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Conserving the World's Resources (Part 3 of 3) July 15, 2013

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“(And speaking about horses, sometimes they have parades and if you pay attention to the horses, they have even foam around their mouth and it's so sad.) I don't want to talk about it because whatever we do to the animals are terrible. Even all the riding horses, professional horse or whatever horse, they always put gag around their mouth so that they can control them. This is terrible. I just, sometimes I don't know how we live on this planet, really. The way we treat each other and the way we treat other beings. Oh, all kinds of things. Good that you don't watch TV, because they show all kinds of fishing, and… animals. Oh, sometimes I just want to faint, right there. Feel so sorry, so painful as if I'm being done to. Because you can feel it. If it were you, how would you feel? And riding on top and whipping in the front and then gagging at the mouth, and… like that, and then blinding the eyes, everything. Nothing is nature at all.” “We begin not to give candy anymore. It's not too good for teeth, either. Because I'm telling you, nine months of dentist experience, terrible. Maybe this is karma I had to pay for all the candies that you ate. Yeah, honestly, it was really painful. And very time-consuming and tiring and…driving far away, back and forth. No, actually, also economic-wise, it takes a lot of stuff to make a candy, no? We eat something more simple in our life, okay? Every day also, maybe instead of frying and a lot of spice, you just boil and then eat it. Boil very fast so it's almost raw, and eat it. Or eat raw or eat simple. Okay? So we don't use too much resources of the world. Because everything takes a lot of energy to produce. To produce candy, you have to have a company and have machines, have people, and use a lot of electricity and water, etc. Candy is not very good for our teeth, especially (if) you don't brush your teeth immediately. So maybe better we don't eat it. Because it might damage your teeth. It's better we take care of ourselves.”
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