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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Pacifying the Mind, Part 1 of 9, Nov. 20, 1999

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“(The main teaching that Hes has been helping me through is to love each other with unconditional love, which is what Hes is doing with everybody.)” “(Her unconditional love has reached all the corners of the world, helping the needy people, the poor people, the people in the earthquakes, in the floods, in any disaster, She tries always Her best to send help.)” “(She's been working. Her main income is especially to share with all the people. This is a non-profit organization. So, whatever She makes with Her own work is just to help everybody, to share with everybody. Besides with Her great humor, She's always making people so heart-lifted. It doesn't matter how you feel, doesn’t matter how down you feel, you just remember Her, you just remember Her teachings and Her examples, and then you can live a very, very peaceful and happy life.)”

“(What I learned from Master, which I could not learn from the Bible, is I found God in here. My wife found her God inside her or her Buddha. It’s the same one.)” “(And now we know the religions aren’t different. It’s we who make it different. There's only the religion of God. Or is it Allah or whoever you want to call Hirm.)” “(We don't have to follow Her. Anytime we want, we can walk away from Her. But the way I feel now, it's like if you left your baby and walked away from it. It just breaks your heart.)”

“(And based on my experience with many, many other methods, this method has been the most powerful and most effective in raising my spiritual level. And my belief is that the reason for that is that the method is powerful, but the Master’s level is so high that She is able to raise us to a higher level.)”

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