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Between Master and Disciples

The Two Little Devils, Part 5 of 12, Jan. 10, 2022

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So, the priest or the whoever is up there in the pulpit, they should keep their minds clean. And every day, not just there, not just at that time. Thus, I told you, these pedo-priests, and the pope, they are not pure, they’re not clean. They should be kicked out of the Vatican. Otherwise, they infect everybody. (Right. Yes, Master.) Because people trust them and when they trust them, they look at them with adoration, with respect, and the energy exchanges.

You see, that’s why all the Masters taught us that body, speech, and mind, thinking also, have to be pure, (Yes.) have to be good. Therefore, not everyone who volunteers or is assigned to do holy work inside any holy temple, or synagogue, or church, or mosque is pure and holy. (Yes. True.)

Thus, they could damage the energy, the atmosphere, of that holy place, (Right.) and infect other people. (Yes.) If the energy’s strong enough, it manifests into these kinds of devils, like we have just read. If it’s not strong enough to manifest into a physical presence, it could manifest into an astral presence and also disturb people – making people sick, making people’s prayers not come true, distracting them, or infiltrating their minds and making the people not pray rightly, or not sincere, or having bad thoughts or negative thoughts, or sexual desire right there.

Even if it’s not manifested into devils or astral devils’ bodies, the energy is still very bad for the people. That’s why if you go to the ashram to meditate or listen to a Master’s talk, you should check your body, speech, and mind. (Yes, Master.) I don’t mean just you. I mean you, all of you out there.

Thus, now you know why many priests, they are no good like that. (Yes, Master.) They are molesting children, raping children, or murdering children. (Oh, yes.) It might be their own character, it might be also that they are influenced by the predecessor’s kind of energy, bad energy (That’s right.) or low desires.

This kind of thought, people cannot see, of course. Well, some people can, because some people can read minds. In Buddha’s time, many could. Buddha could also read minds. He knows what you’re thinking and what you’re doing. But mostly, people don’t see it.

And if many of them, concentrated on those people, trusted and looked upon, to hear their teaching, their preaching, their interpreting of the Holy books, like the Bible or Torah or Qur’an, for example, or Granth Sahib, for example – because people look at them, listen to them, so their energy also affects the people. (Yes, Master.) So, the priest or the whoever is up there in the pulpit, they should keep their minds clean. And every day, not just there, not just at that time.

Thus, I told you, these pedo-priests, and the pope, they are not pure, they’re not clean. They should be kicked out of the Vatican. Otherwise, they infect everybody. (Right. Yes, Master.) Because people trust them and when they trust them, they look at them with adoration, with respect, and the energy exchanges. (Yes, Master.) When you look into people’s eyes or their faces, whatever they have in there, you share. That’s why these priests are no good, no matter where they are sent to. (Yes, Master.)

If they are not clean, cleansed themselves, or truly heartfelt repentant, which is difficult, because once they do such things, it’s very difficult to forget. They want to do it again, just like an addiction. (Yes, Master.) And it was so easy for them to do it because they are in the position of control, and their words are law, and the vulnerable people and children, they are helpless against it. They have been tutored into believing in these priests and obedience also. (Yes.) That is the problem. The same with all the nuns; they also molest others, children and/or maybe adults also.

Because they believe in them, the people believe in them. They have been conditioned to believe in priests and nuns. (Yes, Master.) It never crossed their minds to doubt these people. To them, they’re holy, they’re representatives of God on Earth. (Yes.)

Thus, they can do anything they want with them, because they’re vulnerable, (Right.) they’re too obedient. And until they realize it, it’s too late. They didn’t know how to react, and it’s too late afterward. (Yes, Master.) And then this scars them all their life, and that is the most troublesome and cruel thing inflicted upon them.

It’s not just a sexual act, which is already taboo anyway. (Yes, Master.) But even then, the pope said, “It’s not very serious.” What else then? What else do you think is serious? You inflict pain – psychologically, mentally, physically upon the kids. Some of them die because of all these brutal rapes upon their very delicate body ‒ (Yes, Master.) little frame, not developed, all their bones and everything are not yet developed completely. It’s still very fragile.

And how can he, standing there on the podium, say, “Oh, it’s not serious,” and can forgive them. And then if people ask him to judge, ask Francis to judge them, he says, “Who am I to judge them?” Then, who is he to forgive? (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

One mouth, one tongue. He has many tongues, I guess. Or his tongue is so flexible, he can twist it around. (Yes.) That’s what we say in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). We say, “Because the tongue doesn’t have any bones, so it can twist around.” Meaning you can say anything, contradicting yourself like him. (Yes, Master.)

If he says, who is he to judge people, then why does he judge the gay people, (Right.) the lesbian people? All they want is just to be openly recognized so they can live together. (Yes, Master.) They’re honest. They don’t want to hide. They don’t want to be this kind of hypocrite, like him, (Yes, Master.) do many bad things and then say something good, just trendy stuff. (Yes, that’s right.) Oh, God, so sickening, it makes me want to vomit, truly.

So, on one hand, he says a sexual act is not sinful, not too serious a sin ‒ then why does he condemn the gay people, and doesn’t give them the blessing for their union? (Yes, Master.) There are gay people, there are lesbian people, there are bi people, (Right.) there are trans people. This is what happens in our society. (Yes.) It’s no good to deny it, (That’s true, Master.) just makes things worse.

They’re also humans. They have the right to live like everyone else. (Yes, Master.) They have the right also to fall in love. (Yes, Master.) Nobody can force them to fall in love. Nobody can force them to love anyone else except themselves. (Yes.) And they’re also helpless to fall in love, like everyone else. (Yes, Master.)

So if he says who is he to judge anyone else, then why does he judge the gay people? (Right.) They’re also humans. (That’s right, Master.) They look like you and me. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And if the two adults consent to a solid and lifelong relationship, then just let them be. (Yes, Master.) They’re not raping children, (No.) at least. (Yes, that’s true, Master.)

If sexual sin is not much, then why condemn the gay people? This guy, he has no IQ. If he’s not a devil… not to talk about he’s a devil already, or working for the devil, he has no IQ at all. It’s not worth one cent to sit there in the Vatican to rule over other people and talk nonsense all the time, (Yes, Master.) and infect people with his breath while he’s talking. It’s not just nonsense; it’s infectious. (Yes, Master.)

The vulnerable people, they don’t know anything. They don’t read much about what he does or what he says. They just believe in him because they’re desperate to believe in God. They’re desperate to hold onto something to survive, to live on in this difficult world, especially in this period of troubled waters. So, they have to believe in him. They want to believe in him. And that’s how he can mislead them. That is the thing. It’s not just about him saying anything. Anyone can say what they want. (Yes.) It’s just whether or not you influence people badly or favorably. (Yes, Master.)

And this filthy mouth of his, with blood dripping from the rare beef or medium-rare, whatever they call it, the blood’s still dripping. His blood-dripping mouth should better shut up, or somebody sew it up so that he doesn’t breathe out all this ugly, filthy, and idiot talk again. (Yes, Master.)

So, do not put whatever he says into your heart. (Yes.) Just throw it out quickly. As soon as you hear it, you throw it out in the garbage or bury it in the ground. My God, poor garbage; contaminates the garbage even. These kinds of people, you better not go near. (OK, Master.)

He and his gang men. They say they are the mafia. (Yes.) (Wow.) Some people, a big name, one former (Colombian) presidential candidate said that they are “mafia.” (Wow!) They confessed it themselves almost. It’s a society like that.

How can it not be? Such an evil organizing group within that organization, doing evil things. So, they just vote for each other so that they continue to have power. (Yes, Master.) And that’s how it is. It’s just like the mafia. Oh, yeah, what else? (Yes.) They drink, they eat bloody meat, they rape children. It’s worse than the mafia! (Yes, Master. True.) And they murder children as well!

The mafia, mostly, they kill only adults, (Right.) or those who betray them, (Yes.) betray their organization in some way. Like, maybe informing the government, (Yes.) or maybe do something that’s harmful to their business, like drug business or whatever secret business that they’re doing. Then they kill them. (Yes.) But these children, they trusted in the priests and the Church and the holy teaching of Jesus. And they use them, they abuse them, they rape them, they murder them. (Yes, Master.) They’re worse than the mafia. (Right, Master.)

The mafia, they have their principles. Mostly they say they don’t kill women, don’t kill children. (Yes, Master.) Gangsters, they have some principles themselves. I don’t mean gangsters are good or the mafia are good. I have not had a chance to see any of them. But at least, they don’t just kill or rape children like that, just for their own lowly desires, (That’s right, Master.) evil intentions. (Yes, Master.)

And he’s still sitting in a high dais and talking, holy what? (Yes.) Truly “holey.” Oh, man. Very “holey,” indeed! Big hole! The mouth is like a big, empty hole, dirty hole. That’s what it is.

So, I wonder why all the Christian people do nothing. Only one archbishop wrote a letter to tell Francis to resign, “p” Francis to resign.

I don’t want to call him “pope,” because that is a sacred word to me. (Yes, Master.) It’s the Father of all beings. And then, he let them molest them, rape them, kill them at random like that, even in the womb, already. Then he’s not worthy to be called “pope.” (Yes, Master.)

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