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Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra: Contemplating the Karmic Conditions of Beings, Part 6 of 6, Aug. 09, 2015

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I hope this really drives into the minds of the people, to really understand that hells really exist. They even have names. So that they will be careful of what they're doing. So the Earth Store Bodhisattva won't have to be so diligently working hard to save them.


"To those who oppose their parents, He says that being killed in natural disasters will be the retribution." Just to oppose your parents. Make them sad and feeling hurt, when the children are disobedient, and do bad things. So you will die in natural disasters. "To arsonists," the ones who burn houses and forests for no reason, "who burn mountains and forests, He says that trying to take one's own life in the confusion of insanity will be the retribution." Cause and effect. Wow! You would never think, die in disaster because of opposing the parents. Probably in such a strong way, violent way or something. "To cruel parents or stepparents," Oh! Also, "He says that being flogged in future lives will be the retribution." Being beaten by cane.

"To those who net and trap animals, He says that being separated from one's own relatives will be the retribution. To those who slander the Three Jewels," Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, "He says that being blind, deaf, or mute will be the retribution. To those who slight the Dharma, and regard the teachings with arrogance," means looking down upon the Dharma with arrogance "He says that remaining in the bad paths forever will be the retribution." No one can rescue you. Bad paths, meaning hell and all that, or suffering way of life. "To those who destroy or misuse possessions of the eternal dwelling," ashram of the Buddha, "He says that revolving in the hells for billions of eons will be the retribution." That is too much. The Buddha normally doesn't care about possessions. If they take it, the Buddha probably would say, "Yeah, it's OK." So how can someone come along and punish this person in hell for eons? That's too much, isn't it? Too much, right? Too much. (One day is enough.) Yeah. Probably one day in hell seems eternal also. Still, I feel it's too much. People who take and misuse possessions is not much, whatever, the Buddha, sangha can't have that much. I guess, I told you before, it's just because they harm the whole world and the universe by harming the Buddha and the sangha. Make them suffer of hunger, thirst or lacking of things, so they're not able to continue the teaching. That's why, maybe that's why. Because it's multiplied by all the people that might benefit from the Buddha when He's well and healthy, or has enough strength to continue. That's why, all the sangha, perhaps that's why. It's multiplied by the beings that benefit from the Buddha and the sangha. It's not about the material things that they take. Because the Buddha and sangha don't have that much, and they rely on whatever is offered to them. And if that's taken away also, like medicine, or whatever they need, then, this will be too much for the Buddha and the sangha. If for us, we can go out and buy a new one, but for Buddha, He can't.

"To those who defile the pure conduct of others and bear false witness against members of the sangha …" He says sangha, meaning monks, the assembly of virtuous people. "He says that remaining in the animal realm forever will be the retribution. To those who scald, burn, behead, maim or otherwise harm beings," other beings, didn't say animals or humans, I guess both, depends. To harm human beings is worse, of course. "He says that undergoing repayment in kind will be the retribution." You'll be treated the same in hell. I mean a long time, not just one time. "To those who violate precepts and the regulations of pure eating, He says that being born as birds or beasts that must suffer hunger and thirst will be the retribution." Keep the vegan diet. (Yes.) That's the meaning. "To those who make unprincipled and destructive use of things, He says that being unable to ever obtain what they seek will be the retribution." So every cause has an effect. And He just explained to them why you have to do good. Because if you do a bad thing, the consequence will be like that. Now you know the precepts are like that, so stop the future consequences. We can do past mistakes. From now, don't. That's what it is. "To those who make …" No, sorry. "To the arrogant and haughty, He says that being servile." Servile? Means servant stuff. "Or low station will be the retribution. To those who use back-biting to cause discord among others, He says that being tongue-less or having speech impediments will be the retribution. To those with deviant views, He says that being reborn in underdeveloped regions will be the retribution." Meaning the wrong view, incorrect view.

"The bad habits involving body, speech and mind (bad) karma, that beings of Jambudvipa perpetuate, result in hundreds of thousands of retributions, similar like those above. I have listed only a few examples here. Since the karma created by beings of Jambudvipa calls forth different responses, Earth Store Bodhisattva uses hundreds of thousands of convenient means, expedient means, to teach and transform them. Those beings must first undergo retributions such as those, and then fall into the hells where they pass through eons without being able to escape. You should therefore protect people, and protect nations. Do not allow the accumulation of karma to confuse beings. Even if the Bodhisattva transforms them, they still must undergo retributions, and then fall into hells, where they pass through eons without being able to escape. So He said to the Four Heavenly Kings, 'You must therefore protect people, and protect nations, so that they don't commit too much accumulation of karma that will confuse them.' On hearing that, the Four Heavenly Kings wept in sorrow …" Even Heavenly Kings wept. "… placed their palms together, paid obeisance and withdrew. Who wouldn't be sorrowful? OK, all right. That's enough of hell for now. The "hell of it" is enough. Next time, OK? (Yes. Thank You, Master. Thank You for reading it.) It's very interesting, but, another time. You also need to rest and meditate. Too much hell is no good. Another time, yeah? Because there is something that how come the king Yama of hell is being…they are praising, praising whom. They're talking from the Ring Mountain, Iron Ring Mountain, from hell. Ah, they go to the Buddha and praise Him. Interesting. Maybe next time. Whet your appetite, next time. Thank you very much for … (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for being good listeners. I hope this really drives into the minds of the people, to really understand that hells really exist. They even have names. So that they will be careful of what they're doing. So the Earth Store Bodhisattva won't have to be so diligently working hard to save them. I mean, we can do many things. Why always make the Bodhisattva and Buddha work so hard? We can, we understand, and we should. We should keep the precepts.


Thank you very much. I wish you good rest. Good meditation and good rest. Everybody does good things. Somebody in Taipei, they aired "The Real Love," and the whole city rejoiced, and all the newspapers and media wrote very positively. Everything is good. Good for them. Whoever rejoices in some of my poetry has some good for them, good merit. All right. I will ask Earth Store Bodhisattva to write down the record of their good deeds. (Thank You, Master.) Goodbye. Good night. (Good night.) Good night. (Good night.) Good night. (Good night.) See you later. (Good night, Master.) Good night. Yeah. Good. Good night. (Good night, Master.) (I love You, Master.) Thank you. (We love You, Master.) Love you.


All have translation? (Yes.) Taiwanese (Formosan)? (Korean) Do you have translation? You can hear it? (Yes.) I'm relieved. I remembered you. (Master, beautiful.) Thank you very much. Korean? How to say beautiful in Korean? (Areumdawoyo.) Areumdawoyo. (Areumdawoyo.) Woman and man same? (Yes.) Areumdawoyo. (Areumdawoyo.) Areumdawoyo. (I love You, Master.) Py-O-Tu. (Py-O-Tu.) (I love You.)


Maybe, if you have enough merit also. Not like I don't try. Merit, must have more merit, more meditation, more prayers. More merit, from everybody, internationally. I can do 99%, but 1% of merit I need from you. All of you together, 1%. And if not enough, then trouble. Maybe someday. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you. Are you scared? Listening to Bodhisattva's. You scared? (Yes.) Not scared? Yes, scared. So behave, be good. Think good, be good, do good. Then no problem with hell. Sleep good. (Love You.) Love you too, love you. Py-O-Tu.

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