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Kate Strong, Surpassing Barriers and Leaving Footsteps of Love, Part 1 of 2

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“My name is Kate Strong. I help individuals and corporations to remove the glass ceiling off their potential, so they can live a thriving and sustainable life.” Vegan role model Kate Strong is a living example that anyone can be ordinary and extraordinary in the same breadth. Her down-to-earth attitude is coupled with high altitude goals and dreams. As a triathlete, mentor and entrepreneur, Kate takes on the mind set of “Use your talents to empower yourself. Be independent, then help others do the same.” Not only does Kate “talk the talk” but she also “walks the walk” with a gold medal finish at the “Weihai ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships” in 2014. “We need to really connect our minds. We need to connect our hearts, and do what we know is best for ourselves. If we all center ourselves, and if we all look after ourselves, ultimately, the world will be a better place because no one would be ill.” “I truly believe that we can all live an abundant life, whilst also leaving the world a better place, both environmentally, socially, and economically. So, by living my life that ‘every being thrives,’ it’s important for me to vocalize how to do that.” Kate Strong lives a highly active life, showing others through example that a plant-based wholefoods diet is healthy, tasty and available in every corner of the world. Kate’s encouraging support of staying in a positive frame of mind and living for the moment inspires many followers to let go of old habits and embrace a higher way of life. She teaches that we are the only ones who can change ourselves today, and not to wait for outside circumstances to change first. With this mindset, the outside circumstances change automatically.
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