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Svědectví o nebi, 12. část – Skutečná svatba a „Příbytek svatých“

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Before hearing of You and receiving Your teachings, I had already seen You in a dream. In 1998, I had a dream of myself wandering on the edge of a place that was totally dark on one side and dazzlingly bright on the other. There were different beings on both sides. Those on the dark side looked like human beings, but had dogs’ heads and tails. Those on the bright side were in white, with golden bells around their waists. The beings on the dark side caught my left hand while the beings on the bright side took my right hand, and I struggled between them. At last, the beings on the bright side won and threw me up into the sky. They formed a circle around me for quite a while, and when we descended, I saw some other beings lining up to welcome us. In front of them stood a Lady in white with a veil on Her face. They told me that this Lady was the one that I should marry. Later, I kept wondering what this wedding in the dream meant. I thought that it was an omen about a real wedding until I saw a photo of You behind a veil at The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association's center in the city where I live. I immediately understood that You were the Lady introduced to me by the saints. It seems that I have a deep affinity with You! Then I began to study Your teachings and keep the precepts. Later, I was filled with inner experiences.

Once, in an inner vision I saw a blue crystal house and stopped to look at it attentively. On the house was written “The Saints’ Abode” and the trees, leaves, flowers, and fruit all shone with golden Light. Then I saw a very tall tree rising into the clouds. At this time, a strong beam of Light shone on me, and I fainted, falling to the ground. Before the Light faded, I saw many valuable things manifest from the Light. Another time, I dreamed of Heaven and a Lady apparently swimming toward me in the water. I shouted, “Jesus Christ!” very loudly, and the Lady went through my body and left. I then felt shaken as if affected by a powerful shock and woke up.

Master, I wish that I could be one with Jesus Christ, work for God and be released from this suffocating world. Master, may Your Love make us one.

Vegan: Kingdom of God at hand.

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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