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Save Our Planet from the Karma of Killing - Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures and Discussions, Part 3 of 3

Lecture Language:English,Malay(Bahasa Melayu)
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“For everyone – for the world, for our children and for ourselves; and for the sake of goodness. It’s still a beautiful planet and we must save it. They should not be too busy fighting each other. They should be busy fighting disaster, saving the planet. They’ve spent a lot of energy already, killing, it’s about time they spent energy and money for saving – saving life instead of destroying life, don’t you think? (Yes.) So at least our group, we help with all our might, all our sacrifice we can, to awaken the world and lead them into a positive era. They have to think positive. But if they don’t do something... they have to do something to save the planet, to save the lives of the inhabitants as well, including themselves. Because I still can do something. We still can do something, that’s why we meditate a lot, with cleaning the planet and we meditate with retreat, we pray and all that. For these people, in case, at least we can waken them up a little bit, and they can still stop now. They still can do it, and they still can go to Heaven, high Heaven, if they stop all this and try to help the planet. Don’t even help me. Don’t need to do the Quan Yin Method, or don’t need to come to me – nothing! Just be a good human being is enough for me to help them. If they turn around and have a noble ideal and want to save the planet, and save all the generations and the future, then I am already having a good enough excuse to help them. So I hope the people in power will do that. Because even if this planet is destroyed, we go to Heaven; it doesn’t matter to us. But, the bad karma (retribution) cannot be destroyed. If they make bad karma (retribution), they cannot redeem after they die. They have to redeem themselves now. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes until a certain extent. But once you turn around your head and want to be good, you have everything erased! And that’s the law of Heaven. Heaven is very forgiving and loving.” 
“I would imagine, of course, a Heaven on Earth. And to achieve this, it would be best for these energy spending countries to develop in a wise and sustainable way. They all know that already. The question is to put into practice the knowledge that we have already accumulated. They should set goals to use sustainable energy and minimize their greenhouse gas emissions in their industries, because every effort is worth the benefits to their citizens’ health, environment, and even the economy. This is the true meaning of prosperity. Unfortunately, as countries develop, their demand for meat also increases as they can more easily afford it. However, this is extremely counterproductive because the demand for meat pushes up energy demands enormously, while worsening global warming. Raising animals is responsible for 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture sector. Here are three reasons why these developing countries should also set no-meat and, instead, propagate the vegan lifestyle as their number one goal.”
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