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Victoria Featherstone Pearce (vegan) and K-9 Angels, Part 1 of 2

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Today, we are glad to introduce you to Ms. Victoria Featherstone Pearce, who is an award-winning model, actress, TV host, animal activist and co-founder of the dog rescue charity K-9 Angels. Ms. Pearce always uses her voice whenever possible, to bring awareness to others about the importance of caring for our defenseless animals. “And I literally, at the age of six or seven, I stopped eating meat all together. I basically said to my mum, I’m not going to eat animals anymore. For me, the strong connection with animals was there from a very young age, and I became vegetarian. When I was 33, I discovered the dark side of dairy, and I decided that I was going to be vegan, I wasn’t going to have dairy anymore.” Eight years ago, Ms. Pearce started the dog rescue charity K-9 Angels with her friends. Finding the right home for a rescued dog is essential. K-9 Angels has made this one of their missions, to ensure the dogs they saved are well taken care of, and live in harmony with their newly found families. “It’s really about matching the right home to the dog and that’s how we do things. We are very stringent on our home checks that we do, so we don’t just willingly just give out dogs; they have to go through a home check and everything is taken into consideration, from the size of the fence, to how long they’re at home, how many children they have, would they understand a dog’s needs.” Many studies show that adopting a shelter dog has numerous benefits, such as relieving stress, improving one’s health, making people happier and more active and the best part is knowing that you are guaranteed love and companionship from your new furry family member. “In the UK, I believe there’s around 120,000 dogs up and down the country in shelters right now that are begging for homes, so that breaks my heart. On a daily basis I think of those dogs and I just think all they want is to be loved. All they want is to sit on a sofa, and someone to cuddle them. For me, helping those dogs means the absolute the world to me. It’s made me look at life differently as well, and have more compassion for everything and everybody. Seeing the dogs suffer has made me realize just how lucky I am and it makes you reflect on your own life as well. It just puts a perspective on what life is really all about. I think we should help one another and help where we can, and by doing that we help ourselves.”
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