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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Pacifying the Mind, Part 9 of 9: Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) by Turkish Media, Nov. 20, 1999

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If we find God, everything is all right, even if we have to leave the physical body, which everyone does in one way or another. Even if we have to forsake our possessions, God is always there, and God is our only possession, and God is the only security, and God is the only thing that we should always remember and look for in any circumstance.

(If we can fix it, right away. There are people waiting downstairs. Of course, if you leave beforehand, She will come afterwards, Hallo, do you have a place?) That’s better, give her the chair. You can sit here. What did you say? You threw them out or something? (They said only five or seven minutes.) Oh, don’t worry, it’s OK. (Oh, OK.) It’s OK. I’m in Turkey already, where can... much they make me work. We were just talking nicely and now I have work to do. Yes?

(Do you have any questions, friends?) Hallo! I didn’t know you were there. They told me nobody came.

(Is there is any, our friend can help you from over there.) Translate, every time. (Or if you will ask in English, go ahead.) Yes, yes.

(These meetings and the teachings that You have delivered, do they work? Regarding the 21st) Century. (century, is there something specific? Are they looking for some stronghold that they can hold on to? How exactly is Your teaching related to the century?)

They should look upon God for any stronghold anytime, not 21st century, 22nd century. Any day, every minute, every second, we should always look upon God only. God is the only source of our strength and wisdom.

(You say that it is not a religion,) Yes, it is not. (then what is it?)

God is the only religion. We just now have talked about a lot of people want to get the answer from God, so I say pray deeper! I have just told one of our sisters here, she asked me why did I come here. I said I go wherever God sends me to. And each one of us has a different job to do, like you are a journalist, I am coming here just to deliver the message that we are all brothers and sisters. And...

(So,) Yeah? (it is not a religion, that we believe in God are our feelings? Can we say that?) Right, right, right. And she was just asking a very good question, Just like Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, even He is a Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, first He has to go in a quiet place and still Himself, still His mind, and then the angel can give the message through. God always can give us messages through an angel at least, but we are too busy in the mind to listen, so people sometimes wonder whether there is really God. There is! Just we have to calm down. So she asked how to do that. I said, “Oh yes, that's why I am here to offer a way.” There is a way to calm down the mind. There are many ways.

(So, You see Yourself as a Messenger of God?) All of us are Messengers of God. We do different things. It's just my job is just to offer people how to calm the mind, so they can directly talk to the angel from God, from the Messenger of God, the direct one. Yes? It's very easy. Just like if you want to be a journalist, you learn in the school how to deal with people, how to ask questions and whom to ask and how to open the door. So, if we want to have contact with angels, the Messenger of God, we have the way to do it. We must know the way. So, I have tried, and it worked. So, I share the knowledge with the people.

Just like you know many things, the way you go and ask, like, the president, you ask him questions and he answers you, and you come back and write an article, you share it with your people, or the world people. Our job is the same. That’s it. Yes, translate. Thank you. I am only teaching this.

(Sorry, can I ask something? A Muslim believes that the inside voice or connection with God is found with Islam. If you ask a Christian, they believe it is found with Christian rules. If you ask a Jew, he/she believes it is found with Jewish laws. You ask a Buddhist; he finds it that way. What is the method of this Lady? Is it something above all this? Is it something different? Is it something that pushes all of this aside? Is it something that includes them all, what is it? Can you ask that?)

(In all religions, if you address the people of a specific religion, they will say, Muslims will say, “If I read my book, the Qur’an, then I have access to this Voice of the Creator.”) That is good, then it’s good.

(And all religions will say the same thing about their books and their messages.) If they do, it's good.

(So what is so specific about Yours? Is it above all these disciplines and religions?) No. (Does it all embrace them all?) Yes. (What exactly?) Yes.

The question answers itself. Do they really hear the Voice of God like the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) did? Like Jesus did? Like Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him did? Do they really, do they talk to God? That's the question. If they do, it is good, yes. If they cannot still their mind enough, and contact directly to the Messenger of God, then I can help them to still the mind. I am here only for the people who cannot hear the Voice of God. For the people who can hear, I come learn with them too.

Every religion says the same. It's correct, too, because we have only one God, one Father. Yes. Should we have a Muslim God, a Christian God, a Buddhist God, do you think? No, we have only one God.

(I think there is need to talk about Her personal story a bit. When, I mean… In a way You are being called Supreme Master, being called Guru…. A bit earlier, She said She had heard the voice of God. She should tell about that changing point in Her life. Maybe also when She heard the voice of God…)

(We want to find out how You came to call Yourself “The Supreme Master”? How You first heard the Voice or?) I don’t call myself that. It is the title, the title that is given to me.

(At least the thoughts intended for those in Istanbul. Are there any messages She wants to deliver to them? Because there are obvious problems in Turkey, In the last few days people have been dealing with overwhelming problems. Regarding all this, does She have any information, will there be any suggestions? Would She summarize these shortly?)

(Do You have some specific message to the people of Istanbul? You know there are specific disasters, people are going through suffering and all that. Do You have something specific to tell these people?)

Yes. This is the first question I asked when I arrived in Istanbul. I asked my driver, "Are the victims of the earthquake, are they better now? Better improved?" And he said it's not in the capital, it is in the countryside. So, it's the first question I asked. And of course, my message is the same, like everyone else who is concerned about our own brothers and sisters, is that my message is the same with your message. It's a message of love, and we cannot express enough in the human language about this love that resides within us, which is God's love. We all have this, and we all have love for each other.

And I can only know from what God has told me that disasters to the body are nothing compared to the disaster of the soul. If we find God, everything is all right, even if we have to leave the physical body, which everyone does in one way or another. Even if we have to forsake our possessions, God is always there, and God is our only possession, and God is the only security, and God is the only thing that we should always remember and look for in any circumstance.

Whatever God takes away, Hes gives in another form. Sometimes Hes takes away physical things, Hes gives back spiritual comfort. And we should always remember God and pray to God all the time. Like the Muslims do, five times a day. Five times a day.

Are you happy? Ask them (Yes.) are they happy? (Excuse me. Could you ask your questions? So You came not to perform miracles but to remind us? You didn’t come to act miracles but You came to remind?) Yes, yes. That’s right. I came to remind people of God. Only God can make miracle. Miracle is not necessary. God does everything correctly already. Even disaster is correct. Just we have to see it correctly. We have to know why it is correct.

Thank you so much for coming. Please translate. Thank you so much. (Their friend.) Please take some fruits and something with you. There are fruit, candy, whatever over there too. Please bring them outside so they can grab with their hand when they go out.

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