-in-law there even, risking his (son-in-law’s) life. Who knows, it’s not safe to go there.

And then he is the first one also who truly cares about stopping human trafficking, and I mean really tracking down about it, jailing some big ones already. He signed orders of US$35 million and another US$430 million for human trafficking prevention, education, victim protection and stronger government prosecution for human traffickers!

All these orders to aid in tracking and jailing human, children traffickers. Others might have talked about it, or some have done little about it, but he is the first one who really acts strongly, fast and seriously, and with heart put into it, to protect people and children from human traffickers. And that’s a big bravo, because it pains my heart also to know, to see all this human trafficking going on in the world and not much done about it.

So maybe he will be the first one to promote “Vegan Law.” (We hope so.) Who knows. He is the first in many things already. You know, things impossible like Korean peace. And nuclear disarmament for Korea and all that. So, OK, let’s give him some balance. (Yes, Master.) (Master, I did hear that he is the first president in generations that hasn’t started a war with other countries.) Yeah, in America. (Yes.) The first American president. that doesn’t start a war. Another bravo. Not only has he not started a war, he stopped the war! He withdrew troops from Afghanistan, (Yes.) and from where else? (Iraq, the Middle East.) Iraq, and Syria. (And Syria, yes.) Yes, look at that! That saved, countless lives. Human lives even! (Yes, Master.)

And he cares about human trafficking, for children and all. If he signed so many orders for almost US$500 million for tracking down and solving the issue of human trafficking, then he must really care about it. I mean this problem about human trafficking is not like a majority. That means that he really cares about it. It’s not that he wants to do that so that people will vote for him. So it is truly caring, in my opinion. Not only has President Trump done good things about human trafficking to track them down and eliminating it… Because can you imagine how many innocent, poor, helpless children have been kidnapped and forced into this kind of despicable work just for some rich or privileged few? How many parents have agonized over the loss of their children and don’t know what happened to them? So this is a very important law reinforcing what President Trump has done for his country as well as for the world. I cannot thank him enough for that. Because to think of all these children, helplessly delivered into this brutal beast or so-called beasts… I cannot bear it. I’m just too emotional, but never mind about that.

The other service that Mr. President Trump, also his administration, has done good to humans, is to stop some of the pharmacies (pharmaceutical companies) who have done harm to people. They mixed some of the drugs like opium into some pills so that people take them and became addicts even. If you take it long enough, you become addicted. The pharmacies are supposed to help people, to cure people, to heal people. But they use their privilege, know-how and power to harm people.

So President Trump and his administration have made these pharmacies pay; they have stopped this kind of illegal, harmful, hurtful activities of the pharmacies, and one of these so-called pharmacies has already been caught. So President Trump, bless him and his administration. I’m sorry, I’m still so emotional. I’m just… I cannot bear that people abuse children in any way at all. These are wicked evils. Oh, I forgot what I was saying. All right, then you know, even pharmacies are supposed to cure people’s illness and help them protect their health. But instead, some of them did evil things like that to harm people.

So I am glad that there are such governments that exist in this world. I hope Mr. President and his administration continue to help their citizens as well as the world citizens to be on the right track.

I have just found out about the pharmacies’ illegal drug (issue) today, 6 October. But these cases must have happened a long time ago already. It’s just that I have never watched the news up till recently because of the COVID-19 concerning everybody. And you know I don’t prepare my speech in advance. I don’t do a lot of research in all this mundane stuff. It’s just recently, by the way it happens, and then I scan the news for you guys so I know more about President Trump.

But if you know more about what he and his government did that is good for humans, animals, or world citizens, or all beings of any kind, please add it on to our program with a voice-over. The one that I added on today about the drug, I have just found it now, so add it on, but the rest you find out, please add it on. Good governments, good leaders, we must support as much as we can. Thank you.

Some of President Trump and His Administration’s Good Accomplishments:

In response to the pandemic, provided US$13 billion in relief for farmers, increased monthly food security benefits for low-income households, signed an executive order to support the mental health of vulnerable groups, etc.

Helped to reduce unemployment for Black and Hispanic Americans to record low levels in 2019.

Signed multiple bills to benefit Native American communities, including compensation for past land loss, funds for language preservation, etc.

Enacted major reforms with the First Step Act for the humane treatment of inmates and more support for those returning to society.

Secured billions of US dollars to address the US opioid epidemic and signed a law to manage overprescribing and abuse.

Lowered the prices of prescription medicines for senior citizens and increased affordable health insurance options.

Launched a program to make expensive HIV prevention drugs free to those without prescription drug insurance, as part of the administration’s plan to eliminate the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the US within 10 years.

Conducted a multi-agency federal action plan to reduce childhood lead exposure in vulnerable communities.

Signed the Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act into law, making certain severe offenses a federal crime with penalties.

Signed an executive order and other active measures to protect unborn children.

Signed an act to provide US$10 million annually to reduce marine debris through research, prevention and reduction.

Signed a law to protect over 525,000 hectares of new wilderness and safeguard 400,000-plus hectares of public lands from future mining operations.

Ordered troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Mediated the normalization of economic ties between Serbia and Kosovo.


So, at least he has some good points in his heart. (Yes.) If he did have a better personal background, or some more spiritual education when he was younger, then he could have done much better things. (Yes, Master.) All the things that he did that are not right, according to the media reports and the people, it was maybe because of his background. But even with a bad background, he grew up out of it and did some good things. Good, important, big things for the world. That is, not to start any war, and stop the war, and make peace! That’s three steps that are very difficult to make.

Mostly America is the police of the world, and they flex muscle. And he is the one who did the opposite. Growing out of America, growing out of this kind of environment, whose race always believes in making war or to flex their muscles. And he didn’t do that. He did the opposite. So, he doesn’t fear. He just did what he thinks is correct. (Yes, Master.) Number one. Number two: Many people fear China. Just talking about that, I go further. I hope you guys protect me. (OK, Master.) We are just discussing things. (Yes, Master.)

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