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Save Our Planet from the Karma of Killing - Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures and Discussions, Part 2 of 3

Lecture Language:English,Malay(Bahasa Melayu)
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“In trying to minimize these dire effects, both scientific and spiritual approaches can be applied. Scientifically speaking, methane from livestock is a major contributor to global warming today. This has been documented by many different scientific bodies, the first of which of course, was the United Nations’ report in 2006 – everybody knows by now – called ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow.’ Since then, much more research has been published about livestock, meat production and greenhouse gases. One fact is clear: if we stop meat consumption and livestock raising, we will also eliminate one of the most heat-trapping gases, which is methane. And since this gas disappears more quickly from the atmosphere, the planet will cool almost immediately. This will also address problems like the melting permafrost, which will otherwise emit more methane if nothing is done to halt it. We cannot blame the scientists or any scientific technology for the problems of our planet today. They have done their best. Even the spiritual people or non-spiritual people, we have to do our best as well. The fate of our planet is in our hands before the scientists can do anything to help us. So, a switch to vegetarianism or veganism is needed to continue supporting our life on Earth. So this is the scientific perspective. But you are right also about approaching climate change from a spiritual standpoint. Every religion speaks in some way of the law of karma, or ‘as you sow, so shall you reap.’ This is explained through science as a principle of physics, which says every action causes an equal consequence. So the law of karma (retribution) and science are the same – meaning that whatever we do is returned to us. From this perspective, we would obviously wish to avoid killing; otherwise, we will reap the killing karma (retribution) in return. All the wise teachings of past and present Masters have thus espoused only love and kindness toward one another. ‘Thou shall not kill’ is a basic precept of any faith. Therefore, we must return fully to our noble spiritual heritage. Only this can bring us permanent safety and protection by begetting the mercy of Heaven in which we can take refuge.” “We know that the vegan diet is the only way, the fastest way. It’s the only way to cool and save the planet. So with the help of people such as yourself, we can surely do just that. Please, help spread the message to be veg, go green, 2 save the planet!”
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