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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / The Musical

Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 10 of a Multi-part Series

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“‘The only belonging that is truly valuable is the faith you carry in your heart.’”

“You have heard: That Great people get enlightenment while sitting lotus under the tree shades. In the jungle, in the Himalayas, or in the lonely desert, or deep in a mountain cave, or in a retreat, quiet temple, et cetera, et cetera. But I tell you: I reached awakening in the middle of my night sleep. In a plastic tent, in the heart of a noisy holiday resort.”

“And thank you for the trip of a lifetime!” “I have a feeling your journey is just beginning.” “Exactly where is this train headed?” “Home and beyond.”

“It was magical. More than what I was expecting.” “Dazzling. It’s so astounding. It inspired and encouraged at the same time.” “There were a lot of heartfelt songs that were shared. So, uplifting.” “Had a cosmic musical message.”

“Life-changing. Like a one-love, one global love.” “Not only was it a show filled with love and a story filled with love… Inclusive loving atmosphere.” “This was a wonderful expression of Her poetry.” “It’s flowing, I mean, it’s like a river.” “I thought it was theatre at its best.” “Life begins with peace, love, and light. And I feel like I was able to reconnect with that idea by coming to this show tonight.”

“I really cried at the last song. It was so moving to see that ensemble cast up there singing, and you could just see the joy and the love coming from them.” “I personally liked the French song, but of course I still have to say my favorite was my dad’s.” “I’m an opera person, so of course I loved the Italian opera singer, but also, the Vietnamese were so lovely.” “The Vietnamese were beautiful. The singer that was all in white with a hat, oh! Fabulous!” “Oh, and China! Oh my gosh! ‘The Buddha Cries.’” “The Russian piece was really, really good.” “Cuba, a lot of spice in that one.”
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