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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Pacifying the Mind, Part 2 of 9, Nov. 20, 1999

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“(We think of it as a practice that can enhance your normal or your daily religious practice. So, for Muslims, those of you that are devout Muslims, I feel that this practice can be a benefit to namaz or your daily ritual. And so, it shouldn't be thought of as a separate thing or a conflicting practice to your normal Islamic practice. And ‘God cannot be contained in words.’ So, we feel that the ideal method for human beings is to go beyond words, go beyond language, to seek God within. And this is not to disparage or say that the written scriptures like the Qur’an are not beneficial, but that they enhance each other. The ritual practice of Sufism or Islam can be enhanced by this inner directedness.)”

“(But when I met Master Ching Hai, I felt that I had met my true Teacher. And from that point about five years ago, my life has changed dramatically. I've improved myself inwardly, and as Master says, one of the main goals of the practice is enhancing your compassion, your ability to love others.)” “(What I feel in my case has been the best or the most advantageous benefit from this practice, is increased ability to love and to show compassion. So, I think you too, as devout Muslims or whatever belief you have, can through this practice, enhance that ability to love which, as the flyer we distributed said, ‘The only religion is Love.’)”

“(Well, that's another major benefit of this method, is to gain more detachment from physical objects or possessions.)” “(Students occasionally will have a problem with the way things are going or the administration will have a problem. But these types of things too are diminished. The emphasis, the power of those problems is diminished by this practice. Your ego is made smaller.)”

“(Master is going to give you the main message tonight. So I think, I'm sorry, but I think we should probably play the video and then Master will be able to give you all the… I think, often times your questions are totally answered after you hear Her.)”

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