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„Skutočná Láska“ – Muzikál, ktorý spája srdcia, 5. časť viacdielnej série

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“I missed you already this morning When I woke up in your arms, The last night of the weekend! I think already of the days ahead When we will be ‘together... But in two places’ again! And when I am far away from you Doubts and loneliness fly in through the window! I just can’t think of anything else But throw everything away and run to you. But do you ever ever want me to?” “Dear Doctor Darling: In recognition of our two-day anniversary of not speaking to one another, a poem: ‘I set out, Spreading my wings to the Heavens. I proceed to call on you, The one I cherish. The Earth is vibrant, Exulting in our reunion, An uncommon day of happiness, Together as on our first meeting. Let us overlook the nights of our distress, Sing on full moon nights, Chorus on breezy days. Life is an aromatic flower garden, Oh, Mein!’ Oh, mein.”

“I live through days of deception Professing love that I don’t feel! Sweet utterances from rosy lips Passionate words from an ice cold heart. I indulge in many illusions Day and night, keeping up with the Joneses This ephemeral body, burning with passion How I writhe, plunging into the fire of lust! I pass many shores, clear and muddy Washing my face, then painting it again Desiring fame, fine houses and wealth To enjoy this life, I’ve abandoned noble ideals. After many struggles, I awake suddenly Asking myself, ‘Is that all there is?’ What does it matter, a few extra tens of years, To chase for fame and gain with efforts so dear! What shall I do in the days ahead, When hair loses luster and youthful rosiness fades? When breathing ceases, is it death or rebirth? I ask myself in this self-confession today: Is this life or is death close by?”

“I am a little bit in love with Elsa. She’s a bit of the moral tale. She's very girlie. She's always trying to catch that wealthy man. But the sadness is that she has placed no self-worth on herself. It's all outside of herself. And she doesn't understand that what she has is so wonderful. Why else would Thanh be her best friend?”

“(Can you please tell us a bit about your solo song in the show, which is ‘Self-Confession’?) It's Master Ching Hai's poetry that I'm expressing, and David Shire's music. It's that pain that Elsa feels. She's aware that what she's looking for is not fulfilling her and she's doing it anyway. And then you know it's a universal experience, I think. And so it's a sad song. And I love just expressing that bit of humanity through it.”

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