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My Vegan Journey: Two Sistas Ignite the Vegan Lifestyle in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Part 2 of 2

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Today, we’ll find out how their scrumptious plant-based foods won over the hearts and minds of their customers. Dr. King points out that one of the unique features of Two Vegan Sistas is they consider customers more important than profit. Another feature is that Dr. King designs all the recipes on their 9-page menu that are constantly changing and can also be customized for each order. “We offer our customers oil-free, salt-free, (and) sugar-free if they want it. But if they want oil, it's going to be healthier oil. So, we offer healthier options for everything.”

On the menu, the King sisters also provide calories and nutrition information calculated according to the recipe. “Our main goal is to make sure the customers find or pursue their health goals successfully, and to tell the customers you can still eat healthy food and it could be delicious at the same time.” “I know a lot of people had the same idea that I used to have, ‘vegan food can't be good,’ ‘it's just salads.’ And then, when they come to us, they’ll see, ‘Oh, OK, anything could be vegan.’ They tell us all the time about that, how they feel lighter, their digestion is better, blood pressure went down, lost weight. They were surprised that it tastes good, they always think that it's going to taste not good, but they're so surprised that it's full of flavor.”

People who have visited Two Vegan Sistas love meal plans for their diversity and flexibility. After five years of running a full dine-in restaurant and meal-plan catering business, the volume of orders for meal plans eventually overwhelmed the sisters. It far exceeded what they could comfortably manage, proving to be a valuable service for people in need of healthy meals. Thus, in 2018, they converted their dine-in restaurant to a carry-out meal-plan-only facility. This decision proved to be very fortunate. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the US and restaurants were closed for months, they were already well-positioned as a carry-out business with an established customer base.

Despite her busy daily routine, Dr. King generously provides support to people who want to learn more about veganism. Through interacting with people, Dr. King has gained confidence that the younger generation will embrace a vegan future. “I think that they're definitely more open-minded to veganism, much more than our generation.”
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