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Between Master and Disciples

King Solomon and the Three Brothers, Part 4 of 4, Mar. 25, 2022

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They lost the chance of thousands or millions or eons of lifetimes to be finally liberated from this devil’s circle, and they just failed it. Such a pity! They already met the Guide who could take them Home, but did not listen, did not want to, did not follow. Truly pitiful! And all the gold in the world, cannot even exchange for that chance. Anybody who knows it truly would feel very, very regretful or feel sorry for those kinds of people.

Alright, my love. Anything you want to ask about this story? Or any comments, or any wisdom you have learned? So quick, even though you didn’t return to me any gold but you can tell me.

(Well, it just seems, Master, he got the better deal. The three brothers were supposed to get three [pieces of] wisdom. But he alone got all three [pieces of] wisdom.) No! Actually, the three brothers should have all three, each one of them, if they stayed. (Oh.) Not like each one have one wisdom. No. It’s not that. (Ah, OK.) Any of them can return the gold and have the three pieces of wisdom. But the two brothers were tired. Maybe his wife had emailed him and told them, “You come back home now, or else.”

Anyway, there are many reasons why people prefer physical richness to enlightening wisdom. (Yes, Master.) Because we are so punished, tortured, and harassed on this planet, in this physical domain. And people just have to worry about their survival. (Yes, Master.)

Thirteen years, and when they learned nothing, you can’t blame them, either. (No, Master. That’s right.) Thirteen years, with the wife telephoning or emailing every day. How can they bear it? “Have you got anything yet? Have you? Come back home quick, then. Otherwise, there are some neighbors who were looking at me the other day.” Thirteen years is a long time to be with a Master and learn nothing.

But they didn’t know the story of Milarepa, that’s why. If they were born a little bit later, they would know the story of Milarepa, and then they would not complain. Because Milarepa had more hardship than them. (Yes.) King Solomon did not ask them to build one house after another and tear it up and build another one (Yes, Master.) like Milarepa’s Master. (That’s right.)

But both these stories are similar because the disciple has to wait a long time in order to get something. And finally, the King wanted to give it to them. Because 13 years is long. So, the King thought, “Oh, OK. It’s about time. I should reward them with something.” But the King knows so well human psychology. He brought gold out first. Oh! And gold glittering like that.

For 13 years they have been almost like slaves. (Yes, Master.) They have been like “small potatoes” there, eating whatever was given, and working with everybody long hours without anything, and learned nothing. So, of course, they gave in. (Yes.) It’s human weakness. (Yes.) If the King was more merciful, taught them earlier and let them go back to their wives and kids. Only wife, I think no kids. That’s why. I didn’t see any kids, any children in here, so probably they don’t mention but maybe they had also.

So, you cannot really blame them. (No, Master.) Not like immediate enlightenment. Do nothing, get it right away. Some still don’t even believe it; and some even come in for different purposes and don’t even get wisdom. (Right.) But they didn’t have to return any gold, so they lost nothing.

They lost the chance of thousands or millions or eons of lifetimes to be finally liberated from this devil’s circle, and they just failed it. Such a pity! They already met the Guide who could take them Home, but did not listen, did not want to, did not follow. Truly pitiful! And all the gold in the world, cannot even exchange for that chance. Anybody who knows it truly would feel very, very regretful or feel sorry for those kinds of people. (Yes, Master.) Too dumb, too stupid, too ignorant. But they’ve been in the world too long, life after life, and habit-forming that they should just chase after material things ‒ gold, silver, house, kids and wife, whatever.

But you see, the Bible says, “Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and all the things shall be added unto you.” (Yes, Master.) Maybe King Solomon also gave him initiation, not just the three things that the King knew before they departed, that there will be such and such trouble on their journey, so he told him these three things. This is just extra. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t sound a lot. He knew in advance that the people will be like that and will die. So he told. But they didn’t want to listen. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And even second hand knowledge from the younger brother, they also did not listen. Luckily, the younger brother understood. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Maybe the King (Solomon) gave him enlightenment also – initiation. (Yes.)

According to His life, His doings and all the wise things that He said, He was an enlightened king and Master. But unluckily for these two brothers, they did not recognize that. They thought they just went there, just repeating whatever from the Torah and tried to learn it by heart, or can learn or not. That’s all. They didn’t think the King had something else, which is not written, cannot be written, and cannot be read, cannot be assimilated by the brain or by the mind. (Yes.) That’s why. So, the little brother was wiser. He came back for wisdom. So, it’s not these three things only.

These three things are just common sense that the King reminded the brothers to be cautious. That’s all. (Yes.) Common sense. You should do that. The King knew in advance. That’s why. But these are not the things that are worth the gold. (Right. Yes, Master.) It is, of course, because it saved the little brother’s life, but it’s not that. It’s not just that.

After 13 years, the King would have wanted to give them initiation. Just like Milarepa, after so much hardship and trouble, then finally, the Master gave Him initiation, the real initiation. Even He tried to steal it sneakily behind the Master’s back, He didn’t get anything. He went there for cheating the other disciples and wanted to get initiation. They gave Him but He had nothing. And that’s how they knew that maybe it’s not from the Master’s permission, because the Master’s wife just wrote a letter telling them to do it. (Yes.) But it’s not from the Master. (Yes, that’s right.) So, you see, even the wife, day after day, night after night, together with the Master, for years, for decades, or a whole lifetime, and witnessed so many initiation ceremonies, she still did not have any power to give Milarepa anything. (Yes, Master.) Because the Master did not agree. Did not permit. (Right. Yes.) That’s why.

I told you, it’s similar to the two so-called disciples. They went out and did it (initiation) by themselves. Gave people nothing. Not only that, they lost their own merit of the initiation. (Yes, Master.) Lost everything. And almost lost their lives. One did. The other one survived, maybe because he repented sincerely, but still has not recovered. (Yes, Master.) It is not I who decides anything, not I alone. There are many people who work in the Universal different departments.

Like even if I have a company, we have an accountant. If you want money you have to go to the accountant, for example. (Right. Yes.) And even then, with my permission, because it’s my company, my money. (Yes, Master.) Even though I don’t manage the money, but it’s all mine. (Right.) Everybody has their share and the rest is mine. I have to use it for the poor people, for Supreme Master Television, for awards, for anything. For our expenses, repairing and maintenance, buying equipment. All kinds of stuff. (Right. Yes, Master.) You know everything little thing adds up. (Yes, Master.)

So, it’s not like you just learn the oral method and then you go out and you can teach anybody. At the time of initiation, you were told not to. (That’s right. Right, Master.) And you should listen, and obey the Master’s instructions, otherwise, you harm yourself. We explain that. But some people’s egos are too big and ambitious. (Yes.) Wild ambitions; want to be famous, want to be called Master and all that stuff. So stupid. These are all empty words. It serves nothing, serves nobody. So stupid. You see that and you know how big their ego is and how lowly their ambition is.

Why don’t you just ask the Master? (Right.) Unless Heaven told you. Like in the case of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, Heaven told Him. See that? (Yes.) Heaven sent Angel Gabriel to tell Him. And He became a Prophet by Heaven’s decree, not that He wanted it. He did not even know what it was. (Yes.)

I also never thought I would be a Master, in the beginning. (Yes, Master.) Only afterward, Heaven kept telling me, and people kept seeking me out, telling me that their master, their angel told them to come here, go there, to search for me. They had never been there before. (Yes.) How did they even know where I was? (Right.) Like, for example, in New York City. New York City is not small. (No. Right, Master.) I lived in such a small temple in Queens even. It wasn’t next to the UN (United Nations) headquarters or something, that every day everybody passes by and knows. Famous or not, in Queens, there are many ghettos there. It is not a very posh quarter.

Alright then. Any other comments, or takeaways? Hallo, wake up. No? (No, Master. No more comments, Master.) No more, but at least you could say something. That wakes me up. I was also kind of dozing. Sometimes I’m more sleepy than at other times. Because sometimes Heaven told me I have to go to do some conference. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Many things I have to do. Many things. Not just physical work. (Yes. Right, Master.)

OK, my love. If nothing, then I guess the story is very straightforward. (Yes, Master. Yes, it is.) You understood. (Yes, Master.) You see, we should seek knowledge, wisdom, and then we even have gold. (Yes. That’s right.) And you have wisdom anyway. You learn it every day. (Yes.) From different ways, inside and outside. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.)

But first, learn the outside initiation; it will help you to learn inside. (Yes.) Without that, it’s difficult to learn inside. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) Even though you sleep, you meditate, the Master is always teaching you. (Right.) But some are heavy, with such heavy karma, and so mundane that it takes so much time, and some cannot be done. (Right.) You know already those stories. (Yes, Master.)

The cat-people understand me. Whenever I see one, I talk to them. They know. (Wow.) My dog-people know everything. For example, when they were with me before, I was kind of caressing them and telling them lovey dovey things. And then suddenly I said, “OK, I have to go meditate now,” they immediately stood up and went to their beds. (Oh. Wow!) Immediately! I mean, immediately. (Wow!) They went there and also meditated – their type of meditation. (Yes.) After a while “Zzzzz.” I said, “Looks just like my disciples.”

OK, my love. Now then, if you don’t want anymore, I let you go to sleep. Until next time. (Thank You, Master.) Good night. You’re welcome. (Goodnight, Master.) God Bless. (God Bless, Master.) (God protect Master.) Love. Love.

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