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Zwischen Meisterin und Schülern

Glaube an den Himmel: „Oh, Gott!” und „Briefe an Gott”

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese (中文)
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(Master, if the world were to go 100% vegetarian (vegan) right now, what kind of Earth would we live in and what effect would this have on the world economy and also how great the changes would be and how long would it take to see the effects of these changes on our environment?) If the world were to go 100% vegetarian (vegan) right now, the good effect of it would be seen within more or less 60 days. That is 8 weeks. Within 8 weeks we would see immediate effect. Of course, you’ll also see immediately; it’s almost immediately. But to see the whole big picture, you can realize it within 8 weeks. 8 short weeks. And what kind of Earth would we live in? It would be Eden again. We will have sudden peace, and sudden realization of sameness between all nations, between all humans and between humans and animals. The realization will dawn upon us. There’s no need explanation. People will suddenly understand that we’re all equal. We and all co-inhabitants, animals alike, are equal. And people will have respect even for trees and plants. Now, the number one thing that is most important is non-violence. Non-violence to humans and animals. Of course, that means vegetarian (vegan) diet. That means completely abstain from all animal products. That is the thing that has been ignored up to now. Some people have spoken out. Even some government officials and some organizations have spoken out about that, but too little. If we stop killing, if we practice non-violence - non-violence to humans, non-violence to animals - if we stop all the killing, then all bad effects will stop, almost instantly. And we can turn this world into Heaven any time. If human beings just turn around, all will be forgiven. Heaven is forgiving. Because they did not know about meat diet, the killing. They did not know anything much about killing. Of course they know a little bit, but nobody emphasizes it. Nobody really makes it like a matter of fact. If the government, if the media, all the people that have the power, can wield their power in a correct way, inform the public, educate the public, make them know what is right, what is wrong, make them know that vegetarian (vegan) diet is a must, is the only diet that everyone should follow, then it will be done! Okay, we made mistakes, we didn’t know it before. But now is the time! We should do research, we should know about it. Everywhere there are plenty of vegetarian (vegan) diet advice, books, recipes. Even in our television, we have ten thousand and one international delectable recipes daily, offering free of charge. They can always download and keep it in their family and try it all. It’s beautiful, it’s tasty and it’s harmless to anyone. There’s no excuse anymore to sink your teeth into that piece of flesh which is rotten anyway. I don’t know how human beings can consume such thing. It’s below dignity and it’s unhygienic, it’s unhealthy, it’s poisonous, it’s ignoble. Pardon my bluntness. I’ve been polite for too long.
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