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The Two Little Devils, Part 3 of 12, Jan. 10, 2022

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You read all his (Francis’) history and all the things that he said and did, then you’ll know. (Yes, Master.) He’s one of those evil popes that the devil incarnates as, whenever the human race has come to such a low standard. (Oh.) And this time, it’s even the lowest of all. (Wow.) The rampant killing, and from human babies to animal-people, everywhere.

I despise all these people. I’m disgusted by these types of people. He and his Vati-gang entity. They are devils. That is very clear. (Yes, Master.) I cannot say enough about this. Because Biden and Pelosi, they have the power. And they use it to kill instead of to nourish people. (Yes, that’s right.)

Children, babies, they’re innocent, man. And Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, because theirs is the Kingdom of God.” Jesus said children belong to God. Children have the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God belongs to the children even. (Yes, Master.) And how dare they? How dare they kill the babies in the womb, rape the innocent toddlers and teenagers, etc. and call themselves holy priests? Oh, man.

Many people sent a lot of roses to Pelosi, (Yes.) begging her to change her mind about abortion. But she’s still adamant to kill. (Yes, understand.) To murder without conscience, without shame, without remorse, believe it or not. She’s adamant to keep it, to keep the law of abortion (Yes.) so that she can kill more babies, so that her gang of these zealous demons can eat them to their fill. (Oh.) She’s one of them. Biden is one of them. I keep telling you. (Yes.) Maybe other people don’t believe me, but you guys know, it’s so logical. (Yes, we do.)

Imagine people use roses, use soft love like that, she’s still hardened enough, hardened to the point that she chooses murder over caring and loving. (Understand.) And this is not talking about Heavenly mercy yet; human to human only. How can a human have no mercy to another human and kill without mercy like this? (Yes.) Just because you can. (Yes, Master.) An order to kill the innocent, has nothing to do with her even. Would he, would she, Pelosi and Biden, have loved their mothers to shred them into pieces in their wombs already? (Of course not.) Of course not! And now that they’re alive, they’re well, they’re fed by taxpayers, they turn into murderers without remorse. (Yes, Master.) These, you can see that they are devils. (Yes.) There is no need to be a psychic to see it. (Yes.)

Anyone who enjoys the murderous process in any way at all to the innocents, they are devils. (Yes, Master.) They’re worse than the worst criminals in the society. I don’t know why the law doesn’t just cuff their hands and throw them in jail for many lifetimes. No worries. Hells will do it. Hell will throw them in fire forever. (Wow.) These people, they will not be leniently forgiven by Heavens’ and by hell’s law, even. The hells have their law also. That’s why they’re there to punish the sinful. (Understand.) And these types are the greatest sinners of all in the universes. They will not get away with it. (Wow.) Never. They will never get out of hell again to harm others, to harm the innocent babies, toddlers and all that.

And even then, the pope lets them have communion. (Yes.) The holy ritual of Christianity. So what is he to say? Nothing. His blood-dripping mouth cannot say anything. (That’s right.) Even if he shuts up, it’s not good enough. He should just disappear. He should get lost, out of humans’ sight, so that he will never support any murderous, harmful things for humanity. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, I can never tell you enough about all this. Good that you told me. Thank you, anyway. (Yes, Master.)

You read all his (Francis’) history and all the things that he said and did, then you’ll know. (Yes, Master.) He’s one of those evil popes that the devil incarnates as, whenever the human race has come to such a low standard. (Oh.) And this time, it’s even the lowest of all. (Wow.) The rampant killing, and from human babies to animal-people, everywhere. (Yes. Right.)

You know, our world is like a killing field. (Yes. Yes, Master.) It’s not a world where children of God should live in. (That’s right. Yes.) It’s a killing field. There’s no peace anywhere. I mean, there’s some countries that make peace with each other. I’m so glad about that and thank God. But there’s rampant killing everywhere, murdering everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Murdering the innocent.

And meanwhile they jailed one guy or two girls who murdered one kid, or one man or one woman. (Yes, it’s true.) Jailed them for more than a hundred years, (Wow.) or jailed them for many lives, (Yes.) as if they’re cats, (Exactly.) and have many lives. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, some give many life sentences. You know that. (That’s true.) (How ridiculous.) How ridiculous, when they’re allowed to kill babies, (Exactly. Yes, it’s true.) at random. (Oh, gosh.) “Sexual sins are not serious.” But gay couples – no, cannot. See that? (Yes, Master.)

Oh, all these idiots. If this is not evil talk, then it’s idiot talk. My God. Go wash your ears. (Yes, Master.) All this useless talk. My God. I don’t want to talk about all this.

The world is going down. I’ll probably just let it. Let the dead bury the dead, just like what Jesus said. Let the idiots deal with the idiots. We… My gosh, we do what we can in different ways. (Yes, Master.) I can’t bother about this type. (Right.) There are many other things he said that people don’t even want to bother with anymore.

Any other questions? (Anyone has any? No Master. Not at the moment.) OK, good then. Good. That’s why I often call the boys. They’re always ready and it suits me fine. You know, we are in this, immediate enlightenment group? This is my teaching, so I want everything immediate. I like that style because I’m busy man, (Yes, Master. We understand.) And when I want to talk, I talk. If I don’t want, then maybe later I will lose it. (That’s right. Yes, Master.)

For many decades, I always had to prepare and wait for people to be ready. Or wait until Sunday or Saturday, or retreat in order to talk to them, as if I want to see God Hirmself. So nowadays, OK, let them just listen later on. (Yes, Master.) And whoever is easy, ready, I call them. I call that group. All right? (Yes, Master.) I like it easy. (Yes, Master.) I don’t like it that when I read a story for you I have to begin working again. Then it’s not relaxing for me. (Yes, Master.) I have too much work to do. Truly like that.

This is kind of not serious sickness, thank God, but I keep bearing it. I thought, “OK, it will go away,” but it did not, (Oh.) for more than half a year, so I just moved. Don’t worry. It’s fine. (Let’s hope it gets better, Master, everything, for Master.) It is probably karma also that makes me forget. That’s very good already. The whole world’s karma, just a little bit here and there, thanks to the retreat and God’s blessing. (Yes.)

So from now on if I have time, I just read you a story? OK? (Thank You, Master.) Of course, you can ask questions, but I think the world has nothing much to offer, especially now. (OK, Master. Yes, Master.) There’s nothing good for us to discuss or celebrate or be happy about. (Yes, Master.) It’s not forbidden. You can always ask questions. Even troubling questions are OK too, but I guess it’s just too boring. (Yes.) All these idiots sitting on the top. Either evil or idiots. Either devils or idiots are just… just hopeless.

Ready for a bedtime story? (Yes, Master.) This is from the book of “A Treasury of Jewish Folklore” again. This is number three book. Number one book, I have not finished yet, but today I just pulled it out, and it was number three, so I thought why not. Actually, it was difficult for me to choose. There’s another story, very nice. I like this type of story, simple, and I don’t have to look too much. (Yes, Master.) Even if I don’t read in advance, I would understand while reading to you. (Right.) Anyway, these stories, I told you, I read them before, but I forgot altogether.

I just fold the pages, (Yes.) so that I know that I read the story already. (Ah, right.) At least I know these selected ones. (Yes, Master.) There are some stories I did not want to read to you. I don’t feel they’re very suitable. (Yes, Master.) But maybe they are suitable. Who knows? When I’m short of stories, I will go back to them. (Ok, Master. Yes, Master.) They’re just like spare tires. (Yes.)

This story is called, “The Two Little Devils.” Talking about the devils. I just opened it, and it’s like that. There’s another story before that. Or maybe I’ll read it also later.

Now. Once upon a time, there were two little devils who appeared inside a mezzanine that is reserved for the women in the church or in the synagogue. So they frightened all the women. They all ran away. And then the high priest of that synagogue brought out the Torah, the Holy Torah, to read up there in this mezzanine, in order to drive these two little devils away. So they disappeared reluctantly, because people were reading… the highest priest there was reading the Holy Torah. The Holy Torah, (Yes, Master.) it’s similar to the Bible in Christianity. (Yes, Master.) So then they had nothing else to do. They went to bother the two little boys of this highest priest. Thus, both of the boys became ill. (Oh.)

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