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In today’s news, Germany provides humanitarian aid to Armenia, new COVID-19 strain causes slightly different symptoms, world’s largest investor prioritizes climate change, Jane Goodall Institute works to create forest corridors in Uganda, honest Taiwanese (Formosan) man returns lost red envelopes, first vegan preschool to open in Australia, and research furthers understanding of canine-human relationship.

Germany transfers 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Armenia.

Transported by a special flight from the German Defence Ministry, the relief supplies for conflict-affected individuals included medicines and medical equipment, as well as necessities. In addition, two minibuses brought mobility aids to a rehabilitation center. The flight was made possible by the close cooperation of the Embassy of Armenia in Germany, the German-Armenian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Germany, and the “Silva Kaputikyan” Union of German-Armenian Women. Germany is a Shining World Caring Leadership Award and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Wise Governance laureate. Our gratitude, Germany and all involved in this effort. In God’s love, may the gracious people of Armenia live in peace, wellness and happiness.

Symptoms of new COVID-19 strain revealed.

Data from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics has revealed that one of the new highly transmissible forms of COVID-19 that are spreading through the world has a different effect on the body than the original one. It was noted that people affected by the new strain have a lower chance of losing their sense of taste and smell, but have a higher chance of coughing and experiencing fever, muscle aches and a sore throat. There may also be a slightly higher mortality rate, and it is estimated to be between 50 and 70% more transmissible. Thank you, United Kingdom Office for National Statistics, for this important information. In Heaven’s grace, may the pandemic soon subside as human compassion emerges evermore to create a peace-filled vegan world.

Up next on Noteworthy News, world’s largest investor prioritizes climate change. We’ll now thank the crossing guards who direct traffic around construction sites, ensuring the safety of construction workers, pedestrians and passing vehicles. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more foresighted news.

Hi, adorable friends, I’m Quin the vegan Quokka. In my family, we get our energy directly from the sun by eating plant foods. And you should too, ’cause you’ll soon feel strong and alive like us! I would like to share a tip for your loving dogs today. Routinely brushing your dog’s coat not only keeps them clean, but also decreases the amount of shedding, prevents uncomfortable matting, and improves circulation. The number of times you should brush your dog depends on their hair length and coat type. For example, if your dog’s hair is three centimeters in length, then you should be brushing it three times weekly. It is advisable to use a de-shedding brush or rake for dogs with a double coat. This will allow them to stay cool in the summer and prevent matting in the winter. Thank you for tuning in and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world. Now, the global weather.

World’s biggest investor prioritizes climate change.

With more than US$7 trillion in holdings, United States-headquartered assets management firm BlackRock has formalized its commitment to the environment in its recently updated global principles and guidelines. To be put into effect in 2021, these recommendations stipulate that companies in which BlackRock invests have sustainable long-term business models, including a plan to transition to a low-carbon economy. If companies are assessed to be moving without enough speed and urgency towards green goals, the directors of these firms may be held accountable by being voted not to be re-elected. Good decision, BlackRock. May your vision of sustainable investments help shape a more responsible future for our planet, in Divine support.

Renowned British primatologist and conservationist helps create forest corridors in Uganda.

The project is a collaboration between the Jane Goodall Institute, founded by Dame Dr. Jane Goodall, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient, and tree-planting search engine Ecosia, which donates at least 80% of its profits to non-profit groups dedicated to reforestation. Local villagers plant trees in strategic locations that connect patches of forest. The pathways expand habitat and also ensure that groups of chimpanzees do not become isolated. Meanwhile, Ecosia team members use a mobile phone app and satellite imagery that monitor the trees and any disturbances. Best of luck with this fantastic project, Dame Dr. Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall Institute, Ecosia and all participants. May the chimpanzees and all forest inhabitants thrive through a restoration of nature, in the blessings of the Providence.

Upright man in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, finds red envelopes containing money and returns it.

Huang Chi-lung, who is a member of the Taichung Nantung District Environmental Protection Bureau Cleanup Team, was sorting through clothes to be recycled, when he found a number of red envelopes containing in total over US$10,000. The honest man notified his supervisor and they delivered the money to the police. By using receipts also found in the clothing and surveillance camera footage, the owners were located. They are an elderly couple who had been saving the money to be used for retirement and their daughter’s wedding gift. The delighted woman, referred to as Mrs. Zhou, brought a basket of apples to the Cleanup Team to express her gratitude. Our warm praises, Huang Chi-lung and all involved, for doing the right thing. In Heavens’ care, may your lives be blessed as your noble deed inspires many.

Coming up, first vegan preschool to open in Australia. We’ll pause for a moment to check up on the kittens that are under quarantine after returning from their spay and neuter veterinary appointment. We’ll be right back with more thoughtful news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Inspiring News for a Prosperous World.

First vegan preschool to open in Australia.

An all-vegan preschool called Sustainable Play will be opening in Barnsley, Australia, in the latter half of 2021 with an environment that promotes animal-centered ethics. The children, aged three to five, will be served 100% plant-based healthy meals made with in-house grown ingredients. The curriculum will also include Earth-friendly practices like growing vegetable patches, recycling materials, conserving water, preventing food waste, and more. In addition, the preschoolers will have field trips to local farms and national parks. Thank you for the innovative educational program, Sustainable Play. May your plant-based preschool nurture the hearts and minds of many children, thus helping to build a compassionate vegan future, in Celestial radiance.

Study finds dog companions synchronize with their young caregivers.

A study conducted at Oregon State University in the United States examined 30 youths between the ages of eight and 17, and their off-leash family dog companions, as they walked along marked lines in a room. The scientists recorded how much time each child and his/her dog companion were simultaneously still or moving and oriented in the same direction. It was concluded that the caring dogs were indeed paying attention to the youngsters, although they followed the behavior of their adult caregivers even more closely. Such insights could help to improve human-canine relationships and their potential benefits for both parties. Our appreciation, Oregon State researchers. May your work continue to further our understanding of the amazing and precious age-old friendship between dogs and humans.

When you are happy, people around you also feel it. So here is a joke to cheer up your day, it’s called “Family Tree.”

Visiting a genealogist, George asked how much it would cost to have his family tree traced.

“It could cost thousands of dollars.”

“I see. Well, isn’t there an easier way? A less expensive way?”

“Sure. Run for president.”

And now we have a heartline from “A soul You have touched” in Iran:

Dear Master, Your Love melts all things and changes the core of the rocks. I pray from the depth of my soul that You are always protected and proceed on Your mission of deepest Love. Thank You for Your Love. Thank You for Your deepest selfless sacrifice. Humanity will be forever in debt to You. Heavens bless You, Love, “A soul You have touched” from Iran

Gentle Soul, Thank you for your heartline. We pray to Allah for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s health and safety as She continues dedicating Her life for noble purposes.

Master has a reply for you: “Beloved Soul, my thanks to you for your love and well-wishes. I pray to Heavens also to protect and help the world’s people awaken to their own compassionate, benevolent nature soon. May you and the unforgettable Iranian citizens forever find peace and glory in Allah’s Grace.”

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