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Conserving the World's Resources (Part 2 of 3) July 15, 2013

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Even though we saved it, but we have to stop abusing it. I mean all the people. The humans have to stop abusing it because the oceans are the ones that give us also at least 50% of the oxygen, yes? Because of the plankton that produce oxygen in the ocean. But then, now because we disturbed the ecosystem in the ocean, with so many fish gone and almost gone, so the cycle of ecosystem in the ocean is greatly disturbed. So therefore many dead zones and many coral-dead areas. And the fish that are supposed to be there to regulate the population of the sea are almost not there anymore, and the one that's not supposed to be there are overpopulated now, and it might endanger more than just a dead zone. It will also affect us in many terrible ways. I don't know what all the governments are doing. If they really know what endangers our planet, what endangers our lives, they should inform all the people and put a stop to it. But the government seems to react very slowly, or too conservatively. This is a very terrible situation. And even the biofuel, like, making a sugarcane plantation to use as biofuel, it also affects the agriculture for food in some ways. And while I'm telling you to turn off all the standby wherever not necessary, you think I'm just trying to save my money. It's not like that – not even about your money – it's not like that. Because our electricity here in this city, in this country, also came from nuclear power. And that is also not a very safe way to live with. You see Fukushima in Japan, for example. Or Chernobyl, etc. Because any nuclear plant will get old in time. And sometimes things happen. The wall cracks or…and then some toxins will leak out into the river, into the land, and then we all have to share these consequences. You really have to consider that everything we use belongs to the whole world. The world's resources. So it's not that I'm telling you to be ascetic or anything, but you should consider always all the effort that has been put into whatever we use, and all the resources that must be utilized in order to give us a comfortable life. So the less we spend the world's resources, the better, no matter how much money you have.
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