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The Crosby Family: Icons of Compassion, Conviction, and Faith, Part 1 of 2

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On today’s episode, we meet Dr. Spice Williams-Crosby, an award-winning American actress, professional stuntwoman, and martial arts expert with a PhD in Natural Health Sciences. As we begin, Spice shares how she discovered her life mission during a near death experience which led her to the spiritual path. “My twin sister and I were always performing, and then I got a call one day to go on the road as a musician. And they were looking for two twins who could sing and dance in a group. My twin sister sang and played really great guitar. And I was on the piano doing all the wild and crazy numbers. That’s why they said. ‘Oh, you’re the spicy one.’ But the arts have always been in my soul.” For the next seven years, Spice travelled and sang with the “Sugar and Spice” band but life on the road took its toll, and she became addicted to both drugs and alcohol. One day in, desperation, she reached out to God. “And at that point I started searching. I put my medical blinders off, I went into holistic, homeopathic, I went to a chiropractor, I started changing my life around, changing my diet, and hoping to spiritually arrive, I arose, I became in my search what I am today.” True to her promise to God, Spice did turn her life around. She adopted a compassionate, noble vegan lifestyle, and began a strenuous regime of martial arts training and bodybuilding. Over time, she became a professional stuntwoman and a highly successful actress. “So here I was, 52 years old, a vegan, chosen to represent these great athletes.” Spice continually sets an excellent example for others, spiritually, mentally and physically. She is grateful for her strong, healthy body. “I also believe that this envelope of flesh that is a gift that I chose to reincarnate into, I have a responsibility to keep it healthy in order for me to stay connected with God.”
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