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Be God's Perfect Tool to Bless The World (Part 2 of 2) Nov 11, 2017

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Talking is also tiring. You dispense your energy, so talk less. The less you talk, the better you conserve your inside power. OK? Not just spiritual power here. Psychic power. Psychic power includes hearing power, seeing power, and knowing power. Some of you develop more, some less. Because talking too much, everything goes out. And by the way, I thank all the Supreme Master TV staff again. The ones who work in the main office, and the ones who work outside in the world. I thank you for your time, your dedication, your sacrifice. Sometimes some people left because they still have desire to be somebody in the world. 
I treasure my staff because they work behind the screen; nobody knows them. I don’t want anybody to know them because once they’re known, they’ll be snatched up quickly, and I have nobody anymore then. I treasure them very much, so I shield them from harms, different kinds. And sometimes they leave because they want to be this or that person in the society and earn money, so that they can take care of their future, wife or whatever, if they even have any. 
I said the job that you wanted to do, everyone else can do it if they learned. But the job that you’re doing here, money cannot pay; money cannot buy, and it’s greater than any job you can have in the world. You do great things; you help billions of beings daily, at least millions. You make them happy; you make them smile; and maybe you lead them to liberation if they come to us. Or even leading them to find another Master. No matter what, wake the soul up, so that they think of spirituality and free themselves. Doesn’t matter with me or not with me, and not to talk about the blessing through the screen every day. I have to look at all the hosts before it comes out. I check; now I do that. And then I look at all the hosts and make sure they have enough blessing power. Before, they didn’t show the hosts a lot. They even just gave a voice and no face, nothing. Or they showed the face very little, or the face was too old, didn’t go on screen. I use them all. Before going out on the screen, they are loaded with blessing power so that whoever looks at them on the screen, the outsider people there get the blessing they need or that they can assimilate. That’s what I told them now. I keep telling them before, but they didn’t do it. So, I have to keep reminding, reminding, to put the hosts’ images out more and don’t hide them. Because the news is just the news, OK? Other people are just other people, but my hosts, they’re instruments of blessing to the world. That’s why we’re doing it. That’s why I make myself also look beautiful because attractive images attract people to look more. It’s good for you, but not too good for me. Make up is a troublesome thing, and blessing people is not fun. It’s good, and I love to do it and am willing to.
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