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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / The Musical

Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 8 of a Multi-part Series

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“‘Heaven is within – here and now!’ The best I can hope for now is a universal plan. Spiritual insurance.” “It’s free. The pages are blank. You need to fill it up yourself.” “But how?” “You need to make an inner connection.”

“You taught me how to love the world. Without You I’d never know the real meaning of Love, but I, I wouldn’t tell this to others. They’d think I am mad! Indeed, I’ve become intoxicated with divine Nectar. My initiation. Initiation. When Master’s LOVE falls upon my soul, then I’m reborn a youth. Just don’t ask me what’s the reason: Reason is not a logic of LOVE!

When worldly people get married their passion will somewhat cool down. But when I’m betrothed to You, Lord my passion only begins to glow! Reason is not a logic of LOVE!

If you see a seventy or eighty-year-old man with dancing eyes and bubbling youth. Then you must know, Brothers: it’s due to the Master’s magic touch. Reason is not a part of LOVE!”

“Worldly lovers think that they alone know what’s suffering for love. Alas! How they err so easily! If they’d know how I have been pining for Thee. The worldly people go out at night to sing and dance, under worldly light and worldly music. I sit alone, I sit in trance, swaying with the radiance and melody within.

Thy superb beauty is of the finest art! How can anyone again worship the lifeless statues, or any, however grand, portrait? For there’ll be none parallel. But I’ve sworn never again to utter a word to utter a word praising Thee! I’m ashamed of the world’s poor vocabulary. Having no better language in speaking of the most Dignity.

The worldly lovers think that they alone know what is love. Alas! How they are mistaken! If they only knew the bond between the Master and I.”

“The poem of Supreme Master is so deep. Everyone should get a chance to really experience and feel the soul of what She is trying to explain.” “And She uses beautiful words to remind the people, remind the souls, not just the mind but the heart, that we are all one, we are all born to be kind.”
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