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PEACE: The Bigger Picture of Public Service, part 6 of 10, Sep. 16, 2020

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They just tell me to keep safe, stay, don’t move. And many, many animals keep coming, all kinds of species, even one species, different animals. Yesterday, a very little one, it’s a little frog as big as my thumb, tried to make himself known to my attention and tell me.

(Master, in one of the Buddhist stories that Master read to disciples, Brahma, the Lord of the Third World, pleaded to Buddha to not abandon the beings of this world due to their suffering. Why did he do that when he was the one causing all the suffering with his law of karma?)

Good question. The world here, the Shadow World, is a hypocritical world. I’m telling you. The Brahma is a creator of the physical existence. On one hand, he kept telling the souls whenever they came up to him, he said, “You have to love one another,” showing love, showing compassion, all that. And on the other hand, all these traps and tricks to make people fall, and hurt each other, and hurt other beings, like animals, for example. So, I scolded him. I said, “You hypocritical being! Just I don’t want to see you. I will take them up, whomever I can.” That’s what it is. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

The Sakra god and other gods, sometimes they have to also suffer. The Brahma gods last longer. He will last until all the Three Worlds are destroyed by nature. Everything in the Three Worlds will not last forever. But the Brahma lasts longer than other gods lower level, like Second Level or Astral Level. These gods, the rulers, they last a shorter period of time, even though we can say many thousand years. Or even longer than that. But they won’t last long in their position because their merits run out. You can be any of the gods of the Second Level, if you have enough merits. Shakyamuni Buddha was also sometimes a king of these Heavens, the gods of these Heavens.

That’s why whenever a person wants to sacrifice for beings, they come down and test them so much. To see if they are real or they just want to take their throne. Because if your merit exceeds the god’s merit, then you can take over. The lesser merit [one] will have to go down, be human again, even be animal. Yeah! And so they beg the Buddha to save them. Save all beings, that means save him also if he reincarnates again as a human or as an animal. Do you see it now? (Understand. Yes.) Because he suffers, so he also understands. He tested the practitioner who wants to be a Buddha to save beings, but that doesn’t mean he has no respect for them. (Yes.) He knows, if it’s a real one, can help beings a lot. So now you understand. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) The Brahma and all these gods, they’re hypocritical. I keep scolding them all the time.

(Master previously had said that the force of karma is gone. Does that mean that beings no longer reincarnate to pay for new sins, but instead must atone in some other way as judged by Heaven in this life or in the afterlife?)

It depends if they are good and repentant, then I can help them to go up. (Yes.) But karma force is gone, meaning you don’t have extra burden to take care of. But your karma you have to regulate. (Yes.) For example, in one country, the government forbids drugs. So at least you don’t have that temptation to include in your burden in your life. (Yes.) If the children are born, and they don’t ever know the name of drugs, they don’t see the drugs, they don’t ever hear of it, then they have one less temptation to fight with or to be burdened with. (Right. Yes.) They would never be drug addicts. Then they would never be in hell for drug addicts. (Yes.) They’d never have this sickness or complication of drug-related problems. (Yes, Master.) So, the karma force is the one that makes people more wired into doing bad things and tricked into doing bad things easily. But that doesn’t mean what you do bad, you won’t pay. You have to. (Yes.) Just less. (Understand.) And if people do bad things in the past, but now they repent, and they sincerely repent, then the Master Power can help them to go to Heaven. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

(Master, do all Shadow Universes have the same structure of Ten Levels, with a lord for each level, a hell, a maya, and the law of karma?) No, only the lower levels of the Shadow Universes. Not the higher level. (Yes, Master.) From the Fourth Level up, we don’t have hell. We don’t have karma anymore. We don’t have anything that tempts the souls to do bad things and reincarnate. (Yes, Master.) And the souls will not be destroyed. Only when we are here in this physical world and within the Three Worlds, we are subjected to all that, to some Heavens and some hells, and some physical existence, like in this world. Is that what you want to ask?

(Well, I was wondering if other Shadow Universes have the same…) Yeah, similar. (Yes, Master. And is Master dealing with the same circumstances as we have here now on planets from other Shadow Universes?) Yes, if the Master is there, have to.

(What is the reason that different Shadow Universes develop similarly, like all these other planets having meat or killing?) You see, when a new world is born, for example, when a new planet is formed, by the force of something, good or bad, then it’s empty, like a country without a king, without anything. So, it’s like up for grabs. Anyone can go there if they have enough power, (Yes.) like the power of creation, like Brahma. One of the gods or the beings in the Brahman Heaven, the Third Heaven, will look at it and see, “Oh, that’s a good place. I will go there.” And he’ll go there and establish his throne and then begin to create things and attract other beings to come to his planet. You see that? (Yes.)

And then it begins all these kinds of interactions: good, bad, neutral, helping each other, hurting each other by accident or by deliberation, etc., etc. And then karma begins to form again, again, again and again. (Yes. Understand.) Then it becomes similar to this situation. (Yes, Master.) New worlds, new planets keep forming all the time. Just that scientists do not always discover them, because maybe they’re too far, or maybe it’s still invisible. (Yes, Master.) Maybe they make an invisible shield also, just to cover the eyes of others, because they worry about intruders. (Understand, Master.)

You see, we are also trying to intrude on other planets already, like Mars, the moon, Venus. (Yes, Master.) They’re already trying, planning, going soon. (Yes.) They want to go soon, already preparing. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Even people already sell the moon! Sell some parts of the moon, and some people buy it already. You know that. (Yes.) And then now even officially, scientists ask other people to sell them rocks from the moon if they happen to go up there. “By the way, bring back some rocks and sell it to us.” For doing experiments or something. You see that? (Yes, Master.) We are invaders. We cannot take care of our planet’s problems, but we already want to control other areas, far away from us, many hundreds of thousands or millions of light years. My God! It’s so funny. Everything is so quick and ephemeral. Trying so hard as if they live here for thousands of years. (Yes.) Is that OK with you already or…? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Next one.

(Master, with the New Spiritual Realm, does Master elevate beings from all different Shadow Universes to the same New Realm?) Yeah, if they have affinity. If I can, yes. (Wow. Thank You, Master.) It’s never crowded. Don’t worry. It’s big, very big. (Nice to know that, Master.)

(Could Master talk more about the New Spiritual Realm? How is it? And how people are? And what do they do there?) Oh, I don’t know how to describe it in our language, actually. Wait until you get there, then you’ll know. They’re so free, so blissful, and there’s nothing we can talk about it. (Yes, Master.) Even the Fifth Level, cannot say already. Just say they’re brilliant with Light and they’re so incredibly beautiful and so free. They just exist. And they do what they want to do. (We’re excited to find out, Master.) Yeah, yeah. Not so long anyway, our life. Just a few decades. So, be patient, man, patient.

(Master, in the most recent conference, Master said that the people over there have no more ego left. So, I was wondering if there is no more sense of individuality or separation?) No, it’s not like that. It’s not like that. We all have individual space and identity. It’s not like you mingle together like a lump of pastry. You are free, you are yourself, and everything’s OK. It’s just the ego is something that only exists in our kind of world. (Yes, Master.) So it’s like a kind of force that makes you compete with people. Makes you jealous, makes you territorial, makes you want to be better than others, and push others down, and things like that. (Yes.)

In the other world, they don’t have such tendency or quality, no need. (Yes.) Everyone never had anything that they need, that they have to compete for, that they have to fight for. (Yes.) In this world, all these things come out also because of training, background. People don’t have enough food, don’t have enough power; the strong oppress the weak. So, they just try to get up and fight to be equal and stuff like that. (Understand.) Or to have more food, and thus all these things come out and strengthen the power to want to stand out. And that is the ego. (Yes, Master.) In the Heaven world, don’t have this. No need. In higher Heaven, of course. In the Astral Heavens, still have. (Understand.) No more? (Thank You, Master.)

(Has Master received lately any visits again from animals who come to give Master any message or any other spiritual being or Master in the meditation? Maybe some new revelations that You can share with us, Master?)

Yes, yes. They keep coming. And the revelation in my meditation now is nothing much for you to worry about. They just tell me to keep safe, stay, don’t move. And many, many animals keep coming, all kinds of species, even one species, different animals. Yesterday, a very little one, it’s a little frog as big as my thumb, tried to make himself known to my attention and tell me. I said, “OK. What, you also even have a message for me, I guess, right?” He said, “Yes, don’t leave, stay, or go somewhere better for You…” I said, “Who sent you? Is it you, yourself? Is it the negative power that sent you or…? Where are you from?” So… it’s a she? It’s a he. He told me, “The Divinity sent me.” I said, “Wow! Don’t they have something smaller?” I said, “OK. Thank you very much.”

Every time I thank them. Because the spider, and all kinds of squirrels, birds and frogs, even skunks were coming. The skunk was so beautiful. He has a white stripe from his head all the way to his tail, and then he has also the white thing on his toes. Oh, he’s beautiful! So beautiful. And he was telling me the same thing. I said, “Why you guys have to all say the same thing like this?” They said, “Just to make it a stronger point, more powerful, so that You will not neglect it. Just to make more stronger energy to keep You here.” I said, “OK. I will consider that, but if I have to move, I have to move. But thank you so much for coming.”

They even risk their lives. They come into some dangerous places just to get my attention. I said, “You don’t do this to everyone else, they might squash you little ones.” And I keep telling them, “Don’t eat anything live, just eat what’s already discarded.” Then I can take them to Heaven. That’s all. Have a short conversation. Inside they tell me other things that sometimes I cannot tell you. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And if you continue to give me a lot of work like this, every day, I don’t know if I have time to even check my inside email. I feel very sorry. Sometimes I thought I just have to quit it to do more inside research, but I just can’t. So, can’t have everything. Too bad. (Yes, Master.)

(Did all these animals and beings, did they come down from Heaven to just help Master, or is it because they are just closer to Heaven and they are not blocked like humans, so that they can receive these messages to give Master?)

You are right, they are not blocked like humans. They have the disadvantage of being non-humans. But they have the advantage that they are not blocked like us. Because our mind is too active, so it blocked out many things in order to continue to function. If you know too much about your past life, about what to do next and all that, then it would be wonderful, no? (Yes, it would.) But if you want to know too much about your past life, it might not also be that good. If you know that you were king of this country, and then now you have to work for Supreme Master TV for food only, then I don’t know if you’d be happy to work for two meals a day. (Very happy!) Maybe you might start a revolution to get back your throne, whatever. Who knows? Or if you know the neighbor was your wife, and you go and look at her and say, “My God, so ugly! What to do?” (Yes.)

So, it’s a curse, but it’s also a blessing that we don’t know much. We do day to day. Just like me, one minute after another. One minute to the next, just do what you have to do, in front of you. And pray, meditate, of course. Eat moderately. Like that. (Yes, Master.)

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