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Between Master and Disciples

The Two Little Devils, Part 10 of 12, Jan. 10, 2022

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The course of life will surprise you with many events. Doesn’t matter. You just have to deal with it, and you have to think of the days ahead when you have a chance. Just right now, people have a chance to repent and to stop all this blood eating, stop all this harassment and torturing of animal-people and babies and children and war and all that. But they don’t use it. Then in the future, in the near future, they will reap the bad karma of it.

This world is getting worse and worse. I don’t know what we are doing this for. I don’t know if anybody really listens. Oh, God! All the idiots and the evil are controlling the world, are leading the world to hell. Not just the devils. (Yes, Master.) All these idiot leaders and religious, evil leaders are leading the world to hell, leading all the faithful, the vulnerable believers to hell, together with them. That’s how hell will be full. And will be populated and will be the fun, the joy for these devils down there to torture and to eat.

Oh, my God! Because that’s their food. (Yes, Master.) Just like on Earth, people barbecue pork or beef or fish or whatever, and call that food. (Yes.) In hell, they eat humans – burnt and barbecued, or boiled in the oil cauldron. And then they eat. (Yes, Master.) That’s why they want as many as possible to sin, to be seduced, so that they can eat them. Torture them, have sadistic fun, and then eat them. But most humans don’t know that. That is the thing.

And I’m telling them now. Maybe many of them would think I’m reading stories, or just say that it’s not true. It is 100% true what I’m saying. (Yes, Master.)

OK, my love. Any more questions? (About that story, “The One-Year King,” you mentioned Master that the locals there were loved by the local god, and the local god loved the people so much that he prayed to the Almighty to help them with the king. But why would he pray for a king that [reigns] only [for] one year, or someone that can do more for them?)

Because you can never trust if anybody can do any more, or they just talk and enjoy the taxpayer’s festivals, and wine and dine, so one year should be enough. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) How many kings can be a saintly king and help their people? All these historical kingdoms, how many kings or how many presidents truly did anything good for their people? (Yes.) Not apparently, but truly put their heart into practice, put love for the people before themselves. How many? So that’s why this god, he knew it. So, he thinks one year is enough. (Oh, yes.) Enjoy the best, for both parties. The people enjoy the best because in one year he couldn’t do much harm. (Yes.)

And then they have a king just to celebrate, just to have a kingdom, just to have a symbol head. And the king also enjoys to the full. Couldn’t care less about the future. This is a symbol of our life here. It’s just telling you also that whatever you are given, whatever your fate, you can’t escape. (Yes.)

For example, that guy, he was just a slave. But his owner, the slave owner at that time, of that system, was really a good person. And that slave probably was very loyal and very diligent, very respectful in all ways, in all means. He was a very good, good, good worker. So, the owner felt like he deserved something better than just being a slave all his life. (Yes, Master.) So, both are honest, the owner, as well as the slave of that system at that time. And he wanted for him to be free, not a slave anymore. And not just free, but have riches, business, and all that.

But lo and behold, this slave’s fate, destiny, is not to enjoy all the given riches and not to prosper from that. So even though the owner gave him a good ship, many good sailors and so many things for him to go overseas to sell, to make business, to prosper, to enjoy – still, he could not. Immediately, when he went out to the sea, suddenly the storm came and beat him up. (Yes.) Everything that was given to him is gone. (Yes.) But at least he has some little merit left. So, he became a king for one year, and then for the wise counsel or the cleverness, or humbleness, that he thought of his old age. A clever human, it doesn’t matter what befalls them, it’s just life.

The course of life will surprise you with many events. Doesn’t matter. You just have to deal with it, and you have to think of the days ahead when you have a chance. Just right now, people have a chance to repent and to stop all this blood eating, stop all this harassment and torturing of animal-people and babies and children and war and all that. But they don’t use it. Then in the future, in the near future, they will reap the bad karma of it. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Iniquity, the bad iniquity, karma.

Many people don’t wake up. (Yes, Master.) Only the wise ones would think of their true Home, later after they are a king no more, with no power, nothing anymore. But they already prepared for their real home. Just like now, we meditate well, we pray every day. We meditate, we know God, we contact God, we think of God, and we know where our Home is. Already we prepare. We prepare everything. So, the day we leave this physical body, we go Home. You see, just like that king, he knew he could not wait for the day that he becomes dethroned, (Yes.) so that he could go to his real home that he built himself, to his liking, (Yes.) and with all the things that he needs. (Yes.)

Similarly, we are building also our own Heavenly Home to our liking because the style of Heaven is the style that we want. Thus, we prepare similarly Heaven-like already, and many disciples cannot wait to die. Not like they’re depressed or anything. (Yes.) Just that they know this world is nothing. Even children told me that, children told me, “This is just illusion. It’s not our real Home. Real home is in Heaven.” You know, our children initiates? (Yes, Master.) On Children’s Day they told me that. (Yes.) Some say surprising things.

Also, this story is just to show you that everything is ephemeral. Whether you are a slave or you become a rich merchant or you become a king, (Yes.) it’s all the same. It’s all very, very short-lived. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Whatever you prepare for yourself for the future, while you can, that is the lasting thing. That is your real home, like that.

So, the story is a parable. (Yes, Master.) To remind us that human life is short-lived, it’s unpredictable. But we can control our future while we have a chance. Don’t wait until it’s too late, like many other kings before this slave king. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

This is just a parable to compare to humans’ life. Because sometimes many people experience ups and downs. Sometimes they’re very rich. And then they became poor, and then become rich again, even more than before. But everything will have to be left behind. (Yes.) We cannot carry anything to Heaven or the afterlife unless we build something, like with our virtues, with charity, with contact – true contact, direct contact with Heaven, with God. Otherwise, we will not know where we’re going anyway. (Right. Yes, Master.) Mostly to hell or just any ordinary human being, all punished accordingly.

You see, like the story I told you before about an Aulacese (Vietnamese) man. He was very rich in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). Many people were refugees, not because they were poor. I was told that they used diamonds even to buy water (Woah!) in the refugee camp in Thailand, for example, (Wow.) because they didn’t have enough water there. (Yes.) And that’s the only thing they have to exchange. (Yes, Master. Yes.) They have like a handful of diamonds or a bag full of diamonds with them. They were rich. They were not just poor people. (Yes, Master.) Or used gold to exchange for some food that they want, for example like that. It’s better than being hungry. For what are you keeping the diamonds? (Yes.) Or being thirsty and keeping the diamonds or keeping the gold to die. No? (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) So, they had no choice. They used it to exchange for food or drink in some dire situations.

And one man was very rich in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). But when he became a refugee, he went to America, he lost everything. (Oh.) Maybe he could not bring it with him. Maybe it was lost to the sea pirates, (Yes.) or he lost it at sea when the boat sank, whatever. (Yes.) You never know. But he was very rich and became nothing. (Wow.) Penniless, became nothing. No money, nothing. So luckily, his relatives let him work in the bread shop, bakery. And then they even let them, the husband and wife, stay in the back room.

They didn’t have a shower there, just a toilet. So, they used water to sponge bath for several years, and saved all the money. So, they didn’t go by car; they didn’t go by bus. They just ate very simple and lived there. (Yes.) Also in exchange, took care of the shop, (Yes, Master.) like cleaning or all that afterward. After three years, four years, he had enough money to buy that shop, (Oh.) and became an owner again. And then, because they still continued to diligently save money, and then they opened another shop, opened another shop. (Right.) They didn’t just immediately use the interest on the money, the profit to buy a house or buy a car, like before. (Yes.) And then he became very, very rich and famous again in America.

It was a true story. I just don’t remember his name. So, it’s very similar to this story. (Yes.) He was very rich in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), and then he became poor because he was a refugee, lost everything. And then slowly, like, he became a slave. (Yes.) Working for his relatives and pinching every penny for the future. (Yes.) Saving, didn’t dare to spend anything. They lived very frugally, almost on nothing. Just food. And buying secondhand clothes and all that stuff in thrift shops. (Yes Master.) And the sponge baths. (Yes.) Not using any luxury, not renting even a room. And then, after a while, he opened more shops, more shops, and he became rich again, more than before, in America. (Yes.)

So, it’s just like that man. First, he had a lot of money, and then he lost it all in the shipwreck. (Yes, Master.) And then he became a king. Also temporary. Life is always giving us many surprises. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

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