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Pacifying the Mind, Part 5 of 9: Questions and Answers, Nov. 20, 1999

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We are always with God. We are never away from God. It's just sometimes we are too distracted by physical survival. We lost contact. That's all.

(Questions.) Yes, please.

(How do I concentrate completely in meditation?) That I will show you. I’ll show you later. We have to sit still together. I'll show you how to be still first, OK? Once you still your constantly chatting mind, everything else God takes care. But there is a way to still the mind. There is a way. God exists so that we can know Hirm. There is a way to know, we just forget. If we exist, it’s because we have a father, a physical father, and it's good that we know who our father is, no? We want to know.

(Shall I ask another question?) Yes, yes. Anytime, continue. Yes.

(What is the shortest way to meet with the Creator?) Yes, I've found it. That's what I want to tell you. After, after.

(There is another question here: How did You meet first?) I went to the Himalayas and met a person who had known this way and He showed me and then I could show you.

(In no religion, they forbid eating meat. Does that not oppose Your teaching?) In which religion? (In no religion.) Oh. Yes, You read the Qur’an again. It says you don't eat meat, yes.

(Should I pass?) Yes, please.

(How can You say “Father”? Isn't that blasphemy?) How can you? Say “Father” to God? Oh. OK, then I say “Mother,” all right? Well, in our human language we have two sexes, female and male. And most religions address Father, God, as a male, so I go along. I don't want to contradict you.

But it's not a He, it's not a She. It's a God. God can be a He, God can be a She - God is everything. According to what Hes shows me, Hes is everything. Thank you, thank you.

(How can the soul after death relive in another person? How can you tell who he/she was before?)

Yes. Sometimes when we were very young, like from the age of... when we were first born until the age of three or four, sometimes we remember the past existence. And that's the only way you can tell yourself if you remember. Nobody else can prove it to you. If you don't remember, it's OK. No need, because God says take care of today is enough, no need to worry about the past and the future.

Sometimes we, as a part of God, come down to this world again and again to have different things to do, different experience, and this is all right. Because God can do everything, God can send back again, or God doesn't send again, so when we are sent back again for a special purpose, we say that we come back. But actually, there is no such thing as coming back because we never go anywhere.

We are always with God. We are never away from God. It's just sometimes we are too distracted by physical survival. We lost contact. That's all. So whenever we say we reincarnate, that doesn't mean really reincarnation. It's just a different jump in a long, long eternal life process to have a different experience in a different department of God's creation.

Just like we go from Europe to Asia, we go from Turkey to Egypt, from Egypt to Israel, Israel to South Africa. Our life is a constant change, constant re-experience and recreating what we want to know. And the soul doesn’t reincarnate in a body. The soul covers a body or envelops a body, or embraces a body or a physical anything, being, in order to experience in a different dimension. So, when we leave one physical being or one pole and go to another, we call that "death" or "reincarnation." Actually, it's not.

The soul is always free. And the soul can go from one place to another, one body to another - anytime. So, the soul is not inside the body actually.

That's why all the Bibles told us that we are part of God because we are never apart from God. We just choose to cling to one subject or another in order to have a different identification, a different experience that we call this is Mr. So-and-So, Mrs. Ching Hai, Mrs. Smith, Mr. John. You see, can you... Did I make myself clear? Oh, OK, I’ll explain again.

It's difficult, but it's also easy. Look. For example, OK, just an example, suppose God is a big, big, big whole being like this, big one, and in this God whole being Hes encompasses everything, all the things that Hes created or not yet created. Hes is everything compacted in there. That is God, OK? Right.

And then within this, there are different things that Hes created already. So now, in order to be individualized, one part of God occupies this, another part occupies that, another part occupies this, OK? So, the part of God that is surrounding this yellow paper calls himself a yellow paper, and the part of God that is in the vicinity of this red pen calls himself a red pen.

All right, you understand? But all is enveloped inside God, all is God, nothing else, including… oh, sorry, love, including the devil that you have asked me (about). Yes. He is there to tell us, "Don't do this, do this." He's there to make you strong. By resisting him, you're strong. If you listen to him, you have to try again.

So you sit there. God envelops you. You are Mr. John. I sit here. I am all God-enveloped myself, too, and call myself Mr. Whatever, Mrs. Whatever, for example. All right?

So that's why all the religions told us that we are one, we are an essence of God, we are part of God. We are God! Yes, easy. So, this thing comes and goes, destroyed, but the God is the same all the time. This thing is red, this thing is yellow, but the God - all the same, this one is always the same. All right? Did I make myself understood? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

OK, so the reincarnation never really occurs. Never. Just, you see, the God Almighty power always exists, never dies, but this thing may die, may kaput, damaged, and then, so the God here is empty, and then he probably moves around within this God, and then occupies this one and becomes yellow paper. Yes, OK, thank you.

(Every day You see our Father?) Oh, yes. (You can?)

Every day. You can. A lot of people who I show them how to do it, they see, too. The Father is always there, why don't we see Hirm? (I don’t know.) OK, you don’t see, but if you sit there, can I see you if I look at you? Of course, I can see you. But if I look over there, of course, I don't see you. We don't look, that's why. We look in a different direction. I’ll tell you where to look and you'll see God. Very simple.

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