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My Vegan Journey: Two Sistas Ignite the Vegan Lifestyle in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Part 1 of 2

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On today’s show, we meet two American vegans, Dr. Bretta King and Ms. Belinda King, who are the owners of Two Vegan Sistas, a vegan meal-plan and catering business in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dr. Bretta King has a doctoral degree in physics and chemistry. She is a physics and chemistry teacher at Laurel Springs High School and a professor at the University of Memphis. Besides teaching, Dr. King is actively involved in social services such as helping women with gender equity issues, as well as supporting orphans and the hungry. She established a non-profit organization, “Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow,” to increase the science literacy rate and to encourage a love and appreciation for science among children.

Admiring viewers, would you ever consider following your idol's food choices and changing yours? Dr. King did just that and was amazed by the positive changes, both physically and mentally, on the vegetarian diet and decided to continue. Four years later, in 1999, she went fully vegan. Ms. King became a vegetarian when she joined the Air Force. Ms. King became vegan after she completed the Air Force service and moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 2012.

To cope with her new vegetarian lifestyle, Dr. King trained herself in cooking and meal planning. Besides preparing her meals for the week ahead, Dr. King also understands the importance of eating the right types of vegan foods. Without realizing it, Dr. King had been preparing to run a vegan restaurant and catering business some years later.

We asked how the idea of opening a vegan eatery came about. “People asked us to start one. People always say, ‘Oh, your food is so good. You should have your own restaurant.’ So, people always told me this, and I'm like, I'm a teacher, I’m a scientist, you know, not a restaurant owner. OK. Let me just try.” After almost a decade of serving delicious southern vegan cuisine, the Two Vegan Sistas, as a pioneer of the vegan trend, is making a difference in their community.
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