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If You Plant It, It Will Grow! – With Nafsika Antypas (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Nafsika Antypas is a TV show host, certified health coach and a loving mother with a golden heart. Nafsika went vegan while her children were still young and embraced the lifestyle wholeheartedly, to the point where it became her fulltime occupation to share the countless benefits of a compassionate change with all beings. Her passion to inspire others to experience a plant-based way of life has resulted in a TV series called “Plant-Based by Nafsika,” a line of vegan products, and a non-profit organisation against violence. Nafsika’s own shift to a plant-based diet gave her a natural ability to relate to others who were unsure on how to take the necessary steps towards a vegan lifestyle change.

'If you plant it - it will grow' is Nafsika’s motto created for her TV show. "So, this motto I came up with when I launched the TV series. So 'If you plant it, it will grow.' It means to me planting seeds, helping them grow, feeding the plant, you know, blossoming, growing. So that’s how I see my life, but, what everyone is doing in veganism, in the vegan movement, basically, we’re all planting seeds, we’re all helping it grow. It’s a movement. So, I think all together we can, you know, help this movement grow even more. And that was the idea with the TV show. I was trying to find ways to instill I mean, different I guess, topics and beliefs and everything to people, to the viewers that are watching and very casually get them to open up to this type of plant-based vegan lifestyle."

Nafsika’s passion is not only for the well-being of other humans, her empathy towards animal-people compelled her to start a non-profit organization called 'People Against Violence.' We asked Nafsika about its beginnings and if compassionate food choice was a factor relating to violence and one’s state of mind. "Absolutely. So, when I went vegan, one of the first things I did is, I created this charity, this non-profit called 'People Against' and well, 'People Against Violence org.' And we have a certified counselor to help people more about domestic issues, you know, involving violence. But we also talk about veganism, we promote veganism, because, you know if you want to have, a peaceful and compassionate you know, world, then people should go vegan, that’s my thought on it."

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