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If You Plant It, It Will Grow! – With Nafsika Antypas (vegan), Part 2 of 2



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"A lot of people are worried that they’re going to miss their cheese and they’re going to miss their meat. This is the only reason why I enlarged Nafsika’s Garden, so that people can not worry about that. They can just try it and you have nothing to lose, they just try it. And so, when you try it with your food some people don’t even know that it’s vegan actually."

The multi-talented Nafsika not only started the non-profit organization “People Against Violence,” to promote peace and provide support and resources to help victims around the world, she also created another wonderful personal safety app called “uAlert,” that anyone can download onto their smart device and use it in any country.

In this critical era of global pandemics Nafsika shared her message to the countries’ leaders looking for the most effective pathway out of our planetary crisis. "Help everyone go vegan, promote veganism, because we wouldn’t have a pandemic if everyone were vegan. When you’re not eating meat, you’re reducing your chances of getting any kind of you know, disease of any kind, there’s so many things in there in meat there’s those antibiotics, there’s hormones, there’s, you know, I mean, there’s cancer in there, you know, it’s like so many things. So, I think if the countries really care about their people, they should promote a plant-based diet."

Nafsika’s positive message is echoed by our benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai, who shared Her wisdom with everyone at the Ahimsa and the Environment Conference, in October this year. "Then of course, by consuming these dead animal-people products, not only our soul will recognize it as unbefitting, cruel, wicked and devilish, but also our physical body will revolt. And then, sicknesses come… Let’s pray for the quick rescuing of our planet and that our leaders and co-citizens alike will take heed of the warnings from nature, because nature is our own reflection." “Let’s pray that God still gives us a chance and all humans will change to Ahimsa, thus rebuild a benevolent world. May it so be. Amen!”

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