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In today’s news, Japan supports food security in Lesotho, research finds livestock pig raising linked to higher rates of COVID-19 infections, Dutch engineers test innovative aircraft design, Indian startup introduces coconut leaf drinking straws, dog rescued from bridge in United States, artificial intelligence technology creates vegan beef flavor, and study shows cute animals have stress-relieving powers.

Japan provides food assistance to school children in Lesotho.

The Japanese government, a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Animal Protection and Generosity laureate, donated US$2.3 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that will be used to support the government of Lesotho’s national feeding program. Through the contribution, meals given to 94,000 primary school children and 60,000 pre-primary school children will be diversified by adding items such as highly fortified foods and maize meal. The initiative helps the most vulnerable youngsters, some of whom rely heavily on the program meals for nutrition, especially during this critical period of COVID-19. Our gratitude, Japan and the World Food Programme. May Heaven watch over the precious children of Lesotho, as they grow to become healthy and strong adults.

Studies find industrial pig farming linked with higher COVID-19 infection rates.

Dr. Larissa Mies Bombardi and Pablo Nepomuceno from the University of São Paulo in Brazil and Dr. Immo Fiebrig from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom analyzed the spatial correlation between COVID-19 infections and pig factory farms in Brazil, Germany and the United States. They found increased infection rates near pig farms and hypothesized that the current pig farming industry may intensify the spread of the virus. Pigs can easily catch avian flu and other human influenza viruses at the same time. Consequently, intensive pig farms are incubation laboratories for new diseases and future pandemics. It was also noted that Hubei province, where COVID-19 is widely believed to have originated, is one of China’s five major pork producing areas. Thank you, Dr. Larissa Mies Bombardi, Pablo Nepomuceno and Dr. Immo Fiebrig, for this significant information. In God’s mercy, we implore all humans to end the habit of meat-eating to avert deadly diseases and to elevate our moral and spiritual standard.

Up next on Noteworthy News, Dutch engineers test innovative aircraft design. We’d like to thank the neurosurgeons for their exceptional skill and stamina in their care of the delicate brain, spinal cord and nervous system. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more high-thinking news.

Respectful viewers, I am Georgina the vegan Grey Long Eared Bat. Looking for the best healthy diet and lifestyle? Look no further – vegan is the way to go! I have a handy tip today for you. Keep your magnifying mirror away from windows as they can focus the sun’s rays and cause nearby objects such as curtains, clothing, paper or furniture to catch fire. On a hot day, close your blinds or curtains and place mirrors and other glass objects away from windowsills to avoid fire accidents. Stay safe, everyone. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! And thank you for tuning in. Now the weather around the globe.

New, more efficient jet design successfully takes to the skies.

Engineers from Delft University of Technology and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, both in the Netherlands, have successfully tested a novel jet design which uses 20% less fuel. The V-shaped plane features the cabin, fuel tanks and cargo hold all within the wings of the aircraft. A miniature model of the craft, which has a wingspan of 3.1 meters and weighs 22.5 kilograms, had a successful maiden flight in Germany following extensive wind tunnel and ground tests. The full-scale version of the plane will operate cleanly on hydrogen, have a wingspan of 65 meters, and seat 314 people. Congratulations, Delft University of Technology and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, on your fascinating new airplane design. May your ongoing work lead to a global fleet of evermore eco-friendly aircrafts, in Celestial blessings.

Indian company makes drinking straws from coconut leaves.

Cofounded by Manigandan Kumarappan in 2018, Bengaluru India startup Evlogia Eco Care creates biodegradable straws from fallen coconut leaves, a by-product normally burned. The leaves are collected, washed, dried, sterilized, and then rolled into their final form by rural women employed by the company. Kokos Leafy Straws, as they are called, are sturdier than paper alternatives and can be left in hot beverages for 30 minutes or 6 hours in cold ones. The company exports around the world, helping to keep oceans clean and save countless marine animals from the danger of ingesting plastic straws. What fantastic work, Manigandan Kumarappan and team at Evlogia Eco Care! In God’s love, may we all choose to use such valuable products that consider the wildlife and the planet.

Team effort rescues dog stranded on bridge above turbulent river.

When a dog was spotted on the bottom corner frame of the Natchez-Vidalia bridge 36 meters above the Mississippi River in the United States by a fellow worker, bridge inspection leader Ryan Nataluk sprang into action. After calling the Natchez Police Department for help, Mr. Nataluk, who is an experienced climber, attached himself to a beam and descended to reach the stranded dog, who was in a precarious position. Fashioning a makeshift harness from rope for the dog, the courageous rescuer asked Police Officer John Fenly to help pull her up to safety. Wagging her tail and showing her gratitude, she was then adopted by a local resident, who found out that Bridgette, as she is now called, was pregnant. Bless you, sweet Bridgette, we are so happy you are safe. Congratulations on this excellent teamwork, Ryan Nataluk, Officer John Fenly, and all involved in the rescue of multiple lives! May this story serve as a Divine reminder that we should always come together to save any being in need.

Coming up, artificial intelligence technology creates vegan beef flavor. We now pause for a moment to create a daily to-do list, ensuring that important tasks get completed and nothing is left out. We’ll be right back with more exceptional news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Comforting News for a Reassuring World.

Swiss company uses artificial intelligence to create vegan beef flavor.

Firmenich, the largest privately owned flavor and fragrance company in the world, has collaborated with United States-headquartered technology company Microsoft to create a grilled beef flavor for vegan products. Other new flavors are also being developed in record time due to their use of advanced technology. Firmenich’s Smart Protein portfolio of flavor ingredients can be used by companies to create delectable plant-based items, both savory and sweet, as well as beverages. They could also develop vegan meat products that more accurately mimic the mouthfeel and flavor of their animal-based counterparts. Way to go, Firmenich, for your fast advances supporting the creation of plant-based food and drink alternatives! May your endeavors speed up our transition to a truly harmonious and sustainable future.

Study shows cute animals have stress-relieving powers.

The University of Leeds in the United Kingdom partnered up with Tourism Western Australia to investigate the health benefits of watching cute animal videos. Fifteen students and four staff members experiencing stress watched 30 minutes of adorable animal videos including some of the quokka, an Australian herbivorous marsupial who has been described as the world’s happiest animal. The participants’ heart rates, blood pressure and stress levels all showed significant decreases. Commenting on the results, Elen Thomas, the UK Market Manager for Tourism Western Australia stated, “The study results are a fantastic reminder that we benefit massively from exploring and enjoying the natural world.” Thank you, study researchers, for this heartwarming insight. May humans everywhere appreciate all that animals’ presence does for us and switch to the sensible vegan way of life, in Heaven’s immense grace.

We want to chill you out with a laugh with a joke of the day entitled “Neighborhood Frankness.”

One beautiful morning, Clark walks with a grumpy face to his neighbor:

“Johnson, is that your cat in my garden digging out my carrots?”

“Of course. Do you think I would have time for that?”


And now we have a heartline from Ming-Ye in China:

To Supreme Master TV team, Supreme Master TV has become my source of spiritual nourishment every day. Recently, I have been deeply impressed by the grand performances of the world’s top artists in “Friends of Eternity – A Special Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Cherished Artists.” Why does “being a vegan make peace”? Artists from around the world each used their artistic talents, and shared their personal experiences to illustrate the inseparable connection between the vegan diet and world peace. Watching this program, I was captivated by those simple truths, and often touched by their genuine feelings, as if I were one of them…

When each of these living and lovable animals is killed in a slaughterhouse, it suffers extreme pain and horror. If you were to visit a slaughterhouse, you would see the animals begging for help, shedding tears of misery. When the butcher’s knife penetrates their throats, they instinctively cry out in desperation, as their warm blood, as red as that of humans, spurts from their weak and helpless bodies. Then, they are skinned, their chests ripped open, and bodies dismembered. What a horrifying sight. When their tears and blood run dry, their inner organs are still pulsating. Their silence speaks louder than words! “Do not do unto others what you do not want done unto you.” Let us quietly switch positions and think from their perspective. Perhaps this might awaken a benign heart! When compassion emerges within us and we don’t even have the heart to kill an animal, who would take up weapons to kill another human? The truth is as simple as this. The day the world becomes vegan is the day the world will have peace. Please renounce that morsel of meat. Let peace begin from our dining table, and let the vegan diet begin with our awakening! My gratitude to the Supreme Master Television team for your selfless contribution! My gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai for Your all divine love and blessing! Ming-Ye from China

Awakened Ming-Ye, Thank you so much for sharing your heartbreak and insight into how we can all change to create a world of peace and loving harmony. Our souls want a beautiful world where there is no killing and all live as one, equal, respected, and cherished for our unique individuality as a vibrant living being. May we soon be living together in friendship, sharing the natural abundance God has created on Earth for all. May the Buddhas bless heroic China and its shining people and animals, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master also says: “Beneficent Ming-Ye, you are right that if we mentally put ourselves in the place of an animal trapped in the livestock factory, we can have an understanding of the violence, fear and terror they experience every moment of their lives. Let us pray that people now deeply contemplate how animal food arrives on their plate and decide to stop the killing. Heaven’s mercy to you and agreeable China.”

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It’s been a pleasure having your company on Noteworthy News. May Celestial grace continue to illuminate our world.

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