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PEACE: The Bigger Picture of Public Service, part 5 of 10, Sep. 16, 2020

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Whomever you are doing something to, just imagine it’s you. Or imagine, even you are not doing anything directly, but indirectly. Like eating meat so that all the animals in the factory have to suffer so much. Suffer in anguish, sorrow, without being able to utter any cry for help. Imagine if it’s you! Then you know what to do.

Sorry, guys. If you dream of other lives, then just cut it out. This is our life. Just accept it and continue. (Yes, Master.) Of course, sometimes you’re fed up and tired, then just go take a nap. (Yes.) Or go out and do exercise. Every day you should exercise to make the blood flow better, so you can think better, you can work better. (OK, Master.) Not just the pull-up stick that I have built for you. No, not just that. (Yes.) Exercise the whole body or walk fast or something. (OK, Master.) Or push-up. Push-up is an easy and lazier way. Or do the jump rope, whatever. (OK.) So, the whole body. (Yes, Master.) No, not just the biceps. Not just that. (Yes, Master.)

It’s funny, actually, because... when I was in Miami, I saw many of your brothers and sisters, or half-brothers, half-sisters, or just a brother but it’s a sister, they build up their body, upper level, very big, strong, (Yes.) and from the waist down, very skinny! Funny, you know? (Yes.) But I think they cannot build up much more the legs, right? They can tighten the muscles, but they cannot build up much more. It doesn’t bulk out, right? No, huh? (A little bit.) (Well, they work on their upper body, they think that it looks better.) It does look better, but when the guy, he wears so tight, tight jeans and… I don’t know, I don’t observe people that much. I was in Miami once, on one of the islands, and I go hairdressing sometimes. Or I bring my dogs for hair-blowing, hair-puffing, washing, and I saw them like that. Because in Miami, it’s a haven for your brothers, sisters who are not the brothers, but who are the sisters, and the sisters who are not the sister but the brother. You know what I’m saying, yeah? (Yes, Master.) It’s a haven for that, and you see outside on the street, people are very accepting of that. The men and men hold hands, kissing on the streets, no problem, (Yes.) etc., or vice versa. (Yes.) So, I’m surprised that people even marry or have children in Miami. I don’t know who is who. If you want to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend there, it’s kind of difficult. It’s their city. It’s their country. I love them. They are very, very sweet people, very sentimental. They’re more sensitive than normal men or normal women. (Yes. Understand.) More sensitive. But they are very sweet, mostly very artistic. That’s why they do like artistic work or hairdressing or makeup artist. (Yes.) Or designing clothes, they are good at that. (Yes.) They somehow have this artistic talent in them. (Yes.) So, you see, in the world, if you don’t have something, you will have something else. So, not to worry.

I don’t know what we have here, but we have food. And you have the opportunity to work for God and for the world. (Yes, Master.) That is excellent. That is incredible. (Yes.) Incredible. Think about it. How many people can do this? (Thank You, Master.) No, no, not too many. The hormones, the world, the family, the habit are just pulling them back. So, many also left. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Don’t blame them. Maybe they are not strong enough to resist all these temptations. It’s too strong for them, too powerful. So, you guys are tough guys, I guess. Tough guys! Whoever’s leftover here, despite all the tests, are tough guys. Congrats! (Thank You, Master.) What did you ask then? Why did I say such things? (About how we increase our love within us.) Oh, I see. We cannot do it fast enough for this world. Because interacting with other people, you also create new karma. And new karma is also dragging you, adding more trouble to your already troubled existence. Everyone who lives here has trouble, and they are trying hard to survive. It’s very difficult to make more love, to increase love, and to increase more merit. Very difficult. And it’s not enough. I have said difficult, but you can try.

Every time you do something, you have to think about the other party, the opposite person, the one that you are going to do something for, even the animals, whether or not you would like it to be done to yourself that way. Just imagine it was you. Whomever you are doing something to, just imagine it’s you. Or imagine, even you are not doing anything directly, but indirectly. Like eating meat so that all the animals in the factory have to suffer so much. Suffer in anguish, sorrow, without being able to utter any cry for help. Imagine if it’s you! Then you know what to do. Imagine it’s you, then you would try to stop it on your part, to lessen the suffering of other beings. (Yes, Master.) That’s how you may be able to develop some more love and merit, for your Heavenward journey. That’s the only luggage you can take with you. No matter how rich you are, no matter how poor you are, you can also take this treasure with you, your own merit and loving kindness, to be accepted in Heaven. Or even to be reborn in a better human position, situation, better life than this life.

The love I mean is the compassion one, the universal love, the unconditional love. I don’t mean the love just because you like me, I like you. Or because you do good things to me, so I love you. Or because you’re my wife, my husband, I love you. No, not that kind. (Yes, Master.) Not even the love for the children or parents. No. So, what to do? The Master has to help out but not a lot. Cannot. Some. Lubricating their lives or helping to turn a big trouble into small. (Yes, Master.) Or small into zero, or help solving the dire need situation. And to increase it, of course, you meditate. (Yes, Master.) You must. For you guys, in-house staff, you must meditate more. (Yes.) No matter what, just drop it. When you’re working, I know it’s difficult to drop, but you have to. I know you guys are doing good. (Thank You, Master.) Better now than before. And even if you say you have work to do, but you drop it. For one hour, it doesn’t hurt. (Yes, Master.) Unless it hurts, then you have to. Then you have to meditate afterward to make up for it. (Yes, Master.) And to develop love is more difficult, but you try. Maybe you don’t have time to contemplate on all this love. But even when you do your show, and you see the animals suffer, and you feel pain in your heart, you feel empathy for them, that is developing love. (Yes, Master.) But even then, it’s not enough to cover so many things that you have to undergo in this world and your karma to boot. (Yes.) So, it’s just trying your best to be more loving and kind, wherever you can, whenever you can. That’s all. (Thank You, Master.) And the Master Power is always helping. Because We (Masters) know all of humans are helpless here. That’s why They (Masters) love humans; They don’t mind to sacrifice, don’t mind anything just to do it. Does that answer your question? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Good. Please continue.

(Master, if just one nation declares vegan law, could that set off possibly a domino effect such that eventually, all other nations might follow suit?)

Possible! Of course! Has to start somewhere. It could be. Who knows? (We hope so.) Yes. I hope so too. We are praying. Human habits are hard to change, but they are changing. (Yes, Master.) Changing, getting better. The government should just emphasize it, just encourage people to do it. But the problem is, the government, they don’t do it themselves, or very small numbers of the government workers who did that. (Yes.) And then they don’t say anything much. They’re too shy. (Yes.) Or they’re worried to be ridiculed or unpopular, whatever they think. (Yes, Master.) If I were the government president anywhere, I would risk everything to tell my citizens, “Stop it! From now on, we don’t eat meat anymore! Finito!” (Yes.) Very simple! (Yes, Master.) Because, because, because. (Yes.) Of course, people might go to the streets, protest against me. But that’s the thing you should expect. Even if you don’t do vegan law, they’ll go protest against you anyway. In every country, it’s like that. Maybe half will support you, half will not. (Yes.) So, if you risk yourself to be a politician, a president, then you should do it. (Yes.) But I don’t know if any such courageous president exists in the world. Maybe. Maybe in the future then. Let’s hope so, pray so. Amen. (Yes, Master.)

(Every time one enlightened Master comes to the Earth, Their effect, the presence of Their being here, it lasts for a long time. And Master has been with us and giving us the blessings of the physical presence and the teaching for more than 30 years and… So, Master, for us and the future generations, for how many generations will Master’s effect have in the future?)

Not always “Master does this. Master has to do that.” Not always trying to take things from the Master, (Understand.) that kind of attitude. It’s time that people get up, do their stuff! (Yes, Master.) All the Masters teach the same: “Help yourself, then God will help you. Be good, be benevolent, be compassionate, then all that will come to you.” (Yes.) How many Masters came and humans killed Them all already? What to expect anymore? I am lucky to be alive. (Yes, Master.) You are lucky to still have me. (Yes, we are.) I could have died many times already. What more you want me to do? All the Masters have come and gone from this planet and have left a lot of noble teachings. Humans should have adhered to them, to these noble teachings. But instead we have done the opposite; even killed numerous Masters when they have done nothing wrong at all whatsoever. And instead of being benevolent and kind towards all beings, what did we do? From the sky high to the ocean deep, and in between, the humans have been terrorizing and murdering, without reason, at random, countless beings, (Yes, Master.) of course including humans and animals, and saintly beings, and still are doing it. We go to the church but we don’t obey the teachings of the Masters. We go to the temples but we don’t listen to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. (Yes.) We continue to terrorize each other and all other weaker beings. And you expect this world to continue this way? (No.) And you expect that the Master power would continue to bless them so that they can continue this wicked, barbarous way of life? (No, Master.) Is that the answer you expect? My answer is no! Period. I have done, I have been doing, and still am doing all I can already. There is no more I can do. I work day and night until exhaustion, often forgo sleep, food. You don’t even know what else I do. Humans have to change! I kept telling you this. Just like people blame the leaders for not doing enough for COVID-19. Yes, they do what they can only. The karma they cannot erase for you. Every citizen in this world has a duty to protect themselves. Nowadays they can know many things from internet, know all the information. They have to decide how to protect their own lives, or and listen to wise, expert advice. But some do the opposite! Some even say, “I don’t care, I don’t wear mask, I don’t do any protection. If I die, I die.” It’s not about you who die or not die. It’s about your infecting other people (Yes.) if you don’t protect yourself. You compromise other people’s protection, health, happiness, life and death. So, everyone has a duty to take care of themselves (Yes, Master.) and do the good things according to the teachings of all the Masters. If not, don’t expect any more leniency. It has been hundreds, millions of years already. People must change to a benevolent way of life. Then they can expect benevolence in return. Otherwise, “as you sow, so shall you reap.” That never fails. Don’t always expect, “Master, how much longer, how much we can get from the Master?” That’s very ugly. Stop that! (Yes, Master.) Next one.

(Has Master ever in some of Her past incarnations locked maya or the devil in hell, as She did recently?)

Yeah, before. (Oh, wow!) Before, but a short time, even a thousand years, and they could rise up again. Because humans don’t change. And if the negative energy builds up strong enough, then they come up, (Right.) attract them, pull them up. (Yes.) And it’s to be fair play. You cannot lock them up forever if everybody else does bad things, similar things, and are free and blessed. (Yes.) (Yes, understand.) In this Shadow Universe, everything has to be regulated like that. Fair. At least fair and just.

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