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“Live Fashion, Walk Compassion” – An Interview with Israeli Fashion Designer Liat Lahav (vegan)

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The talented Mrs. Lahav and her family reside in the bustling city of Tel Aviv, Israel. Liat’s transition to a vegan lifestyle was met with the typical challenges of customary habits and beliefs, but in her heart, she knew that a compassionate lifestyle must be led by example. "Well, my name is Liat Lahav. I launched SHANILI from passion for animals, compassion and love, and I called my brand 'Live Fashion, Walk Compassion,' because it’s fashion, first it’s fashion, and everybody loves fashion. And I wanted to show people and not only vegans, all people, that you can buy fashion and beautiful things that doesn’t need to have anything from animals. I’m using different kinds of microfibers. It can be like a suede, and really leather-like, like smooth leather. And until you see it and touch it and wear it, you can’t understand and believe that it’s not leather. It’s exactly the same. And it’s very good material. It’s synthetic. It’s very easy to process it. And it doesn’t damage the Earth, like the leather does. And especially, you can reproduce them because it’s synthetic. So, it’s recycling. So, it’s only a win-win situation. My dream, and this is my vision and my first purpose, is to bring the opportunity for vegans, vegetarians and anybody else who doesn’t want to consume animal products, to bring them the fashion into their lives. I’m all the time announcing that SHANILI is the pioneer for the vegan fashion revolution. And I’m working to get there. And so, I’m asking everybody here in Israel and outside Israel, if you know how you can help me to achieve that, and to bring the vegan fashion to the world, just I’m here. I’m open to hear everything and to make different kinds of collaborations, just to end this suffering from our world." Compassionate Liat Lahav, we thank you for your noble endeavors to bring a Heavenly way of life to God’s children on our precious planet. We wish you growing success and pray others will follow your animal-friendly example to Live Fashion, Walk Compassion.
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