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The Best Thoughts Are of God: Selections from "Coloring Our Lives" by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan)

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Supreme Master Ching Hai is a highly gifted, multi-talented and fully enlightened Master. Supreme Master Ching Hai imparts the Truth, as did the Worshipped Shakyamuni Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ, Venerated Lao Tzu, Prophet Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him), Sri Guru Nanak and many others. The spiritual practice currently known as the Quan Yin Method is the one that was also practiced by all these enlightened Masters. “Coloring Our Lives” is a collection of quotes and spiritual teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. In response to the questions and concerns of Truth seekers, Supreme Master Ching Hai provides insights that are both spiritual and practical. Her suggestions light the way to creating a Buddha’s Pure Land on Earth, as well as being an intelligent, talented “artist of life.”

“You know thoughts are very important, very powerful — the existence and quality of God — so that at that moment, or at least, when we meditate, or we remember God, our thoughts are holy and pure and unconditional. So we don’t create anything bad — only holy vibrations and powerful blessing. So when these powerful blessings and this thought power are generated around us and within our environment, they rise up, and then other people who are also holy and practicing, they also generate the same thought, same blessing, same power.”

“Every time we remember God, every time we remember the Holy Names of God, we are empowered with purity, holiness and blessings. And whoever is in the same consciousness, same level with us, will be united with us at that moment. And we add it to the force, to the positive force to purify the world and to make the world a better and better place, and to help those people who have similar minds with us to be more enforced, and to help those who come in contact with our thoughts, come in contact with our presence, to have more power, to raise themselves up. That’s the best way to help the world.”

“Therefore, the best thought is that we just think of God. Because God is almighty, powerful. God can do everything. That means at that moment, we submit our will to God’s will. Let God rule the universe, and we feel unburdened.”

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