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A Vegan Visionary: The Life of His Excellency Laurent Lamothe (vegan), Part 1 of 3

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His Excellency Laurent Lamothe, is a visionary vegan entrepreneur and humanitarian of Haitian origin who became Haiti’s most successful and longest-serving Prime Minister in the last three decades! In 2011, Laurent Lamothe was offered the position of the advisor of socio-economic development to Haitian President Michel Martelly, as a member of the Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti (IHRC). Upon acceptance of the new role, His Excellency Mr. Lamothe renounced his position as chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Voice Group. In doing so, he sought to dedicate his energy solely to the noble mission awaiting him and to set aside any potential conflict of interest. His Excellency Mr. Laurent Lamothe was later called to fill several roles within the government of Haiti, from Special Advisor to the President, to being appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, then moving into the role as Minister of Planning and External Corporation, and ultimately being sworn in as Haiti’s Prime Minister on May 16, 2012. “Well, I would say that I was an accidental prime minister because I was an entrepreneur all of my life. I opened a start-up right out of college into the telecommunications field. And that start up used to be one of the largest telecommunications monitoring providers in Africa, operating in over 40 countries and just very established in those countries for many years. So, I brought the experience of running a successful global business, into a very complicated and difficult situation, which was the government of Haiti and I did it for 31 months.” The Latin Trade magazine, in recognition of his innovative skills, accorded him the year’s Innovative Leader of the Americas in November 2014, for his efforts in establishing a paradigm shift that Haiti is a destination for investment, and not just for humanitarian aid. His Excellency Mr. Laurent Lamothe resigned from his position as Prime Minister in 2014. In 2019, His Excellency Mr. Lamothe was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the UK Summit of Power Brands - London's International Forum on Equality (LIFE) for his outstanding achievements in the struggle for equality and human rights in Haiti through his work with the Foundation. His Excellency Mr. Laurent Lamothe, one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs of his generation, whether as Head of Government, entrepreneur, or global citizen, has always expressed a deep commitment to Haiti in particular, and to the socio-economic development of developing countries in general. Supreme Master Ching Hai ”Joyously present the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion to former Prime Minister of Haiti, His Excellency Mr. Laurent Lamothe, with high salute and gratitude for your noble work. May you enjoy continued success and constant protection by Heaven.”
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