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My Vegan Journey: Lisa Vittoria (vegan) and Her World Vegan Cuisine Experience

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On today’s show, we meet the vivacious vegan chef, Ms. Lisa Vittoria from San Francisco, California, in the United States. “I was born and raised in the (San Francisco) Bay Area, and I've always had a passion for cooking and that is thanks to my mom. So, I grew up really a lot in the kitchen and with my family, we would cook a lot, and I grew up eating everything.”

“I loved it. It was actually so easy because I was so much into cooking. Then, in the meditation centers, I was learning about all these different, delicious, authentic, ethnic, vegan cuisines that are naturally in their culture. So, over that course of time, it was a perfect transition for me.”

Through Ms. Vittoria’s international vegan culinary journey, she was able to find out that the vegan world is an abundance of healthy, tasty options. “There's so much more available to you when you are eating plant-based. I was never so much in touch with all the different types of beans and nuts and seeds and vegetables and spices. And there's just a whole world that opens up to you. I just get the straight flavors from all the plant-based food.”

“I have a YouTube channel, and Vegan Vittoria is the name of it. And I focus on all different types of international dishes, and they're simplified because it doesn't need to be complicated to cook delicious food. And in this day and age, it shouldn't be that challenging to do, especially if people are busy, they have families.”

As a result of more research coming to light, society is more aware of the positive effects a vegan diet has on all fronts. There’s nothing better than taking part in a healthier lifestyle movement that’s good for the individual, the animal-people, and the environment. “There has been a big shift in our society, especially with all the different documentaries that have now gone mainstream across the world. And people are realizing how it is completely shifting their health. And when they changed to plant-based, the stories are unbelievable.”
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