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Joss Stone (Trường Chay): Tiếng Hát Của Niềm Hy Vọng Và Lòng Từ Bi

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Following the roaring success of her debut multi-platinum album “The Soul Sessions,” British vegetarian singer-songwriter and actress Joss Stone took the music industry by storm with her powerful voice, her interpretations of classic soul songs, and her elevating original creations. In her dazzling but still relatively short singing career, she has already received numerous awards and honors at home and abroad, including a Grammy Award and two Brit Awards.

She is also involved in charitable work to help those in need through many benefit concerts and the Joss Stone Foundation. Most of all, she is an earnest messenger for voiceless animals. Among new millennial artists, Joss Stone embodies talent, passion, kindness, eco-consciousness, and a refreshing outlook on life.

In 2014, Joss embarked on the 200-stop Total World Tour to, in her words, “bring loveliness in the form of music to every country on our planet.” The tour, which continued into the summer of 2019, is on a mission to achieve complete carbon neutrality by investing in wind farms, planting trees, and other efforts.

Joss is also a life-long vegetarian, and a passionate advocate for animal rights. Working together with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Joss urges others to live a compassionate lifestyle, saying, “No need to cause another living thing pain or harm.” Empowered by her song, “Change,” she has also partnered with Cruelty Free International in campaigning for a global ban on animal testing by the cosmetics industry. Joss puts her love, hope, and desires into writing songs on this topic, for example, “Mama Earth” is a six-song project inspired by her experiences during her recent Total World Tour, and her charity single “Oceans” is a collaboration with the global non-profit collective, We Are the Oceans (WATO) in an effort to safeguard our precious marine ecosystems.

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