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King Solomon and the Three Brothers, Part 3 of 4, Mar. 25, 2022

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This wife, she knew the truth, but she was just yelling it to shut him up. (Yes, Master.) She knows that her husband did not kill the two brothers, but she just said that when she lost the argument. She used a tactic like that. So, after the king’s order, they got him and brought him all the way to the execution area.

In the morning, early morning, the youngest brother woke up, rode the horses, continued on the road that the two brothers were supposed to be going on yesterday. But then he found only both of their bodies. (Oh.) And the youngest brother, he banged himself on the floor and was crying so much, so much, so much, and was so heartbroken. And then finally he dug a big hole and wrapped the two brothers and buried them there. (Oh.) And he took the two brothers’ gold and continued on his way.

After a while, the sun came out and all the snow melted. Thus, there was a river on his way, that became full of water. (Yes.) And even covered all of both sides of the shore. Covered very high. So, he stayed there, and waited for the water to recede. (Yes.)

While he was waiting, he saw many of King Solomon’s workers walking towards him with two horses, loaded with a lot of gold. With gold in bags. So, they asked him, “Why are you not going through the river? Why you are not crossing the river?” He said, “Because the river is full of water. It overflows the bank with water.” (Yes.) The two workers of Solomon heard that, but they did not care. (Oh.) So they tried to find many ways to cross the river. And then the river took them away. (Oh.) With the strong water current, they were gone. They drowned.

Oh, the kid, the youngest brother, waited, waited, waited until the water receded, and then took also all that gold that was still on the river bed. And he continued going home, and was very safe.

The wives of the two brothers… My God. What wives? Waiting 13 years long. (Wow.) Such a wife you wish you have, boys? Bad luck. Now you’re too busy. No wives ever want you. Same with me, I don’t want any wives either. Too busy, man. I don’t know, the longer we work, the more busy we become. Many extra things keep coming, that’s why. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Like, this story or some of the stories in here, I wanted to read you a long time ago but we always entangle with other things. (Yes.) There’s always emergency stuff. (Yes, Master.)

Alright. So, now... The two wives of the two bigger brothers saw him coming back, and then they went to visit him and asked about their husbands. So he had no heart to tell them the issue, the incident, so he told them, “My two brothers still stay with the king to continue studying.” And after that he began to take care of his own business. He bought some farming fields and maybe grape fields, and then he bought a house, and many animal-people. All that.

One time, his wife was very, very curious and asked him, “My dear husband, please tell me, where did you acquire so much gold from like this?” So he slapped his wife in the face and said, “It’s none of your business.” (Oh. Wow.) Don’t do that to any of your wives. Because you don’t have any. But I guess he wanted to cut it clean, (Yes.) so that she never will bother him again about that. But many, many other times, she still continued flattering him, lovey-dovey, trying all the woman’s vices, woman’s badness, to ask him again, again and again. So finally, he could not bear it, so he told her. (Oh.) I guess in one of those lovey-dovey sessions. Men always get soften. So he told her everything. (Oh.)

One day, both of them argued with each other somehow, and the wife kind of lost, could not win in the argument, so she screamed out loud, she yelled, she said, “Hey, both of your brothers are elder and you still can kill them, you can murder them, not to talk about me. One day you will kill me also.” (Wow. Oh.) She yelled very loud like that. (Oh, wow.) So, the two elder brothers’ wives heard that. They went up to the king and told the king, reported to the king. So, the king ordered to catch this man, the youngest brother, in order to kill him, because he’s a robber and a murderer. Robbing things, robbing gold from the two brothers, and even killed them.

But he didn’t kill them. You know, right? (Right, Master.) They killed themselves. They didn’t listen to the king’s wise advice. (Right.) Yeah, this is the problem with the ego, they think they’re elder, they know everything better than the younger one, and then they didn’t want to listen to him, because that’s the way they think. They are elder. And they also probably feel bad, like, they took the gold, and he took the advice, and he even did not tell them. (Yes.) All that, and took all kinds of things together. So they just left, and then it was bad luck – they died in the storm, the snowstorm. (Yes.)

And this wife, she knew the truth, but she was just yelling it to shut him up. (Yes, Master.) She knows that her husband did not kill the two brothers, but she just said that when she lost the argument. She used a tactic like that. So, after the king’s order, they got him and brought him all the way to the execution area.

But before, he got to the execution area, he told the executioner, “Please, please, I beg you, let me just report something to the king one last time. And then you can still kill me.” So, they brought him to the king. And he bowed, he prostrated in front of the king and said, “Your majesty, long before, there were three brothers who came here to learn the Torah with you. I was the youngest one who has returned the gold and was lucky to be taught personally by you with three wise advices.”

So, the king immediately understood what has happened. (Oh!) So, he said, “Oh, all right. Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. The gold that you have picked up from your brothers, and also from my workers, my slaves – all are yours. You can keep them. You go back home now and enjoy. Enjoy the good life with the woman that you love.”

What kind of woman that you can love? Lucky that I don’t have this kind of woman that I love. I told my dog-people, “Oh, you’re my beautiful girl, the girl I love.” And they like that. The eyes are twinkling, and the smile on the face. Showing the fangs. I say, “OK. Shut it. It’s too scary when you smile. Please don’t smile.”

“So, at that time, King Solomon uttered two sentences,” that later people recorded, in a book of idioms. In that book, they have many, many wise verses. (Yes.) And these two sentences that were uttered by the king at this time were written in it as well. So, “He was uttering these two sentences.” “You want to hear them? (Yes, Master. Please.) No, you don’t. You do? (Yes, we do. Yes, we want.) I’m just teasing you. “He said, ‘To be wise is better than to have gold. To have high knowledge is better than silver.’” That’s it. (Wow.)

And the story ends here. (Thank You, Master. Very nice story, Master.) Yeah. That’s good so. In your case, I would say, “To have wisdom is better than peanuts.” Better than sandwiches, or pancakes, or soup. Never mind. We need both. (Yes.) We need wisdom, and soup, and sandwiches, and pancakes, at the same time. (Yes, we do. Yes.) If we’re hungry, we cannot listen to anything.

Right, I hope you were not hungry when you listened to this story? (No, Master.) You have eaten, right? (Yes, Master.) And the food is still OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) You need some new chef or something? (No, Master. We’re fine.) Or you can roll up your sleeves and show them. It’s OK. We eat to live. (Yes.) To continue surviving, so that we can do some work. (Yes, Master.)

There is a note about this idiom here. Some of them are here, but I’m tired now. Next time, maybe. (Yes, Master.) Because an idiom is difficult to translate. (Yes, Master. Understand.) You have to know the nuance, and the meaning behind the lines, and all that. (Right, yes. Yes, Master.)

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