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Between Master and Disciples

Heavens’ Revelations About Future World Events, Part 5 of 5, Feb. 19, 2023

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The soul will never die, just the body changes, so do not be too afraid. (OK, Master.) Just live your life as normal; just more intensely praying, meditating, and helping others. That’s all you can do for this time in our history. (Understand, Master. Understand.) Don’t worry too much. All this could change, we are working on it. We’re working on it. Heaven and my humble self, do what we can, so that this 2027-2031, will not happen the way it’s supposed to happen.

The soul will not die, ever. It’s just the human souls or animal-people souls are still trapped in many layers of so-called bodies. So even if the physical bodies are gone, the astral bodies are still there and will still be punished in hell – horribly. You cannot imagine the punishment there, whoever has to go to hell. But… oh God. But they don’t know it, that is the problem. They’re so blind… so blindfolded, that they don’t know Heavens, they don’t know hell. And they just do anything, thinking there’s no consequences and my heart cannot continue to bear all this. Because if humanity is wiped out en masse at the same time, it’s very difficult to help their souls. It’s very difficult to rescue their souls if they all go en masse like that. It’s said that they will be “wiped out” – it’s the words of Heaven, not mine. “Wiped out.” Seventy-two percent, my God. I mean, the first half of it and then the next half is coming. And that’s it! Goodbye, planet Earth, 2047, we’ll be all gone! It’s not about going. You, the initiates, will go to Heaven, but other people will suffer no end in hell. My God! Oh! I pray so much! But I don’t know if anything will help anymore.

The situation is just like when doctors and nurses want to help the patient, but the patient doesn’t do anything that he is supposed to do in order to get well. The patient has to also cooperate with the medical personnel in order to get well. He has to take the prescribed medicine, has to trust the doctors, has to be willing to cooperate, to fight with the doctors in order to defeat the disease, which is ravaging his body. We don’t have that much cooperation from the world people. The animal-people cannot do much, but the world people can. They are given all the capabilities, intelligence and tools to make peace between themselves and with the co-inhabitant animal-people, but they’re just not doing it. They are not doing it. Some, but the percentage is so low. Just take the medicine. Just be vegan, my God. It’s not even about God or spirituality. It’s scientifically proven that going vegan will save you, save your lives, save your loved ones, and save your planet. Please just go vegan, be repentant, make peace and do good deeds.

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So, save whatever you can and be as independent as possible. Because you might need to be in that position, in that spirit of self-cultivation, self-harvesting and taking care of yourself so that you can survive in some cases. The world people are so crazy. You can imagine that there’s such a crazy person in the Kremlin. And in the whole country, there are so many military people, so many strong people and they could not even defeat one crazy person, and people just keep following him and die in hundreds of thousands in a foreign land, in Ukraine (Ureign), for example. (Yes, Master.) That’s how things happen. Even like Hitler – also the whole country followed him until he fell. (Yes.) So, anything could happen in this crazy world because of karma. So be ready, be prepared, in case I fail also. I mean, in case the group, our group, the Heaven group, fails because of too big karma. (Understand, Master.)

But because Heaven also told me, “Do not lose Your hope to save Your world,” so I’m keeping that hope alive. Even weak, like a small flame, but it can spread to a bigger flame. For example, you have just one small candle, but if you have wood, leaves and dry things, burnable things in the garden, you can use that candle to make a big fire. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, I keep that flame alive. And so should you and so should the disciples. We are not as many as the whole world, but we must try. We must have faith in God, in justice, in our own purity and goodness, and in our unconditional love for humankind and other people, other beings on this planet. We pray and we meditate as much as possible. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Nothing is as important as your meditation and prayers, especially nowadays – everyone should remember that.

Your time is precious, more precious now than ever. Please, do not neglect your duty, like praying for the world, meditating for yourself and for the world as well. We do share the merit, the blessing of meditation that God bestows through us. So, whatever we do spiritually, sincerely, it will help the world. I mean, maybe not the whole world, because this time is the time of real cleansing. It’s supposed to be the Golden Age but not too many are fit to live in it. So that’s how the world may be destroyed. The world is wiping out all humanity. That’s what They told me. (Wow.) Anyway, I hope I’m wrong. And moreover, I hope we will win, the Positive Power people will win, with God’s Blessing, God’s Grace and God’s Mercy. (Yes, Master.) Amen. Pray for that. (Yes, Master. We’ll pray so. Thank You, Master.) (We will fight until the very end with You, Master.) Yes. What you are doing is fighting also – without weapons. We don’t need any weapons. We don’t want any. (Yes, Master.)

The world, they spend crazily – billions, trillions, all the time now, just to make killing weapons instead of spending it to uplift people, and to help the poor and the needy. How many people would benefit from that if war never happens, if all these weapons are never produced, and all that money goes to the needy people? Then we would never have any poverty in this world to start with. (Yes. Yes, Master.) But they do. My God. Any country, even the richest country, also has homeless and destitute, poor people.

But they spend billions and trillions even, just to keep making these murderous, destructive weapons. Why is that? Our world is beautiful. We don’t need anything except whatever God gave us already. We have enough for everyone. Why keep killing? Why fight? So they must be crazy or possessed by demons. (Yes, Master.) That’s what it is. There’s no sense, is there? (No, Master. No sense at all.) Nobody can believe that now, in the 21st century, they’re still fighting, still killing, with no remorse, no repentance, no sorrow, nothing! They don’t have a heart. They don’t have love. They only have demons in them. That’s how they can do it. Or what else? Can you explain it to me? Can you? (No, Master.)

We will fight till the end. (Yes, Master.) Yes. One more thing I want to say, even to the disciples only, or for whoever listens: Please don’t mind, don’t care – just be virtuous, be good, and even if you die, it’s just a change of clothes. But if you’re not virtuous, not conscientious, not moral, then you should be worried, because hell will be waiting to clean you up. And it could take long, long, long, long, long decades or a millennium even. So just make sure that you’re worthy of Heaven’s loving, caring Mercy and Grace. That’s all we should worry about. So even if we die, it’s just changing clothes. You’ll be OK. The soul will never die, just the body changes, so do not be too afraid. (OK, Master.) Just live your life as normal; just more intensely praying, meditating, and helping others. That’s all you can do for this time in our history. (Understand, Master. Understand.)

Don’t worry too much. All this could change, we are working on it. We’re working on it. Heaven and my humble self, do what we can, so that this 2027-2031, will not happen the way it’s supposed to happen. (Understand, Master. Thank You, Master.) And if it happens, then it happens. Our souls will never die anyway, especially for the initiates, you will be liberated, you will go to Tim Qo Tu’s Land, and you’ll be happy. (Thank You, Master.) Even if you are not high enough to go there, you can go to some lesser Heaven and then slowly go up, the initiated people. My initiates. I don’t know about other people’s initiates. I just can only promise my own initiates can go to Tim Qo Tu’s Land, sooner or later. (Thank You, Master.)

OK, any other comments or questions? Anything at all? (Thank You, Master, for sharing. We hope that the horrific event will not happen; the Positive Force will win, Master will win, and that humanity will survive. We stand with Master to win.)

God bless you. I thank you for working diligently for the noble cause. (Thank You, Master. We love You, Master.) This is what we can do to help others, ourselves, and our relatives, our generations – whomever we can. May God bless us all. Amen. (Amen.) Till next time, my love. (Thank You, Master. Love You, Master. Take care, Master.)

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