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Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: The True Cost of Meat - Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures, Part 3 of 3

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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“We don’t have to talk about karma (retribution). Let’s just talk about the vegetarian diet. The meat diet consumes a lot of the world’s resources, so there is less water, less land and even less oxygen, and more poisonous gases. It’s because it costs a lot to produce one piece of steak. But it costs very little to produce a piece of tofu that we eat, and tofu provides the same amount of nutrition, actually even more than the steaks and tofu doesn’t have any ill side effects. So it’s not just about the disease. Eating steaks doesn’t just cause sicknesses. We can’t say, ‘If I am sick, I can go to the hospital. It’s okay. It’s my own fault, and I’ll endure the consequence myself.’ No. It will affect other people and the whole world. It’s because meat eating hurts a lot of people by harming the environment: it causes global warming.” “I say ‘vegan’ because as explained earlier, this really is the way we need to go to stop the greenhouse gases and the animal suffering. All the websites should help to promote this, but we can’t force them, we can only plead with them, can only inform them, and everyone should decide. Please decide soon, otherwise we might have no time. We might not have anything to save when we do want to save. It might be too late then. Please do it soon – now! So, promoting the planet-cooling vegan diet through social networks is surely good, yes, yes! You can surely use them to spread the veg idea, veg benefits, veg planet-saving; and the websites themselves should do it also. We should inform people what’s good for them because it’s also good for us. We are living on the same planet. We should also inform people about the terrible harms and cost to our environment and the health of people and children, as well as the life and death matter of our world and related data. We have to inform them all. Almost all people can do this, passing on the true information, the true cost of the animal diet. These can be effective because they use the most modern technology to reach the public.” “We now can see how imperative it is to stop the warming of the planet with the greenest of all green policies and actions, the most compassionate, the most heroic, the most life-saving action, that is: the vegan diet, organic vegan to be exact. It’s better for your health as well. It is the long-term insurance against climate change. We must be the solution and encourage others with all the convincing and supporting scientific, physical and moral data that is available to us so they do the same. Adopting a plant-based diet can halt as much as 80% of global warming, eradicate world hunger, stop war, promote peace, and it will free up the Earth’s water as well as many other precious resources, offering a lifeline for the planet and for humanity. In short, it will very quickly halt many of the global problems facing us right now. Therefore, it is vital that we change our lifestyle – it’s very easy to do it – setting a noble example for others to follow, and do our part to bring to the public’s attention the urgent climate change issues and its solutions; the foremost being the vegan diet, to safeguard our precious planet. It is time to walk the talk, because there is not much time left now.”
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