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„Skutočná Láska“ – Muzikál, ktorý spája srdcia, 11. časť viacdielnej série

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Let me tell you why we should be veg. Not because we want to save the planet only, but it is the ingredient, the main quality, the main power, to save this world in this critical situation. You see, eating animal flesh, means we are decreasing our love in our being, from our structure, holy structure. We are born from God, we were holy, we were true humans, we were true children of God. But if we eat the animals, then the mixing of blood type and genetic code between humans and animals makes us lose our status as the crown of creation, as true humans. As pure humans, the children of God, we are under direct connection with the Light, with the mighty Master power of the commanding center of the universe. We have absolute command over all under Heaven because we were pure, and we’re children of God. But as we keep putting different elements into our beings, even physically, it will affect our spiritual structure as well. Because we became mix-ling, mixing, mixing structure, not pure, we became hybrid, vulnerable to attack from the dark force, because we are not pure anymore. Thus, this kind of mix-ling creature could be annihilated because this mix-ling creature sends a very confusing energy, confusing message into the center of the universe. So, it could be annihilated because it’s not recognized as pure human. So we could be eliminated, out of the physical realm, to be recycled, to be screened out for pureness again and to be reused. But this process can be very painful and torturous, over long periods, could be hundreds of thousands of Earth years. Please help me to stop this. We don’t want to be annihilated. We don’t want to be screened out. “Go veg... Go veg, please.” “Go veg, please!”

“Say something romantic.” I would like very much to be romantic, but I’m sorry, I just came out of many hundreds of hours of meditation. You be romantic for me, I become the ascetic so that you can be romantic at home.

Just as, even the best doctor even needs the patient’s consent to save them, we need your help, okay? I need the demonstration of love, just 1% more love for the world, love for your children, love for all species, enough so that we will sacrifice our taste for the animals’ meat, and related unmerciful products.

We have to show love in a grander scale, not just romantic love for our family members – we should keep that, because every kind of love is sacred. Every kind of love will emit some beautiful positive energy to protect us, and to protect loved ones and something around us. So if each one of us gives more love into the surroundings, extends it, like more, a little bit further than family, and enough of that love, that will make up for the 100% love power needed to dissolve the greatest threat to our survival.

I already saved 99%, but the 1%, it’s absolutely important, it’s from you, your 1%. Please, give more love. So that as long as I am still here, the sun will not flare, the universe destructive force will stop. Then we have time for Plan B and plenty, plenty more romance. I might go back to my husband again, be romantic again, if he’s still available.

I trust you, the romantic, beautiful Earth people, to understand this, and make an effort to save our world, because you know already from all the media, and scientists’ reports that we need more time on this planet to be romantic. Have big love. Big, big, big! The bigger the better. Love all that you see around you. I normally wouldn’t disclose this. I would not even talk about this, especially on such occasion like today, but the time is urgent. We have nothing to lose. Just replace that piece of animal’s dead carcass instead with tasty healthy plant-made protein of all types. Be vegan, make peace. That’s all we have to do, and love. Love as much as you want, just don’t make war. Thank you so much. God bless us all.

“And today on the occasion of Supreme Master Television’s 5th anniversary, Supreme Master Ching Hai has wished to present some gifts to six charities with humanitarian or environmental causes.” Right. “This gesture brings a special meaning to everyone’s supportive presence this afternoon.” That you will do. “Now here’s the fun part. It’s going to involve our group of special guests in the audience. What is going to happen is a drawing. Our helpers will go around with their baskets and we ask our special guests to please pick an envelope from the basket. Most of the envelopes are blank. The winning envelopes have the word ‘Charity’ written on them.” “These lucky winners will be invited to come up to the stage and present the donation checks to the six charities.” “All right, let’s give our six charities and special guest presenters a round of applause, please.”

“Supreme Master Ching Hai, You've just donated a total of US$210,000 for multiple noble causes. That was so inspiring to watch. Would You like to share some remarks at this time?” Thank you. Thank you. First of all, congratulate the lotto winners. It’s your lucky day, today. Lucky day. Yes, thank you for helping me to present some little humble token of gratitude and admiration to these great groups, who are working selflessly day and night to help make a better world. Thank you, EarthSave, Greenpeace, Childhelp, United Way of Greater Los Angeles, United Way Worldwide, and Environmental Media Association. May God bless your efforts and help you to continue with the strength that you are dedicating to the less fortunate of our world. Thank you for being in the front line. Thank you so much. Please continue with God’s love.

“Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai. We are thankful for what You do, not just today but every day for people and the planet.” “Yes, everybody is so appreciative, Supreme Master. Will You be watching the rest of the show with us?” I'd be honored to. This is a very rare occasion. I love it so much that I will sacrifice my meditation hours to sit here and watch this. It's beautiful.

“I certainly think the highlight is hearing an Enlightened Master speak, and seeing Her live on the video feed, and observing someone who is an Enlightened Master, who is in a full meditative state while speaking in the material world, incredible. Loved hearing the Master speak afterwards. And I can tell you this is the first time I’ve ever seen a living human being in a meditative state while speaking coherently. Fascinating. I think with someone like that, who’s a true Enlightened Master, it’s not what She says, it’s Her presence.”

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