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In today’s news, Korea assists African countries in pandemic response, research finds coronavirus affects women and men differently, Australia reports record low greenhouse gas emissions, scientists look back 12 billion years and observe another Milky Way-like galaxy, Indian entrepreneur creates building bricks from recycled waste, community in United Kingdom benefits from new vegan food bank, and United States service members reunite with their Iraqi animal friends.


Korea, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate, contributes US$10 million to COVID-19 response efforts in Ethiopia and other African countries.

The Korea International Cooperation Agency is providing Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health with an additional US$5 million of continued support to address the pandemic. As part of the Korean government’s COVID-19 Comprehensive Emergency Response Program, the funds will be used to purchase medical equipment, such as diagnostic tests, personal protective equipment for frontline medical staff, and portable machines for ambulances to purify potentially virus-contaminated air. Furthermore, Korea will provide US$5 million to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to improve the continent’s COVID-19 response capacity. Our heartfelt gratitude, Korea. In Heaven’s boundless mercy, may our world soon recover and avoid future health crises through the adoption of the benevolent vegan diet.


Men and women may need different treatments for COVID-19.

Researchers at Yale University in the United States have discovered differences in the male and female immune systems that may call for distinctive treatments to COVID-19. Dr. Akiko Iwasaki, lead author of the study, found that “T-cells” of female patients responded more vigorously to the virus than those of male patients. T-cells are white blood cells that detect and eliminate viruses. Men account for 60% of the global fatalities from COVID-19, and researchers believe that it could be important to consider vaccines and treatment strategies specialized for each gender. Our appreciation, Dr. Iwasaki and colleagues. In Divine guidance, may treatments for the pandemic make themselves clearer through efforts like yours, for the well-being of all.


Up next on Noteworthy News, Australia reports record low greenhouse gas emissions. We pause to thank the academic coordinators, who facilitate activities among school departments, while also overseeing the development of teachers and learning materials. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more high-thinking news.

Hallo cheerful friends, how are you today? I’m Sadie the vegan Southern Viscacha. I love being vegan, and I bet you will too. Join me! We have a house maintenance tip for you today. Did you know that there are sediments and hard water deposits, such as sand, limescale and rust, in your water heater? These naturally occurring particles build up over time and can end up reducing your water heater’s lifespan. To ensure that your water tank lasts longer, flush out the sediments annually by following the directions labeled on your heater or printed in the owner’s manual. Or, use an eco-friendly cleaner like vinegar, which can be poured into the opening of the anode rod at the top of your tank. Allow the vinegar to dissolve the limescale for a few hours before flushing it out. Thank you for your attention. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the global weather.


Australia’s CO2 emissions fall amid coronavirus restrictions.

The Australian government recently estimated the country’s lowest greenhouse gas emissions recorded since 1998, at 518 million tons in the 2019-2020 financial year. During the COVID-19 lockdown from April to June of this year, Australia’s carbon footprint decreased by an estimated 10 million tons in comparison to the same period in 2019. This includes a 79% reduction in aviation fuel usage as well as a 26.7% decrease in petrol use. The Australian government is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion recipient and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Health Guardian and High Moral Value laureate. Congratulations, Australia, on your achievement. May all nations make strong commitments to protect our one and only Earth home, in God’s loving embrace.


Astronomers discover a galaxy similar to the Milky Way.

Astronomers from Germany and the Netherlands used Chile’s powerful telescope and the gravitational lensing technique to locate a galaxy over 12 billion light-years away, resulting in a snapshot of the universe when it was only 1.4 billion years old. The distant celestial object has a rotating, disc-like structure and a large group of stars in the center, found in mature galaxies like our Milky Way. According to current science, the universe was still young 12 billion years ago, and it was expected that galaxies back then were not well-formed. However, this recent finding suggests that well-ordered galaxies could have formed soon after the Big Bang. Our hats off to the scientists involved, for your fascinating new insight into the universe’s early days. In Heaven’s light, may we gain an ever deeper understanding of the wondrous cosmos we live in.


Indian innovator makes bricks from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) waste.

Known as the “Recycle Man of India,” 27-year-old Dr. Binish Desai from Gujarat, India, is converting discarded PPE masks, gowns and headcovers made from non-woven material, into building materials. The waste equipment is first sterilized, then shredded, and finally compressed using a binding agent mixed with paper sludge – a byproduct of the paper industry. The bricks, named P-Block 2.0, passed all laboratory tests and exceeded quality expectations. At half the cost of their traditional counterparts, they are three times stronger, recyclable and fire-retardant. Dr. Desai is now collaborating with regional governments to set up special eco-bins to collect the PPE waste, which would otherwise end up in landfill. Bless you, Dr. Binish Desai, for your ingenious creation and for caring about the environment. May we all think of more such sustainable and responsible solutions, in Divine brilliance.


Coming up, community benefits from new vegan food bank in United Kingdom. We are going to pause to create a list of goals to get done for a productive day. We’ll be right back with more beautiful news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Encouraging News for a Reassuring World.


Vegan food bank now available in Bath, United Kingdom.

British citizen Helen Wright recently started the Bath Vegan Food Bank after the COVID-19 pandemic altered the operations of her nonprofit, Vegans Against World Hunger. Open to anyone in need, the food bank now serves 16 households a week with items such as lentils, beans, fruits, vegetables, plant-based milk, and more. They are currently seeking volunteers to help with collecting and distributing supplies, as well as premises to store the food. Items can be currently donated at several collection points inside cooperating stores. Great job and best wishes, Helen Wright and team, on your selfless mission to supply nutritious vegan food to those in need. May the grace of the Providence be with you and all the families you help.


United States service members reunite with their Iraqi animal friends.

Global animal rescue organization Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International, in partnership with United States animal rescue organizations, Puppy Rescue Mission, Pet Rescue Pilots, Monarch Air Group, and the ARK at JFK, have rescued 47 dogs and cats from Iraq, who provided friendship and comfort to the service members while they were stationed overseas. As part of SPCA International’s Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program, the beloved companions were brought to the US by charter flight after a thorough health checkup, then flown to their respective US service members’ homes across the country. Bravo to such a marvelous joint endeavor, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International and all involved. May Heaven bless the love-filled animal friends as they bring blessing and joy to their new forever families.


Time for a merry moment with a joke of the day called, “A Wife's Method.”

Megan, along with her husband, was paying for some purchases at the shopping center. As she reached for her credit card, a TV remote control fell out of her purse.

The sales clerk asked: “Do you always carry your TV remote?”

“No. But my husband refused to come shopping with me today. I figured this was a great way to grab his attention.”


And now we have a heartline from Chu-Fu in China:

Respected and Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, I am a viewer from China. One day on Supreme Master Television, I watched a program on the first “veg hospital” in China -- Changsha Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Rehabilitation Hospital. My heart is full of gratitude and joy. Since ancient times, people in Hunan have carried a pioneering spirit. They are willing to build a beautiful life and future with a positive, optimistic, and courageous inner strength. Here I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely pray that people in Hunan will join hands with everyone in China and the world to continue expanding this great love towards all beings and implement peaceful and healthy vegan concepts in all aspects of their lives as soon as possible. Let’s make our planet an Eden of love forever and ever. Last but not least, endless thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai for lifting all beings’ souls, helping more and more people to choose a bright and positive way of life. May You stay healthy and beautiful forever. Yours sincerely, Chu-Fu from China


Spirited Chu-Fu, We are glad to read your heartline with its prayer for a vegan and peaceful world.

Master has a message for you: “Cheerful Chu-Fu, many thanks for your caring message. I pray like you do for humans to change so that all beings on this planet will live in love and respect for one another. I am hopeful that the heroic people of Hunan and the rest of China will soon follow the Buddha’s benevolence by embracing a compassionate lifestyle. May you and the openhearted people of China forever be in the Divine’s magnificence.”


We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May boundless love and light forever shine upon you.

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