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Between Master and Disciples

The Two Little Devils, Part 6 of 12, Jan. 10, 2022

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My God, how difficult can it be just to forsake the piece of meat for peace in the world and for a healthy planet, healthy humans? Humans are now an endangered species, not to talk about any other beings. (Yes, Master.) They are endangering themselves. They are eating themselves to extinction, soon.

So, I wonder why all the Christian people do nothing. Only one archbishop wrote a letter to tell Francis to resign, “p” Francis to resign. I don’t want to call him “pope,” because that is a sacred word to me. (Yes, Master.) It’s the Father of all beings. And then, he let them molest them, rape them, kill them at random like that, even in the womb, already. Then he’s not worthy to be called “pope.” (Yes, Master.)

“Pope” means “father.” (Yes.) Father of all, at least to the faithful. But what did he do? He doesn’t defend them. He doesn’t try to protect them, not vigorously, nothing. (That’s true, Master.) Just says a couple of words, just because he has to. (Right.) Like trendy, says something trendy, so confusing people, whether or not he’s evil or he’s good. That’s what it is. Just to distract people from thinking bad about him. (Yes, Master.) So this man, “p” Francis, should be kicked out. (Yes. Yes, Master.) I don’t know why they don’t do it. Only one guy did it.

I don’t know what’s happening to the Catholic Church anymore. I don’t know what happened to Christianity anymore. It must be the end of the world. So, the holy knowledge is going to be lost. It’s already lost. Thus, the people who are supposed to represent it are evil, evil outright, more than evil. (Yes, Master.) Worse than the criminals in the society. (Yes.) Worse than all these serial killers. Worse! (Yes, Master.) These serial killers, maybe they are crazy. Maybe something’s wrong with them mentally, (Yes, Master.) but they don’t kill and rape children the way they do like this. (Yes, Master.) (That’s right, Master.) I don’t know what to say anymore. I don’t know what happened to Christianity now. Nobody dares to say anything, nobody does anything. Just talk or even try to avoid the sensitive topic. Don’t mention Biden, don’t go against outright “p” Francis, etc, etc.

I say “p” like “pee-pee.” Not like “pope.” (Yes, Master.) Pedophile “p.” Because if you are an accomplice with some criminals, then you are the same. (Yes, Master.) More or less the same category. (Yes, Master.) You must like it in order to understand these kinds of criminal activities. Otherwise, you would condemn it. (Yes, Master.) He cannot open his mouth because he probably has done it himself. (Right.) With all these gay escorts going to his private residence.

What are they doing there? Having parties even. (Yes.) After some drinks and then some big, bloody beefsteak and then chicken-people, then anything can happen. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) Yeah, yeah. So “holy” indeed, all these such shameless cheaters. (Yes, Master.) Even the whole thing together, the whole gang together – not just shy, or privately or shamefully doing it because they cannot help it, or whatever. Not even shame! It’s all in the open like that. (Yes.)

Luckily, some journalists maybe disguised to be one of the gay escorts or something, or bringing wine in or bringing alcohol in, to discover these things. (Oh.) Otherwise, nobody would know because it’s done in secret, in the pope’s private residence. Who would dare to go there? (Right.) Who is allowed to? They only allow who they want to. (Yes, Master. True.) To have this kind of orgy party. My God. Oh, my God! What happened to Christianity? What happened to all this holy teaching? So, you can see the end is near.

And watching raunchy girls and all this stuff? (Yes.) Not just one time, accidentally. No. Even says, “Like.” (Gosh.) Now you know. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not like everyone going to the church is holy (Yes.) or sincere. Not everyone, put into the position of a church leader or head priest or anything like that, is worthy of their salt. (Yes, Master.) That is the thing with our world. (Yes.) And so, it just keeps doing this and accumulating it. That’s why we have arrived to where we are today – all rotten, and murderous, dangerous. Everything happening in our world today, is like hell, and nothing else but hell. My God, what else?

“Media Report from Euronews Jan. 12, 2022, Reporter (f): The World Health Organization says more than half of the European Region will be infected with the Omicron variant within six to eight weeks. The WHO says more than seven million COVID-19 cases were reported in the first week of 2022, doubling the rate seen two weeks previously.”

“Media Report from Democracy Now! Jan. 7, 2022, Reporter (f): On Monday, the US reported a single day record of one million new infections.”

“Media Report from WPBF 25 News Jan. 6, 2022, Reporter (f): ‘Flurona’ is a term being coined for when someone is suffering from both the flu and the coronavirus. And on top of that, a new COVID variant has been detected in France. It is called IHU.”

“Media Report from DW News Jan. 5, 2022, Prof. Antoine Flahault: A virus is very happy without causing any damage to the cells or to the human body because the longer the body is living, the more the virus can multiply and replicate. Each time the virus replicates, the risk of new variants emerges.”

“World Health Organization (WHO) Media Briefing Jan. 6, 2022, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: Like previous variants, Omicron is hospitalizing people and it’s killing people.”

“Media Report from Euronews Jan. 12, 2022, Dr. Hans Kluge: And it’s going to infect even those who have been previously infected or vaccinated.”

I told you, if they cure one variant, they will breed another. (Yes.) And now they already say that Omicron is very dangerous. (Yes, Master.) Before they said, “Only mild.” And now it’s dangerous. Many children are getting infected. Before, such a young age did not get COVID so easily. You know, those groups that are not supposed to be at risk, (Yes, Master.) they’ve now got all this Omicron and are sick in numbers.”

“Media Report from India Today Jan. 11, 2022, Reporter (f): While the new variant of coronavirus is believed to be milder than Delta, more children under five years are reaching the hospitals in America. Last week, a record number of children ended up in hospitals across the US – the highest level since the pandemic began. This brings in the argument: whether children can handle COVID better, should change at the moment, since they are not vaccinated. And also, in the light of Omicron that causes different symptoms from Delta, how much are children protected or how vulnerable they are, needs to be reassessed.”

“Report from Medscape (Impact Factor) Nov. 23, 2021, F. Perry Wilson: This research letter appearing in JAMA Internal Medicine, it’s an important piece of work because it counters a still pervasive narrative that COVID-19 is a disease of the elderly, that young people can shrug it off. True, fewer young people have died from COVID-19 than older people, but more young people have died from COVID-19 during the pandemic than nearly any other cause. Here’s a graph of observed versus expected deaths among 25 to 44-year-olds in Texas during the study period. So, yes, COVID-19 kills young people. It kills them more than virtually any other thing kills young people. It isn’t just Texas by the way. It is better to be young during this pandemic than to be old, that’s for sure. But if you are young, it’s clearly much better to not become infected with COVID-19. It is, after all, more likely to kill you than just about anything else.”

Many hospitals are filled to capacity. So many people who need operations have to wait. Ambulances are instructed to bring only truly serious cases. (Oh.) Yes. One woman was pregnant and needed delivery, but they didn’t let her in, (Oh.) and she had a miscarriage (Oh God.) (Oh, no.) right in front of the hospital. (Whoa.) Because she didn’t have a vaccine or something like that. (Oh.) On delivery day! (Oh, my God.) Just let them die outside. (Oh, my goodness.) (That’s horrible.)

Many people die nowadays with serious illnesses because the hospitals don’t accept them anymore. Either they’re too full, or they don’t have enough staff. Many staff quit because they don’t want to have the vaccine, the mandated vaccine. So, they quit, (Yes.) because if they are not vaccinated, they are not allowed to work. (Right. Yes, Master.) So, for example, in America, they quit in tens of thousands, in thousands, in all fields, not just hospitals. So everywhere has shortage of staff.

Many restaurants closed because of shortage of staff. Many big supermarkets or big shops close, like Macy’s, for example. Is that big in America? (Yes, Master.) Oh, they’re closing one after another, (Oh. Yes. That’s right.) because they don’t have enough staff. And other chains, big chains also. But I forgot the names. Maybe Walmart or whatever else. (Yes, Walmart.)

So, the Omicron, not only infects individuals and spreads fast, but the new ones spread even faster, they said. The new one after Omicron, they call it Deltacron, or something like that. (Oh.) That was after “Flurona” and after IHU. Yeah, one after another.

I told you, they will manifest more and more variants to deal with the vaccines. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Many breakthrough cases, meaning they’re already fully vaccinated, and they still got Omicron. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And some die just like that. Oh my God.

And it’s not just that, the economy is dying too. (Yes.) Just before they wanted to open, let it be, just live with the COVID, and then “boom,” Delta came. And then “boom,” Omicron came. And now Deltacron. It’s not Delta, it’s Deltacron. It’s after Omicron. (Yes.) (I think the Deltacron was a combined variant of the Omicron and Delta.) Yeah, Delta and Omicron, that is the problem, and this is more dangerous. And also, that was after Flurona, because ‘flu’ and ‘corona,’ and then, after IHU. I just cannot even think about that anymore.

My God, how difficult can it be just to forsake the piece of meat for peace in the world and for a healthy planet, healthy humans? Humans are now an endangered species, not to talk about any other beings. (Yes, Master.) They are endangering themselves. They are eating themselves to extinction, soon.

Many people look down upon COVID. They all die. (Yes.) Whoever just opens their mouth and says, ‘Oh, I don’t believe it. They don’t exist.’ All die soon, just some days or some weeks later. I read all in the news. They don’t have respect for the COVID. You know, they think it’s a hoax, or they say, ‘Oh, it’s just little bugs, or a little virus,’ and they die. Many famous people die. We’re losing, losing so many famous people and so many ‘big mouth’ people as well. Anti-virus, all kinds of things, they all die.

That’s why I told you before, some months ago, that you should be humble and grateful that you don’t have it. (Yes, Master.) That you’re still alive, that you’re healthy. (Yes, Master.) Even disciples, if they’re arrogant, and if they don’t meditate enough, they will get it also. (Yes, Master.)”

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