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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever is Inside of Us Is Manifested Outside, Part 2 of 4, Nov. 12, 2020

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What I mean to say is that even if a person is good, came from a saintly background, but went down to this level of consciousness, the material world here, and then you’ll also be forgetting many things, but still you will do good things.

So, even though they lockdown, lock up, and testing, and all kind of things, but the number of infectious patients keeps spiking up. (Yes, very scary.) And now we have mutated COVID-19. And some scientists already worry that maybe the new found vaccine will not be able to cope with that. Might have to probably find another vaccine or something. (Wow.) Oh, we cannot catch up. If the karma comes, it comes. (Yes, Master.) Heavens help a lot, Master Power helps a lot already. Otherwise, everybody dies. Understand? (Oh. Master.) There will be no cure because this is a different virus. It’s very intelligent. Like, it hits you, and then it runs. OK? (Wow.) And hits somewhere else. There were new cases. They just found that one asymptomatic woman she can still continue to infect people for 70 days. (Oh. Wow!)

If humans do not change into a more compassionate way of life, then we have to keep hunting, catching viruses forever. You know? (Oh.) Nowadays we have how many already? Always new. You saw that? (Yes.) We defeat one, or maybe not even defeated, and another one comes already. It’s more powerful than the last. (Yes.) So the only way is that you have to live like humans, not like beasts. Eating bleeding flesh, dripping-blood flesh just (Oh.) to keep yourself alive. We don’t have to do that to be alive. Right? (Right, Master.) Look at elephants and oxen, and all the animals. The strongest, the biggest are the herbivores. (Yes.) you call that, right? (Yes.) They eat grass or leaves. Yeah? (Yes.) Or branches, or fruits.

Let’s go back to the aura… Or you want other question? (No. That was the only question, Master.) Your question is big, so… (Yes.) Many kinds of auras. The aura is normally referred to as “the shining one.” Yeah? (Yes.) Like you have hundreds of watt-lights all around you. (Oh.) And different bright aura colors signify the different development inside, spiritually, of that person. (Oh.) And a person who is developed all around, she/he will have many colors of aura. Not just one color. OK? (Yes, Master.) Some people have like golden only. That’s fantastic already. Some people have white color. OK, already. Some people have blue light around them. Radiance. (Yes, Master.) And some people have pink. (Yes, Master.) But some people don’t have that kind of aura. They have color around them. You can also call it aura for lack of terminology. (Yes.) So, the color could range from white to yellow, some blue, purple, red, pinkish, orange. And each one also signifies some quality within that person. Like for example, many of the leaders in the world, those who are very ambitious and go-getting and fighty, they have yellow color. (Oh.) Deep lemon-yellow color. You know, lemons, when they are not so ripe, they’re kind of greenish yellow? (Yes.) And then pure yellow. (Yes.) Light yellow, and then deep yellow when they’re ripe. (Yes, Master.)

So, Mr. Voight has seen good aura around President Trump. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) And also, five angels flying with him. (Wow.) That’s all I can tell you. I cannot tell you about Mr. Biden since he’s an opponent (Yes, Master.) And I don’t want to say anything against him. (Yes. Understand, Master.) I just pray that if he ever becomes President, I hope he can do good things for your country. (Yes, me too.)

People may change. OK? It depends. Just like at the time of initiation, most people see light. You see that? Inside them. (Yes, yes, Master.) Or the initiate next to him. Many see that only after a while. (Yes, Master.) Some people don’t see, just see some darkness or something like that. (Yes.) Because their level is still not very high. (Yes, Master.) Some people see golden light, some people see bright light, some people see different kinds of things that’s already explained to you during the time of initiation, so you can recognize your level. OK? (Yes, Master.) But it is just the beginning. Of course, you will develop more. That you know.

So, differently, some people, because they’re born for some special reason, so they’ve been good. (Yes, Master.) Even though they look like everyone else, and they behave like everyone else, or sometimes a little strange. But they are a good person. OK? (Yes, Master.) Even though looks like, but it’s not the same. Now, I cannot go into more details. Just want to tell you that. Probably Mr. Voight sees that. But you can ask him. But that’s what he probably has seen. That’s why he’s so strongly convinced (Wow. Yes.) about President Trump. And now it’s because the situation is so confusing and desperate, so he has to voice the whole thing out. (Yes, yes.) He spoke the whole thing out, without hiding anything, without being reluctant. (Yes, Master.)

  1. Because this world is the domain of the maya, (Yes, Master.) the king of illusion, and a lower level, of all the levels, except hell. OK? (Yes.) So, we, whoever came down here with a good intention, or the Saints, or the Sages, they are also very much oppressed by the energy of this world. (Yes, Master.) Suppressed also, and a very heavy burden of karma of this world, as if you are diving into the deep ocean. And you’ll feel pressure all around you, if you don’t have special equipment. (Yes, Master.) Even many divers, for example, seasoned divers, or professional divers, if they dive very deep even with oxygen already… Without oxygen you cannot anyway. With an oxygen tank, and they went down to a deep level for their own research, or pleasure, or whatever, if they do maybe often, or it depends on the length also of how long they stay down there, when they come up, they need a special machine in order to help them to regain the normal rhythm of their body. (Yes, Master.) You know that? (Yes.) How? You do diving? (No, I’ve read about diving before.) Ah, good, good. At least I’m not wrong about that.

When I was in Grand Cayman near the US… (Yes, Master.) Very near anyway. And because I was in US, but I didn’t have long permits. So, if I am in the United States, in Miami, I stayed in one of the islands in Miami before. (Oh, I see. Yes.) And then before three months end, I had to fly out. (Yes.) I flew to Cayman (Islands) and then I flew back in United States. (Yes, yes, Master.) I was in London, asking the embassy if they can give me longer term, like six months. They said, “Oh no, you don’t need, you’re British, you go there, you don’t need.” But every three months, they said I have to go out because they stamp that much only. (Oh, yes.) So, I keep going in and out, in and out. And I went to learn diving. I could never dive. I can swim a little. I can float on the water. Can you float on the water? (Yes.) I mean without anything? (Yes.) How did you do that? (I just sort of taught myself. They just said get in the water and relax and then you will float. And that’s what I did.) Float upside down? (You’ll just float to the top. I can float either way.) I float on my back. (Oh, yeah, that’s fun.) Because if you float upside down, how can you breathe? Difficult! Every time you breathe, you move, maybe you sink again, (Yes, yes.) not sink but loose balance. (Yes.) I float on the surface, so I swim a little bit like that. OK? And with a goggle, Yeah, it was fun.

Because when I went to Cayman (Islands) I had nothing to do. So, sometimes I go to the beach. And do the tricks (Oh.) Show off to myself and some of the kids on the beach. I knew all that because of that. And then I learned to dive with one lady on the beach. (Yes.) And she gave me some very heavy metal bags to hang around my waist so that I can sink. And it’s just after a few meters, oh, I cannot bear anymore. Even though I can breathe of course, yes? (Yes.) I said, “No, no. I cannot, I cannot. I have to go up, I have to go up.” So, I float back to the surface. You know? And run back on the beach. Somehow I got a panic attack. It wasn’t very deep yet. So, it’s not like if you go down in the bottom of the sea with all the equipment, you can survive all the time or long time, no? Not really. (Right, yes.) And even after you come back as a professional, some of them have to go in the machine to decompress. Something like that. (Yes.) And that machine costs a lot, half a million dollars. (Wow!) Something like that. Yes. Somebody told me that. Maybe that’s the best one or something. Maybe it could cost less. I just heard half of a million and then I just don’t ask anymore.

What I mean to say is that even if a person is good, came from a saintly background, but went down to this level of consciousness, the material world here, and then you’ll also be forgetting many things, but still you will do good things. You see what I’m saying? (Yes.) As good as you can manage, given all the pressure around you and bad influences. Ok? And the things they feed you and they taught you and they force you, since a baby already. (Yes, Master.) And then make you kind of not in complete control of yourself the way you should have done. (Understand.) The way you should be or the way you wanted to be. But even then, you can tell a person from bad or good if he does a good thing. Not just he talks well. Everybody can talk good. I heard many, many talk very good. OK? (Yes.) Just almost like copycat or parrot. OK? I feel very empty. (Yes, Master.) No substance. Maybe just learn from the scriptures and then just spit it out again. (Yes.) Or add in something more but nothing because they don’t have realization inside.

But on the contrary, some lay people, they came from a higher level. They came down, they still help the world. We have many helpers in the world. You see outside there? You see? (Yes.) Like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) organization, human rights organizations, many, many organizations and groups in the world and individuals, they are fighting. You see? (Yes, Master.) They are fighting with the dark force in this world. But mostly very difficult, a lot of obstacles for them. But they still continue. (Yes.)

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