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Pacifying the Mind, Part 6 of 9: Questions and Answers, Nov. 20, 1999

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God is the (inner Heavenly) Light, God is the Love that we feel. God is the (inner Heavenly) Music of Heaven.

(Could You identify more clearly whom You call our single Father?)

Identify Hirm? This is your job. How can I tell you what it tastes like, what I drink? If I drink, I can tell you,“OK, it’s sweet.” But you don't know. You just think that it's sweet, but you don't taste it. I cannot describe to you, but I can show you, then you can identify yourself.

I can give you the cup and the same juice inside, then you'll know, "Ah, yes, I know it's orange juice. OK, it's sweet." So I invite youto stay and “drink” after. Or you can go out and tell my people outside, write your name down so later they can gather you and then we’ll show you. It’s fast. After I explain to you how to still your mind, you'll see the Father, I promise.

The Father, OK, can be a Mother too, can be. You can even see Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, and then ask Him directly what the Father is a She or a He, or is Hes Muslim, or is Hes Christian? And He will tell you, better than I do. Because when you are in His level, in the spirit level, you understand better than in human language. When we are in human form, we are limited. We are limited by the brain, by the ears, by the physical eyes. But when we are in the spirit, we are one with God, and we understand everything, no need anybody to explain.

When the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him sat in the cave, what did He experience? You tell me, what? Anybody remember? Yes?

(We couldn’t understand the question. We couldn’t understand the question! Not Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him… Moses… He went to the mountain.) Yes? OK, OK. What’s the answer? (Well, he said that Moses went to the cave too. He mixed Them; two, into each other.) He mixed what? (Moses and Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him). He said, “Moses went to the cave too.” Not only…) Yes, yes, I know that. (Yes.) I know that.

I’m just speaking here in terms that the Turkish people more identify themselves with. Jesus also went into the desert. It doesn’t have to be a cave. It can be in your room also. I’m trying to explain to people what God is like, so I asked this question. If you answer me, I will explain. What did Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, see? Or what did Moses see? (An angel.) Angel! And then what did He hear? (Read.) What? (Hes told him to read.) Read what? (The words of God.) Yes. Yes? Not only read. (Yes.) Read, act, transfer the messages of God. (Yes.) In the name of God, whatever you do, you have to say in Turkish or in Muslim, In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Or in Christian, It’s the same. In the name of God. Yes, in the name of God. (Right.) Act in the name of God. (Yes. Right.) Say it in the name of God, (Right.) whatever you do. (Yes.)

So this you can hear too. All right? You can also see the angel, after I show you. But you must also do your work, like, sincere, really want.

So, what did Moses see when He was in the mountain? What did He see? What did He hear? OK, OK. It's all right. It's all right. Yes, so what did he say?

(Well, he said that He went up and He wrote something to stop the evil. And he's saying that He didn't write it by Himself, it was God who wanted Him…) That’s God wanted Him to write. That's correct. That's correct. That's just a different expression. God wrote...

Apart from that, Moses also saw God as a bush of flame, also heard the voice of God like thunder voice, right? Right. After that God told Him to write that. Yes. Yes. Yes, you.

(Well. He's saying that Moses wanted to see God, and He said to God, "Let me see You.") Yes. (And Hes said that, "You cannot see me, but if you want so much…" Hes showed Hirmself on the mountain bush (as a (inner Heavenly) Light). Yes, yes, yes, that's right. That's right. That’s right.

Because God is not the way we imagine, OK, here comes God with a head and a nose or things like that. God is the (inner Heavenly) Light, God is the Love that we feel. God is the (inner Heavenly) Music of Heaven. Hes can manifest Hirmself in different ways like Moses and the Voice of thunder, the (inner Heavenly) Sound of many waters, the (inner Heavenly) Sound of the trumpet, and all through the Voice of the angel as our Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him has heard it or in the bush of flame - big, big, big (inner Heavenly) Light. These things you can also experience. That I can promise.

This is God who manifests in this kind of way. Yes. Because God is not a person like this or like that, but God can also make Himself or Herself into a person like in the form of a Prophet to talk to us. Yes.

(He says that, to see angels, You must be a friend of God.) Yes. Yes. Yes! We are Hiers children, not just friends. We will show you how. Yes, yes.

(Isn't meditation a kind of ritual?) Oh, no, no. It's a natural thing to do. Because every day we are very busy thinking of different things, so when we sit down and calm our mind so that we can contact God, it's not a ritual. Because most ritual is physical, this one is nothing physical. Just calm the mind, that's all. And there is a way to calm the mind quick, that's all, OK? Thank you. Thank you so much.

We will answer all the questions, but have to respect order, like first question first, second question second. Please forgive me. (Next question.) Yes.

(Will everyone easily practice the path You will teach?) Yes. Even we have children like six years old, they can also do it. Because God is within us, so it's easy. We just forget. Need a little reminding, you'll remember right away. Next one.

(Where will you go after death? What will happen?)

We go where we want to go. If we want to go back to God, then we prepare the road to go there. If we don't want to go back to God, then we do many different things that prepare the road not to go back to God. So, it depends on what you want. If you want to go back to God, practice now. Now!

You pray five times a day, that is preparing to go back to God. And God will even tell you what day you die. If you calm your mind during these five times of praying you will hear God, you will hear the angel of God at least, and you’ll know when you’ll leave the world, when you’ll die and what’ll happen. You’ll already see it before you die. But if you don't calm your mind enough, you cannot hear. So, if you can calm your mind, it's good. If you cannot, I'll show you how to calm your mind. It's very simple.

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