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Between Master and Disciples

May the Righteous Triumph, Part 6 of 6, Dec. 24, 2020

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I don’t know how long until we are free from this COVID-19. It depends on humans. (Yes, Master.) If they U-turn and live compassionately, no more killing animals or man, then this pandemic will disappear in no time, without any medicine, without vaccine, without any trouble. But if they continue the way it is, I don’t know, I cannot guarantee. I can help some. But I cannot help completely. (Yes, Master.)

Any more? December. I check out. Wow! Some more behind, because I didn’t write for many days so I thought nothing left but that was only the 10th, so, there will be more left. And what else is here? Many more but I cannot tell you, OK? (Yes, Master.)

The skunk likes soft food, not the dog’s hard food, even though he ate them. But he likes soft, so… I said, “OK, I will soak them in boiled water for a while and then I’ll give them.” Then he likes it better. He eats it faster and he ate them all. Before he left some of the bigger ones. He ate only the small ones. For puppy. For puppy food.

Now I soften it and he likes it. I asked him, “Do you like anything else?” He said he doesn’t know, “It’s OK.” He went to some places and ate the grapefruit. (Oh.) In some garden, somewhere. He eats the skin out and then he eats some grapefruit, very little. Every grapefruit, he digs a hole and eats some. And then I said, “Is there anything else I can give you, because I am not a skunk, I don’t know what you like?” He said, “It’s OK already, that’s very good. (Vegan) dog food is good.”

And then I asked him, “But how did you know about the dog’s food? Because the skunks, they don’t know anything about this dog food, how would you come and eat the (vegan) dog food, as if you’re my dog?” He said, “Sozy told me that You will feed me.” (Oh.) I said, “Ah, that girl! Busybody.” Not only I have to feed her, take care of her, now she even introduced somebody else to come and eat my food. Oh, yeah, it was very funny. I said, “Of course, I would feed you. I did not know before, I thought it’s better to leave you alone. Because I never knew how to feed a skunk before. And I thought a natural life is better for you.” But he doesn’t like to eat those snails and frogs and stuff. (Oh.) So, Sozy was hanging around some time before, and so she told him that, “You come and talk to Master, She will feed you.”

Because they talk to each other, you know? I didn’t know that a dog can talk to a skunk. They don’t have to be together to talk. (Yes.) If they know that the dogs are in my care, they could talk. He said, “What did you eat? I don’t like to eat all these live snails in the garden.” So, Sozy said, “We don’t eat animals. No! We’re vegan.” So, the skunk would ask, “How do you find vegan animals to eat?” Sozy said, “You silly! It’s not vegan animals. It’s vegan! Just vegan, no animals.” So, he said, “How did you find this food to eat.” She said, “You talk to my Master. She will feed you.” So, he did really come (Wow.) one time when I was there. So, he really looked at me, the two times I met him.

The first time we met, it’s straight, face to face, but far away. A few meters away, and his eyes are glowing, (Yes.) But it’s very sad, (Oh.) Then I know, I feed him. First, I gave him bread and crackers and stuff like that. And he ate the bread. And then I said, “OK, maybe some (vegan) dog food, in the bag, still fresh and new,” so I gave some to him, a little bit, to see if he eats. He ate them all. (Oh.) Yeah. Then next time I gave some bread and more (vegan) dog food. He ate all the food; he left the bread. So, I know that he just likes the dog’s (vegan) food. Maybe he listens to Sozy too much. Sozy said, “We eat dog’s vegan food. We don’t eat other things that are not vegan.” So, maybe he worries any other thing is not vegan. So, he didn’t eat the bread anymore, he eats just the (vegan) dog food. And later, one day I was thinking maybe… because he left some big pellets, from the dog’s pellets. You know, the ready-made (vegan) dog food? (Yes, Master.)

So I told him, and now I told somebody to take care, if I’m not there, somebody else will take care. I don’t always have time or I’m not always in the same place. I have to keep moving. Run around. For safety reasons and for other reasons, spiritual reasons. Because some places have more spiritual value than other places. And after I finish with one place, I go to a higher one. Do you understand that? (Yes, Master.) If there is one, then I had to move. So one day I think, maybe he’s very small. He’s only six or seven months old. So maybe he likes soft food. So I told the person who takes care, “Put hot water to soak it first; he likes it better.” He went around and said, “Thank You. Thank You.” (Oh.) He turned around, around and said, “Thank You.” Just like dogs when they chase their tails. (Oh.) Maybe he learned it from Sozy, I don’t know, my dog. There are many other things that I cannot talk to you about that. Never mind, never mind. Other thing cannot. This one.

You know there are more new variants of COVID nowadays, right? (Yes, Master.) They spread 70 or 80 percent faster than the old one. (Wow.) And they found them in England, but maybe they’re already in France or anywhere else, so the whole Europe is shut down now. (Wow.) They don’t let anyone from England to come, well unless something really urgent or very, very important. (Yes, Master.) They’re all shut down now. Now the whole England is quarantined from Europe. (Yes, Master.) And then even other countries also forbid the English people to come to their country also. I forgot, maybe Turkey or something. You find out. Because this new variant is from England, they found it in England. And six, seven types of them. Or maybe more now. So scary. (Yes, Master.)

Aren’t you happy that you live alone together in a bubble. (Yes. Yes, Master.) I don’t wear a mask. Because if I wear a mask maybe I’ll talk like, “How are you?” Besides, I don’t need, I live alone. (Yes.) I don’t contact anybody. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Not even dogs now. I don’t see any dogs, I don’t see you. We just live like this.

I don’t know how long until we are free from this COVID-19. It depends on humans. (Yes, Master.) If they U-turn and live compassionately, no more killing animals or man, then this pandemic will disappear in no time, without any medicine, without vaccine, without any trouble. But if they continue the way it is, I don’t know, I cannot guarantee. I can help some. But I cannot help completely. (Yes, Master.) It’s a lot already, it’s a lot of help. That’s why not as many people die as it would have been. Understand? (Yes, thank You, Master.)

And I ask, “Are you friends?” We go back to the skunk. I saw it here another day. “Are you friends somehow?” He said, “No, we didn’t know each other before.” “But you talk, right?” He said, “Yeah, yeah we have conversations, and she visits me sometimes.” Maybe astrally. You know, the soul. No relation to me either. To Master, either. “When did she tell you?” He said, “Some months ago.” I said, “OK.”

Some months ago, that’s when I first saw him. Ny, is his name. He has a name. Ny. N-Y. So I call him Ny sometimes, when I fed him before. Now I don’t feed him. Somebody could do it, but when I fed him before I always call him his name. I said, “Ny, your food is ready. When you are ready, when you are hungry you come to eat, OK? With all love, and you have to thank God. God gives it to you. I’m only doing God’s will. OK? I help you, but it’s from God.” So, he understands that. Before, when I was still feeding him, he circled around my house. It’s a little studio, with a toilet and everything inside, in the six meters by four meters. And prepared also for dogs. In case when the dogs come, they can have room. They have a sofa and their cage that I designed. But only one, because mostly they jump on the sofa. They like it. Because they can see me better. Also higher. I say to them, “Maybe the cave is cold because it’s on the floor, so if you want, the sofa is better.” But ever since, they always sleep on the sofa. If they can have it. Sometimes they jump into the cave, you know, their dogs’ dens, if they want it dark. Otherwise they stay on the sofa.

The other day, because it’s raining, I was thinking how can the skunk fare in such weather. And he is so young. His parents passed away already (Oh.) because of old age, he told me. So, he lives alone and fares himself alone. So young already. Since he was maybe three, four months old, yeah? (Oh.) And now he’s OK, so I feel sad, I feel maybe I should tell the person who takes care, to put a dog’s den outside or something for him. But then I said, “Oh, no, better not, because that is not as safe as if he has his own burrow.” Maybe he knows already, maybe his parents taught him, or maybe he stays in his parents’ burrow, because if he keeps continuing to come to eat, that means he is OK. It’s safer than putting him in that dog box and put it outside and any other thing can crawl inside and hurt him You know what I’m saying? (Yes.) Or if the dogs go there they might pass by and scare him. Not all of them will talk like Sozy. They might scare him or go and sniff, sniff and scare him to death. So I said better not. Just let him be. Just give him food, that’s enough. That’s what I was thinking. So, his soul came to me and said, “Don’t be sad, because I love You. (Aww!) As a kid to a mother, more than that.” So, (Wow.) I said, “All right. I’m not sad, I just worry about you.” I worry about many other animals also, because they don’t have their safety, you know? (Yes, Master.)

Last time, I lived in some place and I saw some squirrel, baby, fell on the ground and died. (Oh.) Oh, and that really hurt me so much. But how can you take care of the squirrel? And then they’re just young and maybe too much wind, and then they just dropped. Oh, God. It really gives me so much pain for long, long time. OK. Sorry. Any other … you want the diary, huh? Any other questions? Or just that? (That’s all, Master.) That’s all? See if anything else.

I said here that “I cry too much daily. It’s not good for my eyes. I better try to control it. They’re blurred a little bit more nowadays.” “Please Heavens, forgive animals and their enemies. Forgive all humans.” And there are some other things about something that also cannot tell you. Sorry. I think it’s all done. It’s another diary. It’s nothing much. And this one I don’t write a lot, sometimes, but not much. No. OK, OK. That’s it then. Many other things are about predictions for this and that leader, and this and that things about our planet. I cannot tell you. OK? (Understand Master. Thank You, Master.)

I wish you Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, again. (Merry Christmas, Master and Happy New Year to You too.) No more questions, right? (No, Master. No more.) OK, very good. (Thank You so much for taking time to talk with us, Master.) You should appreciate it, truly. (Yes, thank You, Master.) Because my time is truly very tight. Very tight. Whenever I can make it, I’m happy to do. OK? (Thank You so much, Master.) Today not a lot of rushing shows, not like many airing tonight, airing tonight or not a lot of corrections, so it’s OK. Yes. All right, thank you then (Thank You, Master.) for being good boys (Thank You, Master.) and good girls. God bless you all. (God bless, Master. Thank You Master.) I thank you for doing everything to help the world, to help me, and unconditionally. You don’t want much from the world, you don’t want much for your comfort, even though you can have everything you want, you know that, right? (Yes.) You just order what you need. OK? Never, never… I will not say anything. Just for your comfort, and so that you continue to work. All right? (Thank You, Master.)

By the way, I thank also all the Supreme Master Television workers outside in the world. They also sacrifice a lot because they also have work to earn their living, and they also have their family members, their ties, their obligations, and they still take their time to help with this work, to help our world. So I’m thanking you sincerely and humbly. May God bless you all. Love you so much. Thank you. Hug, hug. God bless you and your family. Bye for now. (Bye, Master.)

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