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Between Master and Disciples

PEACE: The Bigger Picture of Public Service, part 4 of 10, Sep. 16, 2020

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I really pray that our world will get better and better for everyone to live on this planet, to enjoy such a short time of our lifespan, of whatever God has given to us or is giving to us, instead of fighting with each other for any reason whatsoever. Fighting is never good. There’s always some loss by one side or another. It’s never good.

But it’s for your good not to go out and protest the police and looting around. I mean, not all the protesters are doing that. It’s just because you make the protest, and then some bad elements try to mix in and take the opportunity and make trouble for the people. (Yes.) And then you’re also being arrested and all that, maybe wrongly because you didn’t do it. You do it peacefully, but there are many people who are not peaceful in your group. Or from outside anywhere joining in, just to look like in your group and do bad things; looting, burning people’s houses, businesses, and all that. These are innocent. (Yes, Master.) They have done nothing wrong. They are not police even. So that is not a right thing to do to correct a wrong thing. (Yes.) It’s not just the citizens who are sometimes being wrongly injured or killed. The police are also often being abused or injured, are ambushed, and many die in duty as well, wrongly. You should not go out on the street to protest. It’s dangerous for you. You might catch this terrible disease, that makes you suffer and tortures you. You may even die because of the COVID-19. And also, in a big crowd like that, many things could happen. You could die also. It’s for your own good that you should just stay home, think about how you should get the next job or apply for some new job, or how to take care of the families and yourself. We should not cause more problems when people are dying everywhere in the whole world, and when the nation desperately needs extra calm and peace to deal with the great problem like the pandemic of the COVID-19.

We still need the police. The police saved many Black people also, Black families, Black children. If you scan it on internet, you’ll probably see more than I know. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, that’s my humble opinion, I hope some people do listen and just try to live your life more peacefully. Everything happens for some reason. (Yes, Master.) And the police, they’re just doing their job. The police before, sometimes they search my houses somewhere and I never ever resisted or been rude to them or anything. And one of your brothers at that time, he was talking with his frowning face, like not nicely to the police. He said, “What are you doing this for? We are innocent! We are not doing anything! We don’t have guns and all that!” Even not much, even he was right, but I chided him. I said, “No, no, no. They’re just doing their job. You don’t talk like that.” (Yes, Master.) What are they going to do? Their superior told them to go and search my house, then they just have to do it, right? (Yes.) And of course, they have to have guns in case you have a gun. They never know. And they have to maybe point it at you because they worry you might do something. (Yes.) And when they check everything, then they will release you, let you free. Then no need. Just let them do their job. So, the police don’t only harass the Black people or maybe search or stop the Black people, they stop me also many times, on the road, on the highway, or in my house. (Yes, Master.) So, this is a society that is at unrest and we have to just live with it and try to be as coordinated as possible. Otherwise, it could be worse. The police, they do their job, and if you resist them and you are not nice to them and all that, you could be worse off. (Yes, Master.) They’ll have a bad impression. And then it would escalate more and more, and maybe you’ll be in prison in no time (Yes.) or even shot dead.

Sorry. It’s a heavy topic. My heart has been feeling pain all this time. The police are mostly good. They are trained to do all the good things also, not just bad things. (Yes.) Imagine if you are the police and you’re face-to-face with the so-called criminal or maybe suspect, you never know what he’d do to you. (Yes.) Face-to-face. (Yes.) Even half a meter. (Yes.) Or more or less one meter, or even just a few meters. You’re unprotected. (Yes.) And you don’t even know if that suspect is really a criminal or just a good person. You don’t know. The police don’t know. So, maybe if they did something not right because they also fear for their lives and the lives of their colleagues. (Yes, Master.) Because it happened before that the police died from the hands of the criminals and they got away and all that. So, everything has two sides of the coin. So, I hope the people reflect and think more than just going out and destroying things or just wishing the police dead and all that. That’s not nice. Because other people also kill the police. (Yes.) And nobody sympathizes with the police. Nobody goes out on the street and protests for the police if the police are killed wrongly. (Yes.) It’s not the two sides of the coin. OK. You’re done? (Yes, thank You, Master. Thank You for sharing that.) I think, in my humble opinion, people should reflect upon. So, this is the problem of the society, where humans have not been fully lifted themselves subconsciously or consciously or spiritually up to a higher standard. Our world is still in turmoil in some places and there are still crimes and troubles in different countries, thus we still need the police to keep some order in our society. And it’s also, it’s all the end result of karma. It’s very difficult to avoid all this trouble and injustice, so-called injustice, the way it seems, if we do not change ourselves into a better society, more benevolent, more compassionate, more considerate for others, including the animals, of course. I cannot emphasize it often enough or sufficiently.

Please consider. Do not risk yourselves any further. Your family needs you. Your friends need you. Your wife and kids need you. Please do what’s appropriate to keep yourself alive, healthy and able to provide for whatever you are requested, for yourself, family, country and the world. The governments of many nations can also spend less on military or war and save this money to establish some more additional kind of helping fund for the minority communities such as people of color. Then maybe our society would become more peaceful, and less pain, less suffering, less crime, and less trouble for the police as well. I really pray that our world will get better and better for everyone to live on this planet, to enjoy such a short time of our lifespan, of whatever God has given to us or is giving to us, instead of fighting with each other for any reason whatsoever. Fighting is never good. There’s always some loss by one side or another. It’s never good. I hope my opinion helps you. Thank you.

Next question. (In a recent Fly-in News, Master mentioned that humans, including disciples, don’t have enough love nor merits to cover themselves from the coronavirus, for example. Master, how can we increase the love within us?)

It’s not all that easy and not all that difficult. You brought with yourself the day you were born what you have from the allotted merit from the past life. And [if in the] past life you didn’t have, then in this life you won’t have. Very difficult to build up all this love and merit. It has to be an extraordinary action or built up over lifetimes, many lifetimes. And most people, they’re just being spun around the circle of life and death, have no time to breathe, to renew themselves or reflect on themselves. Soon after we wean off the breast of the mother or the milk, they shove meat and fish and egg and karma into your mouth already, into your system. (Yes.) And then you’re blurred out also. The more you grow up, the more karma you accumulate without even your consent. (Yes, Master.) And then you grow up, you have to go to school. Four, five years old already, must go to school. Busy, busy, go to school, go back, do homework, and then whatnot. And then grow up and then the hormones drag you around, making you do silly things and humiliating things sometimes or not, or thinking at least things that you don’t feel like you should be thinking, but it just forces you like that. And then, meanwhile, you still need to study, need to concentrate on your homework, and helping the parents, and whatever not. So… busy, no? (Yes.)

I feel so sorry for humans because of that. And that’s the reason I continue to help. (Thank You, Master.) Because I know they’re all victims. Victim, victim, victim, A to Z. And then the parents, if they’re good, they teach them good. If they’re also ignorant like many others, then they teach them ignorant things. (Right.) And in the school, just teach you how to read, write, and know things so that you get a good job. And then get a good job, then you got to have a good wife, a good family. And that’s all we are oriented about. (Yes.) So, how do they have time to build up any love or wisdom, or any other thing? Even I, I’m telling you the truth. Except in those days when I can do retreat alone and all that. Nowadays even I do retreat, but I have to do work. (Yes.) And sometimes, even you ask me something, it takes me a few days to answer you. (Right.) I answer the more important question first, and I do the more important job first. (Yes, Master.) Even Supreme Master TV, every day I check, if nothing’s so urgent, I do other things first. (Yes.) If I have other things more important, more urgent to do. And then I sit down and do Supreme Master TV. Sometimes I want to find out something, do research into something, I mean invisibly inside. I forgot even. Or I do halfway, and then I forgot I have to go and do Supreme Master TV, or clean the house. Luckily, the so-called house is only about some square meters. It’s wonderful. I chose it because I cannot stay in a bigger house anymore, even though it’s more convenient. But I cannot because it’s too much work, too much cleaning to do. (Yes, Master.) I’m not lazy. I like to clean, it’s a kind of exercise, but I don’t have time. (Yes.) Even the inner work, sometimes I neglect, and I feel so bad, so bad, so bad about that. Many questions I have to solve. (Yes, Master.) I cannot just sit here and do outer work all day, and then whenever you ask me a question or other work questions, then I can just solve it like that. No, no, no. I need time. (Understand, Master.) Even Supreme Master TV work, if I answer your question or correct some shows, I need time also to think which way is better. (Yes.) Sometimes I did correct already, and I sent you more corrections after, because after I sat in meditation, I reflected more, and I thought of a better way. (Yes.) So, you see, sometimes you receive a couple or several times more corrections. You know that, right? (Yes.) The editors at least know that. (Yes, Master.) And I’m sorry for the editors, but I am proud of you. (Thank You, Master.) I’m proud of all of you. (Thank You, Master.) Because you have good ideas and are doing a good job, I mean, getting better all the time now. (Thank You, Master.) I’m very happy. Just be more vigilant. That’s our life now. Sorry, guys. If you dream of other lives, then just cut it out. This is our life. Just accept it and continue. (Yes, Master.)

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