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Omniscience, the sign by which a Master Is Recognized: Seeing Master's Compassion, Love and Liberation of Five Generations

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Master is so compassionate and full of Love that no language could describe.

Once, when Master was giving a lecture and answering questions from disciples, a sister with poor hearing, whom I knew, had the courage to raise a question that had been troubling her for a long time. Though no one mentioned that the sister couldn’t hear well, Master knew it. Not only did Master answer her patiently, She also told the adjacent people to repeat Her answer to the sister, fearing that she couldn’t hear clearly.

The scene touched me so much, and I felt overwhelmed by Master’s Compassion and Love. Master pays serious attention even to trivial things, not to mention making great sacrifices for sentient beings. My few sentences could not convey even one-ten- thousandth of Master’s Compassion and Love, but I still wanted to write about Master’s wholehearted Love that I felt and my respect for Her. I am grateful to Master for giving us the True Love that transcends birth and death.

Before my husband’s father passed away, when people were helping to put burial clothes on him, it put him in agony and made his face turn dark and look serious. Immediately, I played Master’s “Buddha’s Chanting,” silently recited the Holy Names, and asked for Master’s help. In the evening, his father’s face turned very rosy, even smiling with his teeth visible, like with his teeth visible, like a baby peacefully sleeping. Then I knew that his father had been taken to Heaven by Master. I heard that people had to change back to being like children before they could return to Heaven.

Master is not only liberating our five generations but is always helping us, initiates, to retrieve and recognize our pure, bright, and holy True Self, as well as helping the Earth to elevate and become a vegan world. Thank You, Master. Ching-Hsin from Taiwan (Formosa)

Adorable Ching-Hsin, Your stories are touching. It is with much love that we share them with our viewers so that they may become aware of Master’s loving nature. Everyone on this planet should be granted the opportunity to get to know and love Her the way we do. We rejoice every time a soul is awakened by something Master says or does, and that person then turns their life around to follow the path to spiritual enlightenment instead of superficially surviving in this material world. We wish that countless Blessings come to you and the good Taiwanese (Formosan) people, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. We are delighted to transmit Master’s loving words to you: “Such a filial heart you are, beautiful Ching-Hsin! One of the characteristics of a Master is omniscience. That is one of the signs by which a Master may be recognized. The Master Power always does what It is supposed to do to bring to life a peaceful Universe, the way that Heaven intended it. Like a balance, the Master Power always strives to bring everything that has strayed away from Heaven through a series of bad decisions back to Heaven’s Loving Nature. May you and spirited Taiwan (Formosa) forever know peace.” 

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